Online Reiki Master & Space Clearing Course Bundle

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This Online Reiki Master and Pets & Reiki Space Clearing Course Bundle will teach you to harness the power of loving energy to heal yourself, family, friends, clients, pets and the spaces that surround you!

This was one of the most soul cleansing and eye opening courses I have ever done” – Vanessa

  • Learn Level 1, Level 2 and Master Teachings – as well as how to work with animals!
  • Receive your Reiki Student Attunement* (via distance Attunement Ceremony)
  • Obtain a Reiki Master Certificate and Reiki Space Clearing Practitioner Certificate upon completion of both courses
  • Study at your own pace and from anywhere you choose
  • Get lifetime access to course materials, bonuses and future updates
  • Learn easily with a handbooks, workbookshours of video tutorials, and more!
  • Suitable for all skill levels (no previous experience required)
  • Join Melissa’s 10,000+ worldwide students in learning her loving energy techniques!

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If you enjoy helping others and love the idea of using natural methods to heal yourself and others – and even the spaces you’re in – then this Online Reiki Master Certification and Reiki Space Clearing “Course Bundle” is perfect for you!

The bundle simply allows you to enroll in both courses quickly and easily – and at a discounted rate! And for many, these are more than just a courses, they’re the beginning of a whole new way of life – one focused on spreading more love and light in this world!

Reiki Level 1, 2 + Master Course

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Reiki Master Course Inclusions

This in-depth and self-paced online course will be the start of an amazing new life for you as a healer. This course gives you the essential framework to become a soulful & loving healer – but also allows you the freedom to be yourself as well. The course includes:

  1. Initial Distance Reiki Student Attunement Ceremony* from Melissa
  2. Level 1, Level 2 and Master teachings – you’ll be a Reiki Master upon completion!
  3. A 43-page, step-by-step Energy Healing Through Reiki – Master Course Handbook (PDF), including photos and diagrams.
  4. The Energy Healing Through Reiki – Master Course Handbook in MP3 Format so you can practice while you learn, or listen to the course instead of reading!
  5. The Reiki Master Course Exercises Workbook (PDF), which allows you to practice & track how you’re progressing!
  6. Lifetime access to the Online Student Platform which includes: 46 video tutorials (a total of 2 hours of video) with closed captioning available, as well as interactive quizzes – all to further enhance your learning!
  7. Priority and ongoing email support direct from Melissa, and further support from her team!
  8. Self-pacing: take as long as you need, but most students will easily finish within 1 year – if not sooner – so have fun and enjoy the journey!
  9. Beautiful Reiki Master Certificate (PDF) to print if you choose and display in your home or office!
  10. A Natural Healer Reiki Master Digital Badge (JPG) to add to your emails, website and social media pages.

I would highly recommend this (and have done already) to anyone seeking personal and professional development opportunities in Reiki” – Carole Ann

  • Complimentary lifetime membership to the Natural Healer Society, including a lovely certificate (PDF) to print if you choose and hang in your healing area. ($47 Value)
  • A Natural Healer Society Digital Badge (JPG) to display on your emails, website and social media pages.
  • Lifetime access to the private, members-only Natural Healer Student Community so you can connect with other students online! (free registration is required for access)
  • Lifetime access to the private (secret) Natural Healer Reiki Students Facebook group for those who either prefer to connect via this social platform or who want to join in addition to the traditional forum! (membership is by invite only)
  • My beautiful 5 Reiki Symbols Mandala Posters (PDF) for you to print out and colour in to assist in meditation and mindfulness!
  • Restful Sleep Meditation (MP3) to gain the rejuvenation and regeneration you require as a healer.
  • Glorious Rain Meditation (MP3) to help centre your mind, body and soul as you continue your healing journey
  • 5-Minute Stress Relief Meditation (MP3) to help calm your busy mind for optimum studying.
  • An Intro to Crystals eBook (PDF) to further enhance your new skills with the power of crystals.
  • The Reiki Symbols Digital Poster Pack (PDF), in both A4 and A3 size to print out for your office or home!
  • A beautiful Chakra Digital Poster Pack (PDF) in both A4 and A3 size to print out for your office or home!
  • A Dog and Cat Chakra Digital Poster Pack (PDF), in A4 and A3 sizes to print out, too!
  • Melissa’s Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps eBook (PDF).
  • An example Energy Healing Client Intake Form (.docx) for you to use or customise if you choose to start your own practice!

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Reiki Space Clearing Course

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Reiki Space Clearing Course Inclusions

This in-depth and self-paced online course will take you through all the steps you need to effectively clear spaces for yourself and others! The course includes:

  1. Melissa’s 81-page, step-by-step Space Clearing Made Simple Coursebook (PDF), including photos and diagrams.
  2. Lifetime access to the Online Student Platform which includes: 17 video tutorials (a total of more than 1 hour of video) with closed caption available, as well as interactive quizzes – all to further enhance your learning!
  3. Melissa’s very own Space Clearing Worksheet (PDF) to help make the process even easier!
  4. A Life Situations Bagua Orientation Map (PDF) to help understand the space you’re in!
  5. Plus a Life Situations with Techniques Bagua Map (PDF) to further ease the learning process of Space Clearing.
  6. Space Clearing Steps Audio (MP3) to follow if and when you need it.
  7. And for those new to listening to their heart, the Building Your Intuition Exercise Lecture (MP3) in audio format.
  8. Exclusive discount pricing to Melissa’s one-on-one sessions!
  9. Priority and ongoing email support direct from Melissa, and further support from her team!
  10. Self-pacing: take as long as you need!
  11. For existing certified healers, obtain a beautiful Space Clearing Practitioner Certificate (PDF) to print if you choose and display in your home or office!
  12. A Natural Healer Space Clearing Practitioner Digital Badge (JPG) to add to your emails, website and social media pages.

  • 5-Minute Stress Relief Meditation (MP3) to help calm your busy mind for optimum studying.
  • A beautiful Human Chakra Digital Poster (PDF)
  • Space Clearing Client Intake Forms (doc and PDF) for those who are planning to offer Space Clearing services to others.
  • The Life Situations Bagua Overlaid a Bedroom (PDF) poster for further learning reference.
  • And a Life Situations Bagua with Techniques Map with Floor Plan (PDF) to get a better understanding of how a Bagua can be used to map a whole home.
  • Melissa’s Get Lost in a Tropical Storm Meditation (not guided, audio only) (MP3) to ‘cleanse’ away any stress from your day!
  • And a Life Situations Mandala (PDF) to help you remember the important components of a space.

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What is Reiki?What to expectWhat you needCPE CreditsAbout MelissaTestimonials

Reiki is a non-invasive technique where a trained healer channels universal energy to themselves or another (with or without touch) to activate the natural healing processes to restore physical and emotional well-being.

This fascinating energy healing modality is fantastic “on its own”; yet can add extra benefit to other natural therapies such as Massage, Chiropractic services, Chakra Balancing and more. Reiki can help center you, your loved ones (including pets!), your surroundings (yes, even your plants & furniture!), as well as your clients.

In sum, it’s a skill within you that – once tapped into – allows loving energy to flow everywhere you go! Not sure you believe that Reiki works? Then check out this scientific proof that energy healing does work!

Melissa’s students learn Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, and Master Levels in this course. It’s self-paced and totally online (digital), meaning you can take your time.  Because Reiki is a form of energy healing, and energy knows no bounds, you can learn these skills remotely with Melissa’s guidance and lifetime access to her online Student Platform. What’s important here is that you choose the path that feels right for you.

Within a few days of registering for your course, you’ll receive an email with the information about your Distance Reiki Student Attunement Ceremony covering all three Reiki levels.

You’ll instantly receive instructions on how to access your core course materials, including all the wonderful bonuses, listed above. What’s more, as you progress through the courses, Melissa provides even more extra special bonuses, too!

After you’ve completed the handbook and workbook exercises, you’ll be able to take your Reiki Master Final Exam. Upon successful completion you’ll get your lovely Usui Reiki Master Certificate (PDF). You will also need to submit a separate short final for your Pets & Animals Reiki Master Certificate (PDF).

Because this course is completely digital (accessible via PDF and online tutorials), you’ll need a few things to ensure you can complete it ?

  • Internet access
  • The ability to watch/stream video tutorials online (closed caption available)
  • Download and view PDF files
  • Download and listen to MP3 files
  • An open mind and an open heart ♥
CPE stands for “Continuing Professional Education” and is granted to well-structured programs that provide further education for graduates in professional occupations. Successfully completing this course and receiving the certification allows Massage Association of Australia (MAA) members the ability to earn CPE credits towards their membership all while enhancing their clinical skills, business skills and professional knowledge.

Melissa of Natural Healer

Melissa is the proud founder of Natural Healer, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Registered Natural Healer, Certified Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist and Full Member of the MAA. She’s also an author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker.

Melissa absolutely loves creating easy, actionable ways for everyday people to heal themselves, others and even their pets!  Her goal and purpose, is to always create high quality information and content – be it a blog post, book or course – that can serve your greatest and highest good in today’s busy, modern age.

If you want to learn a bit more about Melissa, watch the short video here.

Reiki Master Practitioner, Dip. N.H.; Registered Natural Healer, N.H.S.; Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Cert. Y.I.; Meditation Teacher, M.S.A.; Registered International Natural Healer, I.N.H.A.; Dip. Whole Body Massage Therapy, D.M.A.; Full Member, M.A.A.; First Aid & CPR Certified, R.C.A., Bachelor of Arts in Communications, B.U.

Here are a handful of healing testimonials from Melissa’s attunees and students! For Reiki Master student testimonials and comments watch the short video below or you can view more testimonials on my Facebook page here.

If you’re ready to get started learning a glorious healing technique, and possibly a new career, be sure to click the add to cart button! And of course, if you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ and refund policy here; or to reach out and contact us here anytime!

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Delivery:  These courses are delivered online via logging into my Student Platform. No physical course materials are shipped.

*Student Attunement Ceremony: You’ll receive an additional, direct email within a few days of when you place your order, with the scheduled date and time of your Distance Student Attunement Ceremony for the Reiki Master Course, along with further information. #biglove

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