Learn Crystal Healing Online | An Intro to the World of Healing Stones (eBook)

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They’re not only beautiful decorative pieces to wear or display around your home, crystals have the natural power to assist with healing! If you’re just starting out in the glorious world of energy healing, my book “Crystal Healing – An Introduction to the World of Healing Stones” will be perfect for you!

Whether you plan to use crystals on their own or coupled with other methods, you’ll learn how these gorgeous natural wonders can become powerful healing tools.

A great introduction to the world of healing stones!

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Ever wonder what crystal healing actually is? Not sure where to start? But want to at least get the basics covered and learn crystal healing online? Then my “Crystal Healing – An Introduction to the World of Healing Stones” is perfect for you!

Why can crystals heal?
Being part of this wonderful Earth, each crystal has its own natural vibration and attributes, which can activate and promote both emotional and physical healing in oneself and others. It’s the vibratory signature of the crystal which assists in healing. Even if it’s not often discernible, the crystal’s therapeutic vibrations are felt and used on an energetic level.

Although very helpful on their own, if coupled with other methods, crystals can become powerful healing tools. This is why energy healers – such as Reiki practitioners – like to place certain stones on (or near) their clients or within their healing rooms. Using the right crystals can assist to balance the Chakras and aura.

Looking for my Crystal Healing Certification Course?
Please note, you’re currently looking at my introductory ebook about crystal healing – this is not a certification course. If you’re looking for my Science of Crystal Healing Course (which has the option for certification), please click here!

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$ 9.95

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$ 9.95



3 reviews for Learn Crystal Healing Online | An Intro to the World of Healing Stones (eBook)

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Easy to read, concise and well written a good starting point if your new to crystal healing

  2. Shepherd of Knowledge (verified owner)

    I’m very new to the metaphysical uses of crystals for healing. This book clearly explains not only how to use crystals, but exactly how they effect our bodies and the energy fields surround them. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to learn something new about crystals or just brush up on knowledge they already posses.

    ~ Shepherd

  3. T. Gray (verified owner)

    Nice introduction into crystals!! very helpful :)))

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