Healer’s Name: Johanna Chand

About: Johanna has always held a passion for art, music, sport development, ancient religious philosophies, healing, poetry, language and culture, Accompanied by a natural curiosity in people psychology, behaviour, personality,spirituality, our development and why we do what we do & why we are who we are; history, culture and beliefs,holding a sense of people advocacy & human rights. Johanna learnt and experienced many things over time and she’s happy to share with you on your exciting journey and likewise. She’s still learning and would love to hear new experiences, and hear your story. She would like to work with women only who really need someone to listen to and heal & looking for a compassionate listening person.

Services Offered:  Life coaching (whole person approach), CBT, Reiki healing, mindfulness, tutoring services.

Bookings & Appointments: Contact Johanna here

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Natural Healer Reiki Master & Natural Healer Society Member

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