International Natural Healers Association (INHA) Membership

Now that you’re ready to work with the public, becoming a member of professional associations shows potential clients that you prescribe to a code of conduct (which gives them comfort in that you follow ‘best practices’) as well as take your career seriously.

As such, in addition to our own Natural Healer Society membership, Melissa recommends her preferred membership partner International Natural Healers Association (INHA) for your Reiki or Energy Healing practice.  Natural Healer graduates get a special discount for their first year of membership, just refer to the exclusive discount code in your graduation email!

Melissa’s confidence in the team at INHA stems from knowing they prescribe to the same goal as her, and that’s — to spread more love & light in this world! What’s more, Natural Healer is an accredited institution with the INHA and Melissa is herself a member! So by joining, you will stand side by side fellow light-workers from around the globe!

Just click here to learn more, and to choose from one of their three levels of annual membership.

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