Healer’s Name: Wendy Jansen

About: Wendy works with children, adolescence and people with disabilities. She supports her clients to empower themselves through Reiki, Art and Nature. Wendy is passionate about empowering others. She enjoys working with children in a Reiki session. After the Reiki attunement she draws the outline of the child’s body and asks them to draw or paint what they saw and felt during the attunement. What they draw on the life size paper is truly amazing. Wendy often sees them draw white light on their heads and angels on their shoulders. She feels so lucky to be working with such amazing beings.

Business Name: Crystal Moon Healing

Services Offered:  Horticulture Therapy Workshops, Art Therapy Workshops, One on One Sessions, Distance Reiki attunements (free for children and people with disabilities), Reiki Attunements ($11.00 for everyone else via her website).

Bookings & Appointments: Contact Wendy here or ring 0437 506 624

Social Media: Facebook

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Natural Healer Reiki Master & Natural Healer Society Member

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