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With Natural Healer’s Online Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certification Course, you will learn all the essentials on how to become a true Master and build an easy, informative and memorable course for your students!

  • Obtain a, Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate* upon completion
  • Learn how to create your own course with in-depth insights from Melissa
  • Start building your Reiki course using the provided samples and examples
  • Self-paced course that’s completely online – do it anytime, from anywhere!
  • Get lifetime access to video tutorials, course materials, bonuses and future updates
  • Requirements: To receive your Teacher certificate, you will need to have a Reiki Master certificate for 6 months (however, you do not need to be a Master to enroll to take this course).

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If you love being a Reiki Master and want the chance to spread the love & light further by teaching others, then you will enjoy the Natural Healer Online Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Course!

This course covers all the necessary topics – from encouraging further practice, trusting yourself and your intuition, ‘brainstroming’ to help create your course, to providing you with example material for your students – all this and more in order to help you become a loving & successful Reiki teacher!

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This thoughtful and self-paced online Teacher course is the first step you need to take to create a loving yet informative Reiki course for your own students. Melissa provides all essentials for you to walk the path of a true Master Teacher so you can train more loving souls to help others! The course includes:

  1. Melissa’s insightful Advanced Reiki Master Teacher framework and guidance – you’ll be an intuitive and confident Reiki Master Teacher upon completion!
    (Who’s Melissa? Find out here! And be sure to see what her clients say about her!)
  2. An in-depth 39-page Reiki Master Teacher Course Handbook, including detailed steps on how to build your own course! Melissa considers a wide variety of factors to help you think about the best way to build your own course! She even gives you examples (listed in the bonuses below) to help you get off the starting block!
  3. The Reiki Master Teacher Course – Exercise Workbook, which is an essential component to this course! It allows you to enter in your own experiences for the course’s case study requirements, as well as start piecing together all the components to run your own course!
  4. Example Reiki Course Outline for you to customise. (Word Doc)
  5. An example Reiki Course handbook, with relevant sections and further questions from Melissa to prompt you to complete and make it your own! (Word Doc)
  6. An example Reiki Exercise Workbook, again created in a manner to get you started and stimulate you to complete it in your own style! (Word Doc)
  7. An example of a Final Review which you can edit to suit your course! (Word Doc)
  8. 3 sample Reiki Certificates that you use customise and use, or take as inspiration for making your own! (Word Doc)
  9. Student Enrolment & Progress spreadsheet to help you keep track of the progress of your students! (Excel)
  10. Lifetime access to the Online Student Platform to bolster your learning.
  11. Lovely Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate* to display in your home or office!
  12. A Natural Healer Reiki Master Teacher Digital Badge to add to your emails, website and social media pages.
  13. Direct and ongoing email support from Melissa and her Natural Healer team!
  14. Self-pacing so take as long as you need!

  • The Reiki Master Teacher Course Audio Version of the Handbook  (MP3)
  • Crystal Healing eBook to further enhance your new skills with the power of crystals (PDF).
  • My Restful Sleep Meditation (MP3) to gain the rejuvenation and regeneration you require as a healer and Teacher.
  • My Divine Dusk Meditation Audio (MP3) to help relax you as you go through this journey to become a Teacher!
  • 5-Minute Stress Relief Meditation Audio (MP3) to help calm your busy mind as you build your course!
  • Melissa’s Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps eBook (PDF).
  • An example Energy Healing Client Intake Form (.docx) for you to use yourself, or to provide to your students!

If your passion is to help and teach others then this Reiki Master Teacher Certification course is going to help you spread your wings and fly! Simply click the add to cart button and your course will be sent immediately with all the necessary files attached to your confirmation email! You can check out our FAQ and refund policy here; or to reach out and contact us here anytime!

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* Please note, since you must already be a Reiki Master to complete this course, there is no attunement given. Graduates in Australia will be able to obtain the same business/liability insurance Melissa uses for her practice upon successful completion; however please note, some associations and governing bodies have requirements that this course does not provide, such as ‘accreditation’. Please ensure you perform due diligence to ensure the course matches your goals before enrolling. But regardless the path you chose, enjoy the journey and spread your love & light!

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2 reviews for Online Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Course & Example Material

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’ve been a Reiki Master for a while, and was looking for some more guidance and help with teaching others. Melissa’s material and quick responses have really helped me in my goal to help others and teach other. Great course, easy to follow, and a great instructor, thank you

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The example material in this course is incredibly helpful I didn’t think I’d be able to put together my own course but having the examples is a perfect place to start. I also like the suggestions Melissa provides for disconnecting from negative energies love all of Melissa’s courses! XOXO

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