Energy Healing with Hand Mudras Certification Course

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$ 57.00

Melissa’s Energy Healing Hand Positions course is designed to quickly teach you the how to use Hand Mudras to bolster healing! What’s more, you’ll be able to use them at any time and even show them to your family, friends or clients, too!

Quick Course Summary

  • Prerequisites: None! Suitable for all skill levels (no previous experience required)
  • Inclusions: 1 Handbook (PDF), 25 video lectures, 14 written articles, plus much more!
  • Schedule & Length: Self-paced (no time limit), finish in 2 weeks (with full time study) or take as long as you need!
  • Access: 24/7 online. Study from home, at any time, from anywhere!
  • Assessment: 7 quizzes and 1 final exam
  • Qualification: Hand Mudras Energy Healer Certification
  • Career: Be able to offer energy healing hand mudra techniques as part of your services; obtain insurance to work with the public as an energy healer.
  • Accreditation/CPE: Massage Association of Australia (MAA), International Association of Therapists (IAOT), Natural Healer Society (NHS), American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), International Natural Healers Association (INHA).
  • Bonuses: Students get lifetime access to course materials, priority support, and a variety of extra bonuses! Also, graduates receive 50% OFF Natural Healer Society Membership!
  • Join Melissa’s 80,000+ worldwide students in learning her loving energy techniques!

A quick way to bolster healing is at your fingertips!

Here's a at what you get!

The 84-page Learning the Power of Mudras – Energy Healing Hand Positions handbook (PDF)!

Seven (7) Main Chakra Mudra Posters (JPG + PDF) that you can use as desktop images or print out as posters!

A beautiful Energy Healing with Hand Mudras Certificate (PDF)to display in your home or office!

A Digital Seal of Completion (JPG) for your website or emails!

Plus so much Scroll down to view all inclusions

$ 57.00

If only everyone knew how quick, easy, and effective Hand Mudras are in bolstering our healing efforts, it would be a common part of our everyday lives! This course is designed to introduce newcomers to the world of Hand Mudras, as well as be a great additional learning resource for those who practice energy healing, meditation, and yoga.

Keep in mind that no experience is required to take this course because I created it in a way so anybody can learn and benefit from Hand Mudras! However, it’s a brilliant further learning course for other loving healers, or as complement to my Reiki Master Certification course!

I was a little sceptical when I started this course. When I began practicing the gestures, I was floored by the level of healing energy these hand mudras created. I literally awakened to another new world of energy healing. The course was so easy to follow, practically anyone can do it. A very useful tool to complement the knowledge I received from the Reike Master Course.
Hand Mudras Student

Full Course Inclusions - Over $120 of value for $57!

I created this course so that anyone can learn how to use Hand Mudras! It’s a completely online and self-paced online course that will get you using energy healing hand positions in no time!  What’s even better is that this course easily complements my other courses – as well as other healing modalities! The course includes:

I loved this course Melissa. Hand gestures and positions have always resonated with me and your course has given me insight into why that is. Your course is beautifully delivered and has great tools for us to draw on.
Hand Mudras Student

Your Special Bonuses

Melissa you’re courses are awesomely informative and you are a joy to listen to.Please keep your courses coming,I have taken all you have released and I’ve learned so much from them and look forward to the next,
Hand Mudras Student

$ 57.00

Is this course accredited?

Yes! Natural Healer™ is a board certified, accredited school with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and an accredited institution with the International Natural Healers Association (INHA). Instructor Melissa is also an Accredited Training Provider with the International Association of Therapists (IAOT).

This means all of Natural Healer’s* graduates, who hold their unique Natural Healer issued certificate, are recoginised by:

  • The American Association of Drugless Practitioners,
  • The International Natural Healers Association^,
  • The International Association of Therapists,
  • The Massage Association of Australia, and
  • The Natural Healer Society.

^ All graduates holding Natural Healer-issued certifications receive an exclusive discount for their first year of INHA membership.
*The only course which is not accredited is the free Powerful Self Healing course.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points

  • CPE stands for “Continuing Professional Education” and is granted to well-structured programs that provide further education for graduates in professional occupations.
  • Successfully completing this course and receiving the certification allows Massage Association of Australia (MAA) members the ability to earn CPE credits towards their membership all while enhancing their clinical skills, business skills and professional knowledge.

Course Curriculum & Further Details

  • Quick explanation & what to expect
  • Download your handbook: Energy Healing Hand Positions
  • Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa
  • Download your bonus material!
Chapter 1. Melissa’s first mudra
  • Melissa’s First Mudra Experience
Chapter 2. Internal communication
  • Your nervous system and your hands
  • Chapter 2 Recap
Chapter 3. Energy & Chakras
  • What is energy healing and what are Chakras?
  • Chakra reference chart
  • Chapter 3 Recap
Chapter 4. Mudra basics
  • What are Mudras, the 5 elements, and how they work
  • When, how long, how many, what to expect, limitations and keeping a diary
  • More Mudra basics!
  • Chapter 4 Recap
Chapter 5. The Chakra Mudras
  • It’s time to learn the Chakra Mudras!
  • Root Chakra Mudra
  • Sacral Chakra Mudra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra
  • Heart Chakra Mudra
  • Throat Chakra Mudra
  • Third Eye Chakra Mudra
  • Crown Chakra Mudra
  • Easy Reference Chakra Mudra Posters (JPG + PDF)
  • It’s time to practice!
Chapter 6. More Hand Mudras
  • Namaste Mudra
  • Divine Connection Mudra
  • Energy Balancing Mudra
  • Energy Charging Mudra
  • Negative Energy Release Mudra
  • Headache Release Mudra
  • First Aid (Melissa’s Heart Stumble) Mudra
  • Detox Mudra
  • Energy Pointer Mudra
  • Extra Bonus! Sleep & Calm Hand Mudra
  • Quick Reference Hand Mudra Poster (JPG + PDF)
  • It’s time to practice!
Chapter 7. Helping others
  • Showing Mudras to your client
  • Sending Mudra energy to your client
  • Working with the public
  • Chapter 7 Recap
Chapter 8. Self-care and FAQs
  • Self-care
  • F.A.Q.s
  • Chapter 8 Recap
Chapter 9. Thank you!
  • A few words of gratitude from Melissa 🙂
  • Steps to obtain certification
  • Take what you’ve learned to a whole new level!

Course Prerequisites

Because this course is suitable for all skill levels you will need the following: 

  • Prior education required: None
  • Prior experience required:
    • Some understanding or exposure to energy healing.
    • An open mind and an open heart ♥

Technical Requirements

This is a distance learning course that’s delivered completely online (via an online Student Platform where students access an array of: video and written lectures; PDF, JPG, and MP3 downloads; interactive quizzes; and more), as such you’ll need a few things to ensure you can complete it: 

  • Access to reliable internet.
  • Watch/stream video tutorials online.
    • Tip! Check your current internet plan to ensure you have enough data to stream videos smoothly.
  • Ability to view and download PDF files on your device. 
  • Ability to download and listento MP3 (audio) files on your device. 
  • Ability to use Dropbox as supplementary material is supplied via Dropbox instant-download links. Be sure to install the free Dropbox app for easy access and viewing.

Once you purchase this course:

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email for your purchase.
    – Tip! If you can’t see your confirmation email after a few minutes, be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders then add our email to your address book or ‘safe’ senders list to avoid issues in the future.
  2. You’ll receive another email confirming your enrollment into the course, which will be available in the Student Platform.
    First time enrolling? You’ll have another email asking you to set your password to create your account in the Student Platform. All future courses you enroll in (using the same email) will automatically be added to your account. 
  3. You will log in to the Student Platform and start at the first lecture and work your way through the course – watching video lectures, downloading supplementary handbooks and material, and taking quizzes as prompted.
  4. You’ll then take your time progressing through the course as it’s completely self paced.
  5. Receive priority email support or responses via the Student Platform for any questions or clarification you need along the way.
    Tip! You are never alone in this journey, we touch base via email from time to time to check-in on you!
  6. Once you’ve completed all the course lectures and requirements, you’ll then be able to submit your final exam for review. 
  7. Once you pass your final exam you’ll receive your certification (PDF) via email!
    – Tip! Don’t worry, if there are any issues with your final exam, we’ll reach out to you via email to discuss further.
  • Once you have your official certificate (PDF) you can print it for display!
  • With your certification, you will be able to obtain liability insurance to start your own practice (tips provided in the course and on graduation).
  • Your certification will allow you to confidently perform your newly acquired skills and is recognised worldwide.
    • Tip! If you plan to work with the public, this course does cover general business information (including insurance coverage suggestions), but it’s up to you to check with your local state or country’s regulatory requirements about starting/operating a business in this field.

Melissa is the proud founder of Natural Healer, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Registered Natural Healer, Certified Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist and Full Member of the MAA. She’s also an author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker.

Melissa absolutely loves creating easy, actionable ways for everyday people to heal themselves, others and even their pets!  Her goal and purpose is to always create high quality information and content – be it a blog post, book or course – that can serve your greatest and highest good in today’s busy, modern age.

If you want to learn a bit more about Melissa, watch the short video here.

If you’re ready to use the power within your hands, simply click the add to cart button below! And remember, I’m always here to help so if you any questions be sure to check out my FAQ and refund policy here; or contact me here anytime!

$ 57.00



21 reviews for Energy Healing with Hand Mudras Certification Course

  1. Lit (verified owner)

    This Hand Mudra course is excellent, so much information provided. After doing this course, I now know how to send the positive effect of hand mudras to others as well. I now use some of them when I do my meditation. Personally love the Energy Charging Mudra for a quick engery pick up, which I really need on a daily basis (with two kids and a hubby). Many thanks! XOXO!!!

  2. Jacquelynn C (verified owner)

    The Hand Mudra course definitely helps with bolstering our healing efforts and meditation. I would recommend this course to others and incorporate it into the reiki healing. Once again, thank you Melissa for simplifying the course material so that it is easy to understand and follow.

  3. ROSE SPELL (verified owner)

    The Hand Mudras course was amazing and the presentation was so clear and easy to learn. Melissa has a calm and tender spirit in her voice which makes the course a pleasant and healing course in itself. Thank you for offering this course and I would recommend anyone taking the Reiki course take the Mudras course in addition.

  4. Cheryl Pantalleresco

    The Hand Mudra Course is a great addition to my Yoga Practice and for students in class. Mudra’s enhance their inward connection in our Meditation time. Also Being a Kinesiologist these amazing Hand Mudra’s are great for additional home play to support clients healing Journey’s. Deep Blessings and Appreciation.

  5. Carmen Tam (verified owner)

    This is an very intersting and easy-to-follow course. The teaching method of Melissa enable me to understand abstract concept easily and I’m happy I can apply all I‘ve learnt from her in my daily life. Now I like to use hand mudras according to my mood and need during meditation, on public transport or when I have a rest. Thank you for making such a great course.

  6. Cynthia Richardson (verified owner)

    Melissa’s Hand Mudra is an excellent addition to my Reiki Master Course with easy to follow instructions an video presentation making each Mudra clear on action & intention xx Thank you so much for offering such an affordable extra to my healing room at the cottage xx

  7. Ashley Plummer (verified owner)

    The Hand Mudra Course has been so helpful in addition to the Meditation course i completed with Melissa. It offers further knowledge of not only what you can do with you hands, but offers more healings. i loved learning this course.

  8. Nic Buttigieg

    I’ve completed 4 of Melissa’s courses now and they are all amazing. The content is easy to grasp and informative. I love the practical video demonstrations too. Looking forward to completing more courses in the future.

  9. Korin (verified owner)

    Very much enjoyed this simple and effective course to using hand mudras. Great information put simply!

  10. Peta Clode (verified owner)

    This was definitely one of my favourite courses ? I love the self pace learning and Melissa has such a beautiful presence to her, and such a calm soothing voice that makes learning so enjoyable ?
    Thank you so very much for this amazing knowledge that will help me in my day to day life ?

  11. WenNi

    It’s a very interesting course and I now have a better understanding on why we do certain mudras during yoga or meditations! I cannot wait to use use the mudras on a regular basis in my meditations & energy healing sessions

  12. Angelique (verified owner)

    I was not familiar with Mudras prior to this course except a few used in a yoga class. I am excited to begin using these Mudras personally and in my Reiki practice. Thank you for another wonderful course! Namaste and #biglove

  13. Robyn Rupuha (verified owner)

    Namaste Melissa
    Fantastic course!! so lovely I can do them at my own pace. Found Hand Mudras so beneficial and enjoy doing them daily with positive results 🙂

  14. Shannon (verified owner)

    Melissa is an amazing teacher. Her voice and and the way she teaches touches me and is easy to learn and understand. It is soothing and educational at the same time. This is going to take me to another new world of energy healing. I am excited to use this healing modality. You re a special amazing teacher and I look forward to taking all of your courses.

  15. andrew longsden (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the course the method of teaching is very well presented thank you

  16. Carmen

    I was a little sceptical when I started this course. When I began practicing the gestures, I was floored by the level of healing energy these hand mudras created. I literally awakened to another new world of energy healing. The course was so easy to follow, practically anyone can do it. A very useful tool to complement the knowledge I received from the Reike Master Course.

  17. Theresa Zerello (verified owner)

    Melissa you’re courses are awesomely informative and you are a joy to listen to.Please keep your courses coming,I have taken all you have released and I’ve learned so much from them and look forward to the next,

  18. Kerry (verified owner)

    I loved this course Melissa. Hand gestures and positions have always resonated with me and your course has given me insight into why that is. Your course is beautifully delivered and has great tools for us to draw on.

  19. shakaysha1 (verified owner)

    I agree with Paul, another fantastic course – well taught and it’s possible to see the pleasure in Melissa’s face as she teaches. I will definately do more!

    Love and hugs, Siouxi xx

  20. Paul (verified owner)

    Another fantastic course! Loving doing the Mudras on the go.

  21. T. Gray (verified owner)

    I take every one of Melissa’s courses, love her style and honesty in what she does, thank you this was a really helpful course

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