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Levels 1, 2 and Reiki Master Certification Course Online

(136 customer reviews)

$ 77.00

With Melissa’s accredited Online Reiki Master Certification Course you’ll to learn how to harness the power of energy healing – in what Melissa calls “loving energy” – to heal yourself, family, friends, clients, pets and more!

  • Learn Level 1, Level 2 and Master Teachings all in one course!
  • Receive your Reiki Student Attunement (covering all 3 levels, via distance Attunement Ceremony)
  • Obtain a Reiki Master Certificate upon completion which you can use to obtain insurance if you want to start your own business!
  • Course includes a handbook + workbook (PDFs), 50 videos, 34 written articles, 6 quizzes, 1 final exam, and much more!
  • Graduates receive FREE Natural Healer Society Membership (valued at $67!)
  • This is an Accredited course (with the IAOT) and MAA members earn CPE credits upon completion.
  • Study at your own pace and from anywhere you choose
  • Get lifetime access to course materials, bonuses and future updates
  • Suitable for all skill levels (no previous experience required)
  • Join Melissa’s 40,000+ worldwide students in learning her loving energy techniques!

Study to become a glorious energy healer and even work from home!

Here's a of what you get!

All three levels of Reiki: Level 1, Level 2, and Master Teachings, so by the end of the course you’ll have the training and skills you need to be a Reiki Master!

Melissa’s 96-page handbook Energy Healing Through Reiki, extensive exercise workbook50 video tutorials, plus a significant amount of supporting material and bonuses!

Your Reiki Student Attunement (covering all 3 levels), done via a distance Attunement Ceremony, gets scheduled on a nominated date after you have enrolled. You will also receive a confirmation email after the ceremony!

A beautiful Usui Reiki Master Certificate showing that all three Reiki levels have been achieved, as well as your direct, full lineage from Mikao Usui!

Plus so much Scroll down to view all inclusions

$ 77.00

If you enjoy helping others and love the idea of using natural methods to heal yourself and others, then the Natural Healer Online Reiki Master Certification Course is perfect for you!

While you’ll learn all you need to know to perform energy healing, there is also a wide variety of positive ‘side’ benefits you’ll receive from this course. How so? Because it’s been injected with a loving purpose: one that offers a chance for students to develop and really blossom into who they truly are.

For many, this is more than just a course, it’s the beginning of a new way of living in – and spreading of – the love & light within you.

There is no doubt that Melissa is the best instructor in this format. She is clear, concise, engaging, and easy to understand. I have had in-person Reiki training and other online Reiki master training, NONE are as good as this course.
Brian S.
Reiki Master Student

Full Course Inclusions: Over $220 in value for only $77!

This in-depth and self-paced online course will be the start of an amazing new life for you as a healer. This course gives you the essential framework to become a soulful & loving healer – but also allows you the freedom to be yourself as well. The course includes:

  • Distance Reiki Student Attunement Ceremony covering all 3 levels (scheduled after you enroll)
  • Level 1, Level 2 and Master teachings - you'll be a Reiki Master upon completion!
  • A 96-page, step-by-step Energy Healing Through Reiki - Master Course Handbook (PDF), including photos and diagrams.
  • The Energy Healing Through Reiki - Master Course Handbook in MP3 Format so you can practice while you learn, or listen to the course instead of reading!
  • The Reiki Master Course - Exercises Workbook (PDF), which allows you to practice & track how you're progressing!
  • Lifetime access to the Online Student Platform which includes: 50 video tutorials (more than 2 hours of video) with closed captioning available, as well as interactive quizzes - all to further enhance your learning!
  • Priority and ongoing email support direct from Melissa, and further support from her team!
  • Self-pacing: take as long as you need, but most students will easily finish within 1 year - if not sooner - so have fun and enjoy the journey!
  • Beautiful Reiki Master Certificate (PDF) to print if you choose and display in your home or office!
  • A Natural Healer Reiki Master Digital Badge (JPG) to add to your emails, website and social media pages.
I just completed Melissa's Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification. An amazing learning experience with Melissa's guidance. The materials were extremely easy to follow and the flow was well organized/structured. Melissa is calm, encouraging and sincere .. a beautiful soul with a big heart to give and share. This is life changing and I am committed to practice the 5 Reiki principles. Thanks so much Melissa xo
Beth Fiedler
Reiki Master Student

Your Special Bonuses

  • Complimentary lifetime membership to the Natural Healer Society after graduation. ($67 Value)
  • A Natural Healer Society Certificate (PDF) and Digital Badge (JPG)
  • Lifetime access to the private, members-only Natural Healer Student Community so you can connect with other students online!
  • Lifetime access to the private (secret) Natural Healer Reiki Students Facebook group for those who either prefer to connect via this social platform or who want to join in addition to the traditional forum! (membership is by invite only)
  • The Reiki Symbols Digital Poster Pack (PDF), in both A4 and A3 sizes.
  • The Traditional Reiki Hand Positions (Healing Others) Poster (PDF)
  • The Traditional Reiki Hand Positions (Self Healing) Poster (PDF)
  • A beautiful Chakra Digital Poster Pack (PDF) in both A4 and A3 size to print out.
  • A Dog and Cat Chakra Digital Poster Pack (PDF), in A4 and A3 sizes.
  • An example Energy Healing Client Intake Form (.docx) for you to use or customise if you choose to start your own practice!
  • Beautiful 5 Reiki Symbols Mandala Posters (PDF) for you to print out and colour in to assist in meditation and mindfulness!
  • Restful Sleep Meditation (MP3) to rejuvenate and regenerate!
  • Glorious Rain Meditation (MP3) to help centre your mind, body and soul!
  • 5-Minute Stress Relief Meditation (MP3) to help calm your busy mind.
  • An Intro to Crystals eBook (PDF) to further enhance your new skills with the power of crystals.
  • Melissa's Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps eBook (PDF).
  • Exclusive discount pricing to Melissa's one-on-one sessions!
  • Plus MORE bonuses, such as Melissa's 60-min "True Healing Dimensions" audio to use during sessions!
I cannot recommend Melissa enough! She has such a beautiful calm way of teaching while giving SO much info, including in the manual. I can’t wait to get home from the day job to put my laptop back on and learn! The section on feeling the energy in your hands brought me to tears, the only way I can describe it is like two magnets pushing away, I’ve been attuned to angelic reiki so had some energy other than my own to draw from. I can’t wait for my attunements from Melissa✨ Thank you so much for all that you do x
Nicola Taylor
Reiki Master Student

$ 77.00

I've taken a number of online Reiki and Reiki-related courses, and I have to say that Melissa's are head and shoulders above the others I've taken. Her courses are well prepared and rife with information, both on-line and downloadable. Her presentation style is very nurturing and professional. I cannot recommend her classes strongly enough!
David D.
Reiki Master Student

Course Curriculum & Further Details

Course Introduction
  • Welcome to the course!
  • Your ‘Distance Reiki Student Attunement Ceremony’ Details
  • Downloading and using your course handbook & workbook
  • Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa
  • Downloading your bonus material!
  • About your teacher, Melissa
Chapter 1: The Basics | Reiki Level
  • What is Reiki?
  • Who can perform Reiki?
  • How did Reiki come about?
  • The 5 Reiki Principles
  • What are attunements?
  • Are there other forms of Reiki?
  • Chapter 1. The Basics of Reiki Quiz
Chapter 2. Feeling Reiki |Reiki Level 1 continued
  • Download my 5-Minute Guided Meditation (MP3)
  • How to feel Reiki
  • Hand energy exercise steps
  • Practice Session: Hand Energy Exercise
  • Visualization
  • FAQ: Do you have tips on how to visualise?
  • Determining your Power Hand
  • Chapter 2. Feeling Reiki Quiz
Chapter 3. Preparation | Reiki Level 1 continued
  • Letting Go
  • Intentions
  • Protection
  • Restoring your own energy
  • Spiritual Detox (Energy Cleansing)
  • Download Melissa’s eBook: “Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps”
  • Chapter 3. Preparation Quiz
  • Reiki Level 1 | Wrap Up
Chapter 4. The Symbols | Reiki Level 2 + Master
  • The 5 Reiki Symbols
  • Activating the Symbols
  • Cho Ku Ray (Power Symbol)
  • Practice Session: Cho Ku Ray (Power) Symbol
  • Sei Hei Ki (Emotional Symbol)
  • Practice Session: Sei Hei Ki (Emotional Symbol)
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Symbol)
  • Practice Session: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Symbol)
  • Dai Ko Myo (Usui Master Symbol)
  • Practice Session: Dai Ko Myo (Usui Master Symbol)
  • Raku (Grounding Symbol)
  • Practice Session: Raku (Grounding Symbol)
  • Chapter 4. The Reiki Symbols Quiz
Chapter 5. Chakras
  • Introduction to Chakras
  • A bit more about Chakras
  • Chapter 5. Chakra Quiz
Chapter 6: Get Ready
  • Where to place your hands
  • Hands Off method
  • Demonstration: Hands-off method
  • Hands On Method
  • Scanning
  • Demonstration: How to scan an attunee
  • Demonstration: Scanning Yourself
Chapter 7: Healing Attunements
  • Introduction to Healing Attunenments
  • Perform a General Healing Attunement
  • Healing Attunement Demonstration Note
  • Demonstration: General Healing Attunement
  • Perform a Specific Healing Attunement
  • The Traditional Reiki Hand Positions (Healing Others)
  • Demonstration: Traditional Reiki Hand Position Session (Hands on)
  • Demonstration: Traditional Reiki Hand Position Session (Hands off)
  • Perform a Self Healing Attunement
  • Demonstration: Self Healing Attunement
  • The Traditional Reiki Hand Positions (Self Healing)
  • Demonstration: Traditional Reiki Hand Position Session (Self Healing)
  • FAQ: What do the sensations in my hands mean?
  • FAQ: Can I do Reiki without permission?
Chapter 8: Distance Healing Attunements
  • Introduction to Distance Healing Attunements
  • Perform a General Distance Healing Attunement
  • Demonstration: Perform a General Distance Healing Attunement
  • Perform a Specific Distance Healing
  • FAQ: How do distance attunements/healings work?
Chapter 9: Other Healing Attunements
  • Working with animals, objects, and situations
  • Perform a General Animal (Pet) Healing Attunement
  • Demonstration: General Animal (Pet) Healing Attunement
  • Chapters 7, 8, 9. Attunements Quiz
  • Reiki Level 2 & Master Wrap Up
Chapter 10: Crystals & Reiki
  • Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • Using crystals with Reiki
Chapter 11: Spiritual Growth
  • Synchronicities, Spirit Guides & Angels
Chapter 12: Starting a Reiki business
  • Tips on starting your Reiki business
  • Setting up your healing room
  • Getting your Reiki practice insured & first aid
Chapter 13: Small But Important Print!
  • Issues, Legalities, Acceptance, and Regulations.
Chapter 14: Certification
  • Completing this course and getting your certificate
  • Steps to obtain certification
  • Your Usui Reiki lineage and qualification
Chapter 15: Namaste
  • Thank you!
  • Staying connected with Melissa
  • It’s time we send love & light to all sentient beings!

Course Prerequisites

Because this course is suitable for all skill levels, you will need the following: 

  • Prior education required: None
  • Prior experience required: None, but you should have an open mind and an open heart! ♥

Technical Requirements

This is a distance learning course that’s delivered completely online (via an online Student Platform where students access an array of: video and written lectures; PDF, JPG, and MP3 downloads; interactive quizzes; and more), as such you’ll need a few things to ensure you can complete it: 

  • Access to reliable internet.
  • Watch/stream video tutorials online.
    • Tip! Check your current internet plan to ensure you have enough data to stream videos smoothly.
  • Ability to view and download PDF files on your device. 
  • Ability to download and listento MP3 (audio) files on your device. 
  • Ability to use Dropbox as supplementary material is supplied via Dropbox instant-download links. Be sure to install the free Dropbox app for easy access and viewing.

Once you purchase this course:

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email for your purchase.
    – Tip! If you can’t see your confirmation email after a few minutes, be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders then add our email to your address book or ‘safe’ senders list to avoid issues in the future.
  2. You’ll receive another email confirming your enrollment into the course, which will be available in the Student Platform.
    First time enrolling? You’ll have another email asking you to set your password to create your account in the Student Platform. All future courses you enroll in (using the same email) will automatically be added to your account. 
  3. You will log in to the Student Platform and start at the first lecture and work your way through the course – watching video lectures, downloading supplementary handbooks and material, and taking quizzes as prompted.
  4. You’ll then take your time progressing through the course as it’s completely self paced.
  5. Receive priority email support or responses via the Student Platform for any questions or clarification you need along the way.
    Tip! You are never alone in this journey, we touch base via email from time to time to check-in on you!
  6. Once you’ve completed all the course lectures and requirements, you’ll then be able to submit your final exam for review. 
  7. Once you pass your final exam you’ll receive your certification (PDF) via email!
    – Tip! Don’t worry, if there are any issues with your final exam, we’ll reach out to you via email to discuss further.
  • Once you have your official certificate (PDF) you can print it for display!
  • With your certification, you will be able to obtain liability insurance to start your own practice (tips provided in the course and on graduation). 
  • Your certification will allow you to confidently perform your newly acquired skills and is recognised worldwide.
    • Tip! If you plan to work with the public, this course does cover general business information (including insurance coverage suggestions), but it’s up to you to check with your local state or country’s regulatory requirements about starting/operating a business in this field.

Is this course accredited?

Yes! This is course is accredited through the International Association of Therapists.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points

  • CPE stands for “Continuing Professional Education” and is granted to well-structured programs that provide further education for graduates in professional occupations.
  • Successfully completing this course and receiving the certification allows Massage Association of Australia (MAA) members the ability to earn CPE credits towards their membership all while enhancing their clinical skills, business skills and professional knowledge.

Melissa is the proud founder of Natural Healer, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Registered Natural Healer, Certified Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist and Full Member of the MAA. She’s also an author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker.

Melissa absolutely loves creating easy, actionable ways for everyday people to heal themselves, others and even their pets!  Her goal and purpose is to always create high quality information and content – be it a blog post, book or course – that can serve your greatest and highest good in today’s busy, modern age.

If you want to learn a bit more about Melissa, watch the short video here.

It was [like] a one on one class with you and I loved it
Reiki Master Student

If you’re ready to get started learning a glorious healing technique, and possibly a new career, be sure to click the add to cart button! And of course, if you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ and refund policy here; or to reach out and contact us here anytime!

$ 77.00



Closed Captions

Closed captions are available for the video tutorials for this course in the Student Platform.

136 reviews for Levels 1, 2 and Reiki Master Certification Course Online

  1. Kathy Carfagno (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed this course. The lectures were structured in an easy to follow format and Melissa’s presentations were given with calm and loving energy which made it even more enjoyable. I would not normally do anything like this online but I am very glad I took this course. My intention was to self heal but now I can feel confident to help family, friends and my pets. Thank you, Melissa. I look forward to continuing the journey. Namaste

  2. Cynthia Cook (verified owner)

    So I had a psychic reading recently and was told I am a healer. I said Nope! A week later I found your course and guess what now? Reiki Master! Unbelievable course, easy to navigate, fantastic content and Melissa is just an absolute joy to watch and learn from. You’ve opened up my world Melissa and have finally given me a purpose in this life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Vanessa W (verified owner)

    The program Melissa created is absolutely amazing! I had several question before the program and during. All my questions were answer and best of all my understanding for what is possible with the assistance Melissa is priceless. I’m eternally grateful.

  4. Debra Walker (verified owner)

    We are truly blessed having Melissa in Australia. I am so glad I stumbled upon her website! As they say “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Melissa’s method is so easy to follow and understand, I wholeheartedly recommend her classes!

  5. RoseMarie Pacella (verified owner)

    I loved this course, Melissa has such loving energy, I could feel it at every class. I have always felt this energy and have done long distance, but without certification, though now I look forward to personally helping people I have learned so much more on Reiki healing, the symbols, and long distance attunements.

  6. Elliot (verified owner)

    This is a great course for all levels. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in the study and practice of Reiki – thank you Melissa!

  7. Caleb Veldhuis (verified owner)

    I loved this course. It was easy to follow and I could complete it at my own speed. I loved that Melissa followed up and answered any questions. I have began doing attunements and love the feeling that I am helping others to find their own healing. Thank you for making this course available, affordable, and easy to manage.

  8. Jan Goldsmith

    This has been a most enlightening course! All information has been so carefully considered and detailed. Melissa is exceptional at providing lectures. I, with the support and prompting gave me the push to engage in this process, something I long wanted to do years ago, however, 5 children a degree in Nursing saw me prevaricate. How happy I am now, after completion of this course, I cannot stress highly enough the benefits of learning about Reiki following this process. Many thanks Melissa. Namaste

  9. Teshieka (verified owner)

    I am grateful for Melissa and her course. I had been interested in Reiki for quite some time. I embarked upon a journey of serious self reflection, healing, learning and moving into developing and living my soul purpose this year. I found Melissa and her course by chance. I am so glad I did. This course was very enlightening, easy to follow and affordable. Melissa you aided in changing my life for the better. Thank you.

  10. Sarah (verified owner)

    Easy to follow course material and great support. Highly recommend.

  11. Steph (verified owner)

    This course is very well structured, affordable, easy to follow, with plenty of resources. I can’t wait to begin my healing journey! Thank you Melissa!

  12. Steph (verified owner)

    This has been the best course I have ever done! Its easy to understand and follow instructions and easier to practice at home for my way of learning! I couldn’t recommend a better course! Truly wonderful! Thank you so much Melissa for giving me the opportunity to partake in this lovely course! X

  13. Fatima Angelic

    Melissa explains the course very easily step by step . Amazing course . Highly recommended

  14. Melissa

    The best online/distance course I’ve ever signed up for. I was sceptical at first but was soon proven wrong. The course is easy to follow with quick response time and support from Melissa and other students. It is so affordable compared to hands on courses and being a stay at home mum I could work at my pace when I had a free moment to do some study. Best decision you’ll ever make!

  15. cecilia lewis (verified owner)

    I would rate these courses as well as Melissa -top notch in the field of reiki and healing! 10 stars! for professionalism, compassion, educational instruction and delivery. Did I mention, Melissa really knows her stuff! Each course worth every penny! I could go on but I think you get the picture. Become a learner and a teacher with Melissa! Much love to all!!

  16. Jennifer Brook (verified owner)

    A beautiful journey to self healing through unconditional love ❤️ This experience showed me how to clear my own energetic blockages and strengthen my connection to the limitless expanse of source love through Reiki energy healing. Through my intention to heal in the highest alignment with love and then simply surrendering to allowing the divine intelligence to do all the work I have experienced first my own healing, followed by the most incredible animal healings (I am a Holistic Animal Therapist). My gratitude for Melissa’s approach to teaching remote Reiki is immense as I was too ill to leave my bed when I began. Everything is energy so there is no judgement and no limits as to how you might undertake this course and what a profound experience it will be for you and all those around you.

  17. Dorit (verified owner)

    Great course, loved it, Melissa is a great teacher. Very enjoyable to do and easy to follow

  18. Melanie King (verified owner)

    It was a really great course! I was concerned going in that it wouldn’t be worthwhile because it is online. But I really found the content to be thorough and Melissa was very responsive with answering questions. I definitely feel I gained so much from this course.

  19. Kerri Archer (verified owner)

    I thourouly enjoyed and gained so much from completing the Reiki course. Doing it at my own pace with such easy uncomplicated material was awesome.
    Thankyou Melissa for your kindness. Nameste

  20. Elle (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed being apart of this beautiful and well designed course. The content was very interesting and easy to learn and follow. Such a beautiful experience and I highly recommend natural healer for your reiki training 💖

  21. Daniel (verified owner)

    Everybody is saying how amazing this course is and I totally agree with them. I found Melissa and her courses after being scammed by other dodgy colleges. Melissa has a lovely kind and gentle vibe about her and presents the course in such a light and easy to follow fashion. I like that I am able to work through the course in my own time. As an autistic learner this has been very beneficial for me. I also like the social side of the course and the fact that there is the opportunity to converse with the other learners via the student Facebook group. I have found something incredible here and suggest that you follow in my footsteps. See you in the student chat group. Enjoy, Namaste.

  22. Francesca (verified owner)

    Melissa is a very gifted, kind, and patient healer and teacher. The course is structured well and gracefully methodical. She gives the necessary attention to what is most beneficial to the student. Lastly, her sweet spirit is sent via “distance”. Thank you so much.

  23. Michelle

    This course was ‘signed, sealed and delivered’ for me. I had looked at so many other courses and did not have the time to attend. It was fantastic that I could do this course in the comfort of my own home. There are so many useful tips and guidance provided. I recommend the Natural Healer courses they are fantastic and very professional, structured and so easy to follow. Thank you so much Melissa. Namaste xx

  24. WenNi

    Incredibly well-structured learning program. Melissa is very generous in sharing her experience and own journey in Reiki practice and incorporating those into the course which I felt to be extremely helpful. She has intuitively included answers & suggestions to all the usual (big) questions or situations students may have, plus providing useful tips throughout the course. Truly felt connected throughout the course. Namaste

  25. Heather (verified owner)

    I highly recommend! Greatly presented information regardless of motivation. I was fortunate to find this at a time when my anxiety had me paralyzed and it helped me so much. I liked that I was able to go at my own pace and I had an online community with me throughout the whole process. It felt 100% stress free and I gained a lot of confidence back. Thank you so much, Melissa & community <3

  26. Anatoly Stolyar

    Thak you Mellissa. I have lerned about Reiki Energy Healing during my ultimate fight and recovery for a second chance in life. Your cource was a became a great addition to all my educational path in order to win my fight.

  27. Elliot Ramsay (verified owner)

    This is one of the most enriching and sublime courses I have had the pleasure to undertake. It not only provides an abundance of information in easy to follow step-by-step instructions but also offers a deeply encouraging spiritual boost. This is all down to Melissa’s gentle and loving style. What ever your desire is with Reiki this is plus for anyone who takes this course. Thank you Melissa. Om Shanti, Elliot

  28. Candice Hammond (Serene Healing Crystals) (verified owner)

    I took this course a while ago and I absolutely loved it. It was easy to follow and I felt a real connection. One thing I loved most is the distance attunement. I felt amazing after it. I have taken several courses and I will be taking more.
    I highly recommend…

  29. Steve Hawkins (verified owner)

    I did this course to upgrade from 2nd attunement to master, its a comprhensive course with detailed videos on how to actually perform an attunement. I also got to experience a distant attunement which was the equal of the other in person attunements I’ve had, highly recomended

  30. Nerida Bonanno (verified owner)

    This course has all you need to understand Reiki. It gave me the confidence as a complete beginner.
    Melissa’s way of teaching makes this online learning feel more like a one on one session.
    Don’t hesitate to buy this course as it’s well worth the time and money.
    Thank you Melissa

  31. Anthony DeFrancisco (verified owner)

    Melissa is such a great teacher. I have learned so much through this opportunity that I have been able to apply to my practice. I highly recommend this course.
    Thank you Melissa!

  32. Samantha Eagle (verified owner)

    Namaste Melissa! Your Light radiates,when you smiled, I smiled, your serenity gave me serenity. I felt very heart connected to you throughout this journey and I thankyou for the reminder of some very important tools required for self care as a healer.
    I found the delivery of this course to be very accesible, simplistic and very profound.

  33. Sharon Speers (verified owner)

    Thank you Mellisa, this course has been a healing journey, I loved every minute and was so blessed too come across your beautiful reiki healing course. So gentle and empowering at the same time. Highly Recommended

  34. Maria ROMO

    This course was easy to follow and price was great.I’m filled with gratitude.Thank You

  35. Tiana Miha (verified owner)

    Thank you Melissa, this course is exactly what i need and wanted, its easy, enjoyable and very rewarding
    Love and light

  36. Yoe

    I thank you so much Melissa I throughly enjoyed this course, you are an inspiring Teacher and a Beautiful Soul and helped me understand how to implement Reiki Healing into my life and Business.

  37. marian (verified owner)

    Melissa is a wonderful person. I am doing the Reiki course now and find it easy to follow it has supportive videos, and Materials to work through. I highly recommend this course to anyone that has a passion to learn Reiki you will find it exciting and rewarding.
    Thank you Melissa you are such a beautiful person

  38. Carmen Gibbs

    Namaste , Melissa and her courses was divinely manifested into my life . I have grown and learnt so much , it has help me heal in so many aspects of my life as well put me on my path to healing other’s . The support from Melissa is alway’s there and I love how you can do the course in your own time . Looking forward to my other courses , It’s been an uplifting experience and greatly appreciated . From All of my Being I Thank you Melissa .

  39. Sandra Kirby (verified owner)

    This course was great, easy to follow. Highly recommended.

  40. Kim Harris (verified owner)

    Melissa, I choose your course over others because it felt right and I am so glad I did. Your pace is excellent, easy to understand and your voice is peaceful and reassuring. I have found that I have a greater awareness of all around me now. I highly recommend this course. I am now moving on to other courses offered by Melissa. I also love the fact that we can revisit the course at anytime. Thank you Melissa.

  41. Samantha Walker (verified owner)

    Meslissa is a wonderful loving spirit, intuitive, and kind. Her course is informational, on par with other healers I have spoken with excitedly about my journey, and I hope to grow ever more in the healing arts. Thank you Melissa- Love and Light!! <3

  42. Angelique (verified owner)

    I have been a Reiki Master for 10 years and was feeling the desire for a refresher and attunement! I took Melissa’s other courses and was so impressed that I decided she was the one to do my refresher! I learned new things (such as the grounding symbol) and loved being reminded and affirmed of other things! I recommend this course highly! Melissa, thank you again, for sharing your energy knowledge in such an inspiring, skillful and understanding way! Blessings my dear friend and Namaste!

  43. Rhonda (verified owner)

    This was a well-structured course with supportive videos and materials. Thank you Melissa, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  44. Ruth (verified owner)

    This was such a blessing. I came across this course when looking for a teacher so I feel it was meant to be. I highly recommend this course as Melissa makes things so easy to comprehend and is always available to answer any questions you have. I’m still developing the skills I’ve learnt but I am so grateful knowing that Melissa is there to guide and mentor along the journey. Thank you so much.

  45. Tina

    Wonderful course, lessons and instructions are easy to follow and create an informative learning platform. Highly recommend this course, I’ve gained so much knowledge & skill set from Melissa. A very supportive way to learn Reiki. Thank you!!!!

  46. Justine (verified owner)

    This course is amazing! With having 2 kids at home, this course made it possible for me to study at my own pace. I’m so thankful to have been guided to this course Melissa! Sending love to you! Xx

  47. Sharyn Adams (verified owner)

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  48. Cheryl Osborn (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa.
    I had been looking at Reiki for quite some time and it was quite by accident I stumbled across your course. Many years ago after my husband passes I had a Reiki healing performed on me after my husband passed. I must say I came away from the experience with a whole new perspective on life and it’s meaning to me.
    Thank you Melissa for giving me the guidance and love I needed to finally pursue my calling, I will highly recommend your course to everyone I speak with.
    You are an amazing inspirational teacher and I have learnt so much.
    Namaste my new found friend, much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Is sent your way 🙏

  49. Melissa (verified owner)

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    Thank you for sharing your gift of love and light:)

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    I loved it THANK you it is a great course

  55. Robyn Rupuha (verified owner)

    Dear Melissa
    I cannot Thank you enough for your Mentorship. You have been such an integral part of my Journey. I will forever be Grateful for your Guidance and Kindness and hope to Inspire others as you have Inspired me Namaste

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    This was a beautiful course. I took Reiki I in an in person class setting and decided to try Melissa’s course. I am a very visual learner and I was delighted when Melissa let me embrace my clairvoyance. This course is filled with information, her warm soft voice and her beautiful hand movements she uses during her Reiki sessions were soft, elegant, filled with love, and super inspiring. Thank you Melissa I cannot wait until my Attunement on the 11th 🙂

  57. Liss (verified owner)

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  74. Christine (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I highly recommend it. The content is really informative and easy to understand. Melissa has such a warm and friendly energy. Even though the course is online I still felt connected to Melissa and she was always prompt in replying to any questions I had.
    Thankyou so much for this fantastic course!

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    Melissa is just wonderful, full of knowledge and a true inspiration. I cannot possibly thank her enough for what she and this course has done for me!
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    Love and Light*******

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    I’m so happy for this wonderful course and i highly recommend it.
    Thank you so much Melissa !!!!!!!
    Love and light always…

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  79. Dayle Ouellet (verified owner)

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  82. challenjr (verified owner)

    I have been involved in energy healing since 1979, so I’ve learned to be very selective when entrusting my spiritual development to another. Authenticity, connection to spirit, and a true love for humanity are quite important to me, and Melissa shines in every area. She’s the real deal. I highly recommend her course.

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  84. kerrie.ferrari

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  85. Shin, Hee Kyung (verified owner)

    It was wonderful and so grateful! I got to learn a lot more then from here and strongly recommended to the people I know. Only thing I can say is so grateful!! When I was doing Reiki for the Patients, sometimes they don’t want to be touched, I can use new method that I learned from here.

  86. Shahin Hakki (verified owner)

    Highly recommended!
    Melissa is fantastic!!
    Not only is the course very affordable, but it is also full of information that you can work through at your own pace.
    Such a pleasure xx

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    I highly recommend Melissa’s course as not only being thorough but also because Melissa was very easy to contact if you had any questions, you can tell that she really cares and loves sharing her knowledge.

    Thank you so much Melissa for sharing this beautiful course x

  89. Juan Gabriel Sagastume (verified owner)

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  90. Danielle (verified owner)

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    Love and light x

  92. melinda (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course, it was set out in a great format that is easy to follow and track your progress. Melissa has an easiness to her teaching style and it all felt natural and simple. Melissa was also very responsive to correspondence and felt genuine. Strongly recommend it, I did this course to refresh on Reiki and acquire my masters however I have recommended it to my Dad to do for interest and self healing – I believe the structure allows for success for both professional and personal benefit.

  93. Carmen (verified owner)

    This was an incredible journey of self discovery. Thank you Melissa for the support and loving guidance you have provided from when I started right until the completion of this course. I gained the confidence and the knowledge I needed to become the person I have always wanted to be. I highly recommend this course to aspiring as well as professional healers who wish to learn Reike to compliment their current mode of healing.

  94. Si (verified owner)

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  95. Bee (verified owner)

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  96. Juss Stinson (verified owner)

    Melissa was extremely responsive and truly makes this course something to easily follow. Her books are to the point and it’s easy to be open to all of the information she provides for the learning experience. One of the most wonderful things was how open Melissa is to everyone’s personal interpretation on the journey of their own mastery! She gave me confidence in what path I want to take professionally with Reiki and I am VERY thankful for that! She was a beautiful soul who is extremely supportive of what you choose to do with your new education! Thank you Melissa! I look forward to continue to share my progress and see everyone else’s as well!

  97. Jaimee (verified owner)

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    Lots of emails reminders etc i loved it made it feel more envolved.
    Thankyou am grateful for this .
    Keep doing wonders

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  99. Victoria (verified owner)

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  100. Rebekah

    The online course is very easy to follow. The price and being self-paced makes it very accessible to everyone and then it is up to the individual as to how much they want to put into it and at what pace. Thank you very much for providing a great teaching!

  101. oliverrainbow

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  104. alan_mudd (verified owner)

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    I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn reiki

  105. Callie Lindemeyer (verified owner)

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  106. Maree Alaina Graham (verified owner)

    Maree Alaina. August 2nd, 2017

    Thank you Melissa for this wonderful Reiki Master Certificate On Line Course. I am still not used to being a”Master” as I have not yet come down to earth.
    You have made this course affordable and interesting. Everything one needs to know about being a Reiki Master is available.
    This is a great beginning for a new adventure. The icing on the cake.

  107. rwithers6 (verified owner)

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  108. Mary-Lou Newton (verified owner)

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    This on-line Reiki Master Certificate Course has been a perfect addition to go with my Certified
    Life-Coaching and Psychic abilities. I am now looking forward to creating my Natural Healing business in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
    Love and Light

  109. narelle (verified owner)

    I have sincerely enjoyed this course and learnt a lifetime of new energies and how to use them in accordance to my daily living and way of helping people. The course was easy to read and understand with the time frame being self paced. The online tutorials made learning simple but enjoyable. I am using the knowledge i have learnt to help my family and friends and I am excited to start expanding further into the public at some stage in the future. Melissa has been a delight to have as my reiki master teacher.
    Universal love and light to you all X

  110. Yovanka

    I am so blessed to have done this course it has been an amazing journey. Melissa is such a wonderful teacher it is like she is with you the whole step of the way and I love that Melissa is so passionate and respectful. Melissa’s videos are fantastic and I feel that have grown so much the first time that I felt reiki energy was phenomenal and I was astounded then I had friends and family come over and each attunement was beautiful and I felt the reiki energy stronger every time to the point my friends could feel it strongly. I would highly recommend this course thank you so much Melissa you have changed my life I am so happy and content.
    Love and Light Melissa
    Thanks Yovanka xx

  111. Emily

    I am so very grateful for this course !
    It has brought me so much joy as i have started my healing journey.
    Self patience learning means you don’t have to change the way you run your life!
    Thank you for bringing this course to all healers in the world
    Love and light to you x

  112. Carole Ann Harrison (verified owner)

    Melissa is so passionate about her Reiki craft and it shows very clearly in every aspect of this online course. The videos are excellent and so well presented. The most important part for me was that I could follow the course at my own pace and it was relatively inexpensive too. I would highly recommend this (and have done already) to anyone seeking personal and professional development opportunities in Reiki. Thank you Melissa.
    Love and light always!
    Carole Ann

  113. Simone

    LOVE this course! I feel the curriculum strives to focus on important information that is key to learning Reiki. Also, it is written in a clear and concise manner so it is easy to follow and understand. I tried other Reiki courses and never felt connected and felt like perhaps it was wrong for me, but this has a totally different dynamic. And it is so affordable and really gives a comprehensive view of Reiki and how to use it!

  114. Paige (verified owner)

    Melissa has a lot of passion for her work and students. Recently completed Reiki course online which was well set out and easy to follow. The amount of help and information is above and beyond any study I have completed. Melissa is a natural born spiritual lady who choose to use her gift to help and educate people and I would like to say a “Big thank you” for this wonderful journey that Reiki has taught me. Further more thanks Melissa for mentioning my beloved spiritual cat Mojo!
    Love & Light.

  115. Minna

    The unconditional love and support that Melissa provides in this course truly allows for everyone to find their own intuitive journey to Reiki. She’s undoubtedly a master at her art and her generosity and genuine desire to support every being is a beautiful bright light that has made my journey that much brighter. It was Amazing!! Melissa is so ethical, caring, understanding and intuitive, and can put your mind at ease with any ‘performance’ issues you may have. A nurturing, welcoming and mind blowingly, holistic experience. Melissa – love and light – you are amazing.

  116. Vanessa (verified owner)

    This was one of the most soul cleansing and eye opening courses I have ever done.

    Thank you so very much for all your guidance and putting together an easy to follow course.

    I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning Reiki or becoming a practitioner in the energy healing industry.


  117. Grace Castilhos (verified owner)

    I am Reiki Master ; just have finished the master course with Melissa at Natural Healer.
    Already I’ve bought Reiki teacher and Pet reiki with her, because it’s really amazing the style she teaching us. I really felt the difference after the attunement! She is pure love….
    Highly recommend
    Lots of Gratitude

  118. Andrea Babb (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Reiki and become a true professional. This course was so affordable and informative, and I learned so much. I loved every second of this course, and I am now proud to say that I am a Reiki Master. Thank you so much for all that you do!

  119. Vanessa

    I thoughly enjoyed doing the Reiki masrsters course . I found Melissa Crowhursts teachings and instuctions so well presented in detail and easy to follow . Thankyou Melissa for all your encouraging support and help I couldnt have wished for a better tutorer . Thankyou Vanessa .

  120. Katey D.

    Absolute 5 star purchase! This course is so inspiring and motivation. It is set out in such a beautiful and interesting layout… full of gorgeous images, helpful videos, and audio. Melissa is so easy to listen to, and her nature is so warm and inviting. I’ve done my share of correspondence courses, and this has been one of, if not, the best. Highly recommended!

  121. Olivia (The Healing Chakra)

    I would highly recommend this course and Melissa to anyone wanting to get certified in Reiki. She is always quick to respond to any messages and truly goes out of her way to show she cares. I could feel an intense activating energy during my attunement with her. It is rare to find a healer that will actually schedule a time to perform the attunement from a distance and let you know when it is. You will not be disappointed with Melissa or this course! Namaste and love to you!

  122. Tam McKie

    Thank you Melissa

    I really enjoyed the Reiki Master Course. It has given me so much for very little I paid. To anyone reading this I would encourage you to sign up for this course. Its easy to understand and the benefits are substantial. If your a person that finds it hard to complete online courses know that I am that type of person too, but I really suprised myself by completing the course in just a month! Loved it very much!

    Thank you again Melissa

    Love Tam xxoo

  123. WENDY J.

    A Message to anybody considering learning the art of Reiki.
    Melissa your Reiki Master is amazing. Her course is for anyone from the beginner to people who work with energy on a regular basis. The course is set to work at your own pace and Melissa is always there if you need her. She is very understanding, honest, and no question is too trivial. I have been studying the Reiki Healer course now for a month and am ready to hand in my work. I loved it so much I practised every day. I have healed myself and that was my main aim of doing this course. Thank you Melissa.

  124. Joshua

    Hi this has been a great course that I recommend to anyone studying spirituality, conscious subjects, healing subjects and modalities. I am a massage therapist that discovered Reiki in my work the last 3 years so I studied this course to put the icing on the cake so to speak. My experiencial knowing matches up with what is taught in this course, Reiki is very real and very effective when the skills are realised then projected out. Melissa has done well to present how it is, how it was and how it will always be. I feel I was guided to this course and I resonated with the content of it all, I enjoyed reading the materials and doing the suggested exercises. I wish everyone a full chakra activation to the higher consciousness which is waiting on the north side, the higher dimensional self awareness.

    Joshua, Massage Awakening

  125. Noelle

    I feel truly blessed to have found this wonderful course and amazing Reiki Master Melissa. The course is easy to follow and I love how you can complete it at your own pace. Melissa is such a compassionate genuine teacher and helped guide me whenever I needed assistance. The course is written so beautifully it helps you to understand the importance of self care before healing others. It also provides you with all the symbols and tools needed to be a successful healer. I look forward to healing and sharing this universal love energy I have connected with. I am grateful for Melissa and high recommend this course to anyone looking to become a reiki master.

  126. sue

    This course was given to me as a gift from my son when my husband was gravely ill. The information given is clear and easy to follow and the attunement was amazing. We were able to help my husband pass in a serene and spiritual way and it also gave us the strength and focus we desperately needed at the time. Ongoing messages and support make this course a pleasure and to be able to progress in our own time without any pressure means that everyone who undertakes this course will enjoy the journey as well as achieving the end goal. It is obvious to me that making money out of helping others is not the focus of this course as many other reiki courses cost many hundreds of dollars so the teaching given is truly given for the good of all and not for profit. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have been given and I send my love and light to all that are connected with this course. I can’t recommend it highly enough and hope that your journey will be as fulfilling as mine. Love and Light Sue xxxx

  127. Julie Merrett (verified owner)

    I loved Master Melissa’s Reiki Master course. Having done the Basic Reiki and then Reiki II in person at weekend workshops some years ago, I had realized that I had missing information, sometimes there is a lot to take in. It was when I decided to do my Reiki Master Certification that I wanted to be able to take my time, fill in the gaps and take in more information, breath the energy, after all I see my responsibility of working with healing energy to be delivered in a way that as a practitioner I have the knowledge and opportunity to not only have a Master that is coming from a space of love and compassion but who can also deliver the true theme of Reiki and its history and its attunements, this course had this and more, I loved the added crystal and animal chakra information, journeying through this Reiki Master course also gave me the opportunity to grow into the Master Reiki, universal life force Practitioner I dreamed I am to be. With this course I was able to spend time with the symbols, fine tune and observe the energy and my hands and the positions, listen to my intuition and practice letting go of the intention, so as not to drain my own energy or let my force try to direct. I learned also how to refresh myself, cut the connections and give myself some time, self healing and clearing and scanning great tool, these are so much more within me and understood now,I was aware of the spiritual detox and able to look after myself and let it happen, clean away the cobwebs and debris that were hindering my growth. I am very grateful that I came to your site Melissa and enjoyed very much my journey. Thank you. Namaste

  128. benjamin dickens (verified owner)

    Heaps of people offer Reiki courses at hundreds if not thousands of dollars and the ability to heal another soul is a gift every soul on the planet should have and use for the benefit of our planet. This course is the real deal run by a fellow light worker, as a profession I work as Career Fire Fighter and I am a Station Officer and also a volunteer Fire Fighter, My Mum worked in the hospital for 25+ Years and my and her whole life interests have been in helping others.

    The course is flexible, easy to follow, heaps of resources at hand and support is always at hand and it is self passed. You would spend more on a material item any day of the week such as tablets for pain or medicines and vitamins, yet this is a gift that keeps on giving and allows you to help people in physical and emotional pain and suffering and you can even help your animals and pets!

    This course allows for and does that, its immediately evident that the intent off Melissa is that this is her goal and a very noble one. We have not finished our course yet but are well on the way to completing it. The teachings and attunements we have recieved have been used to great success on everybody including ourselves. You will not find a more helpful, honest, kind instructor and we are both blessed to have you as our instructor and will work hard on completing the course in the next two to 3 months. I recently lost my dad and my mum her husband to say we were close would be a massive understatement. Through the use of Reiki we were able to heal both his physical and mental pain, he had cancer and a massive abdominal wound and was not eating nor drinking fluids. Regardless of this we did reiki on him sometimes twice a day or more and even distance healing. The surgery team and doctors could not believe there own eyes with the rapid healing of his wounds. They even took photos to show other doctors, I can only hope that western medicine understands and accepts that Reiki is real and it works we are both not masters but using the techniques taught and loving energy and those above and the universe we made a difference and cannot thank Melissa enough for the gift she have us. Namaste Melissa Love and Light to All.

  129. Frances Agnello

    I absolutely feel the program and progress from the online course, customer service and attunement – which was very reasonably-schudled and completed in price with feedback.

    The mp3 chapters in audio are clear, informative and healing enough to upload new Reiki programming energy right when I began listening.
    I have been so excited with the audio instant options I played all the chapters within 48 hours, I love that I can go back and listen anytime and place.

    I also appreciate the history of Master tree line that is an interesting feedline.

    Also included is crystal and animal extras – pretty cool for sure.

  130. Kayce Pearson (verified owner)

    For the last few months I had been searching for a Master Course that would fit not only my busy lifestyle but one I felt connected with. I found this listing through etsy after combing through so many websites, and instantly I felt a connection.

    I was able to meditate for a half hour before receiving my attunement, and I felt ready to receive the Reiki Melissa sent, but I had no idea it would be so powerful. It was late at night and everyone was sleeping but me, and right away my hands became hotter than they ever have. My entire body began buzzing. I closed my eyes to tune into the energy and attunement, and I could see the different symbols swirling around my head. Each had its own color, and as they entered my crown, I felt another jolt of peace and energy. Once all five were in my crown, my hands started to vibrate. Each symbol came yet again, this time entering each palm. My hands became hotter and hotter, and my entire body started to sing. Of all the attunements I’ve received, this was by far the most powerful and clear. As she cleared my chakras, I felt my body unravel and the stress lift. Everything was at peace.

    Once I started the course, I felt Reiki settle inside me, entering every cell of my body. I am so grateful I chose this course, that I chose Melissa from which to earn my Reiki Master. She is a beautiful soul, and her course is simple yet has so many new things I didn’t know. Anyone would be very lucky to have an attunement with her. Her energy is beautiful, crisp, and clear. This was the perfect path for me to take. Thank you so much Melissa.

  131. Carol (verified owner)

    Offering an online course allowed me to learn at my own pace. The materials and videos compliment the course and serve as wonderful additions to help tie the material together. I enjoy listening to Melissa’s audio teachings. She is an amazing teacher. I am grateful to her for bringing Reiki teachings into my life. It’s been a wonderful experience I look forward to. I believe other students will easily connect to this course work and find it joyful to learn. Melissa, Thank you so much for creating this course for those who are interested in learning Reiki.

  132. Mira (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed it. Very good and easy to follow. I really recommend this course !!!

  133. Noelle Weyant (verified owner)

    I feel grateful to have found this Reiki course, I can complete at my own pace. The book is wonderfully written and it is clear and concise. Melissa is a loving teacher and available for help with the course. I 100% recommend this course if you are looking to pursue Reiki. Thank you, Namaste.

  134. Hayley Cooper

    Very informative course, easy to navigate through and pleasant to deal with. Thank you so much. Namaste

  135. Simon (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed it. It has been easy to follow and i’m enjoying giving Reiki to myself and friends.

  136. T. Gray (verified owner)

    The book is very easy to follow and video tutorials are helpful especially with doing symbols. Im looking forward to completing soon thank you!

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