What's Natural Healer™?

In short, Natural Healer™ is an online learning institution providing easy to follow self-paced, online training in the glorious fields of energy & natural healing!  Founded by the loving energy healer & Usui Reiki Master Teacher Melissa Crowhurst in 2014, Natural Healer™ is a board certified accredited school with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and an accredited institution with the International Natural Healers Association (INHA) and Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA).

All Natural Healer™ -issued certifications are accredited with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), the International Natural Healers Association (INHA), the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA), the International Association of Therapists (IAOT), the Natural Healer Society (NHS), and the Massage Association of Australia (MAA). *excepting the Powerful Self-healing in 5 Simple Steps course.

Who's Melissa?

It’s so good to finally meet you ♥ No matter what it is, there’s a reason you’ve ended up here right now, reading these words.  I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me. So, what led me to where I am now?  A fabulous path with lots of twists and turns!

In the early 2000s, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery which lead to a very rewarding and beautiful spiritual awakening. I since mastered the healing arts of massage and Reiki (a form of energy healing).

I also sharpened my intuitive skills and awareness, as well as created my own ‘spin’ on healing, which I refer to as “loving energy healing” – you’ll often see me hashtag it as #biglove!

I’m the proud Founder and lead instructor of Natural Healer™, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014) and Practitioner, an Accredited Training Provider (IAOT), CPE Provider and Full Member of the MAA, President of the Natural Healer Society (NHS), Certified Meditation Teacher (MSA), and Massage Therapist (DMA). I’m also an author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker.

I absolutely love creating easy, actionable ways for everyday people to heal themselves, others and even their pets! My goal, my purpose, is to help Natural Healer™ bring high quality information and content – be it a blog post, book or course – that serves your greatest and highest good in today’s busy, modern age.

Enjoy this journey my friends! Namaste, Melissa ♥ #biglove 

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
International Natural Healer Association (INHA) Accredited Institution
Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA)
Accredited Training Provider (IAOT)
CPE Provider & Full Member (MAA 2012)
Meditation Teacher, MSA
First Aid & CPR Certified
First Aid & CPR Certified
Usui Reiki Master Teacher (Yogananda Institute 2014)
Whole Body Massage Therapist (DMA 2012)
Golden Key National Honour Society (GSU 1999)
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