Energy Healing Method: Techniques for Massage Therapists & Professional Healers Book (Signed)

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If you’re a massage therapist or a professional working in the service industry and want to learn energy healing techniques – this is the book for you! Or perhaps you’re one of Melissa’s students who would like a “hard copy” of your course book?

By ordering a copy of Melissa’s The Energy Healing Method: Easy Integration Techniques for Massage Therapists & Professional Healers book you’ll be taking the first step towards learning how to unite energy healing techniques with your existing service!

Learn to integrate energy healing with your service!

As a best-selling online instructor, Melissa’s taught Reiki and other energy healing techniques for years, but she’s never revealed her combo technique in its entirety. She then had an “ah-ha!” moment: why not share this incredible method with others? Now after all the years she spent evolving her Energy Healing Method it comes to you, simplified, in this easy-to-follow book.

As you go through the pages, you’ll understand why Melissa feels that massage therapists and natural healers are important and in a sacred role for the greater good of this world. She then teaches you each component of her method, separately, so you can practice and gain confidence. Then she guides you through combining everything together – which is the actual Energy Healing Method – so you can utilise all the techniques together to produce the greatest positive impact possible in a single session.

Melissa’s method works seamlessly with massage, structural integrations, beauty therapy, counselling, and so on. So, if you’re ready to add more value to your services while making a more profound, meaningful, and lasting impact on your clients – then it’s time to begin!

Is this the same as the course book?

This is the physical version of the hand book provided with Melissa’s Energy Healing Method course. Whilst it includes everything you need to know to start integrating energy healing techniques with your service, this “hard copy” version omits course-specific inclusions to obtain certification as it assumes the reader is not enrolled in the course.

This means you’ll be able to effectively use all the techniques within this book, but purchasing it doesn’t ‘certify’ you as an Energy Healing Method Practitioner (that is only available for those who complete the course).  On the other hand, you don’t have to purchase this “hard copy” in order take the course because a PDF version of it (with course-specific inclusions) is provided with your enrollment. But if you like to have a “real” book to hold and refer to, then this book serves as a great complement to the course.

Book Specifics

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$ 19.95

Availability: 11 in stock (can be backordered)

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1 review for Energy Healing Method: Techniques for Massage Therapists & Professional Healers Book (Signed)

  1. Yelena (verified owner)

    This book Energy Healing Method describes easy integration techniques for massage therapists and professional healers. It contains concepts of Universal Energy, chakras, explanations how to prepare yourself and client for healing session, how to build Bridge of Trust with client, how to defend yourself from negative energy and make purification. Also you you can find in this book how Hand Mudras and Crystal Healing techniques may enrich results of massage or Reiki healing sessions. Language of this book is very good and clear, illustration help you deepen understanding of information. Melissa’s love of people and her strong desire to share her knowledge with us are pouring out from each page of the book. Thank you, Melissa, for your great book! With love and deep respect, Yelena

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