A word from instructor Melissa ❤

I believe loving healing energy is glorious in all its forms; whether or not the recipient feels it. When a healer sends their gift – be it through a healing or the passing on of knowledge – its effect will touch that person in some way for their greatest and highest good. 

However, I understand not everybody has the same unwavering belief I do in our universe’s divine healing powers; and that those who hesitate require some sort of ‘proof’ of its effects. So, this spiritual healing testimonials page is to satiate curious minds and hopefully nudge some standing on the sidelines to finally come into the light…

Be responsible for your house

I would just like to mention though, that a divine healer is only one part of your ‘whole’. It should not be your aim to depend solely upon another, no matter how glorious their gifts are, to achieve the life you desire.

A healer can show you the way – but you must walk the path yourself. A healer can help you awaken – but it is you who must choose to wake up. A healer can explain how to tend your garden – but it is you who must nourish it. A healer can suggest a way to take care of your ‘house’ – but ultimately my friend, it is you – yes you – who must maintain it.

Natural Healer instructor Melissa

Once you open your mind, body and soul to receive loving energy healing from light workers, healers, guides, and mentors – who will always be willing to help you at any time – it’s important that you be responsible for your life…and take the compass in your own hands to begin your wonderful journey.


The testimonial excerpts below are from a variety of different students and Melissa’s clients. They are in no particular order, and some elements have been blurred out for privacy. 

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