Energy Healer and Reiki Insurance (AUS)

Now that you’re ready to work with the public, being insured is an integral component for true peace-of-mind.  So, to make the process easy for you, Melissa recommends you contact her preferred Australian partner Insurance House for insuring your Reiki or Energy Healing practice.

Melissa’s confidence in the team at Insurance House stems from them being her own insurer for her practice in Australia – and policies are Australia-wide!

To get started, just click “Get Your Quote Today” and then follow the prompts on the screen. Insurance House offers an incredibly wide range of healing modalities including Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystal therapy, Chakra therapy, Color therapy, Meditation, Yoga, and Pilates and more.
*Note: the ‘From $176’ policy is based on selecting Reiki only, professional indemnity of $500k, public liability of $10M, and that you have a no claims history – as of June 2019.

Ensure you’re able to help others heal with complete confidence by getting your energy healing or Reiki Insurance in Australia today!

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