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Have you ever wanted to learn how to transform the feeling of your surroundings from negative and stale to positive and vibrant?

Or perhaps you’re one of Melissa’s students who would like a “hard copy” of your course book?

By ordering a copy of Melissa’s Space Clearing Made Simple book you’ll be able to learn and reference the steps to clearing negative places into loving spaces quickly and easily!


Melissa’s Space Clearing techniques….

Use whatever lingo you like, but when the explanation of ‘what we are’ is boiled down: we’re all energy beings existing in a field of energy. This means people can unknowingly unload their energetic ‘junk’ in a space and in turn, a place can impress its energetic ‘clutter’ upon us – leaving us feeling uneasy.

Space Clearing Made Simple is the essential guide to declutter and wipe clean the negative energy so you can feel comfortable everywhere you go. Its seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom with scientific explanations in order to form Melissa’s refreshing take on transforming negative spaces into loving places.

The reader travels from the fundamentals of energy healing to then follow Melissa’s simple steps to Space Clearing – all while developing their own intuition and confidence.  What’s more, no experience is required to truly benefit from Melissa’s knowledge because her methods are easy yet highly effective!

Space Clearing Interior 1

Is this the same as the course book?

This is the physical version of the course book provided with Melissa’s Reiki Space Clearing course. It includes everything you need to learn in order to confidently perform Space Clearing steps, this “hard copy” version omits course-specific inclusions to obtain certification as it assumes the reader is not enrolled in the course.

This means you’ll be able to learn the steps, but purchasing the book doesn’t ‘certify’ you.  On the other hand, you don’t have to purchase this “hard copy” in order take Melissa’s Space Clearing course because a PDF version of it (with course-specific inclusions) is provided with your enrollment. But if you like to have a “real” book to hold and refer to, then this book serves as a great complement to the course.


Book Specifics

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Shipping is charged in addition to the book price. And depending on your location (eg. outside of Australia), the shipping options may be cheaper to order it on Amazon (but you won’t have the option to have it signed by Melissa if you order on Amazon).

Postage & Delivery

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$ 17.95

Availability: 6 in stock

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4 reviews for Space Clearing Made Simple Book (Signed)

  1. Christina Stephenson (verified owner)

    The information in the book is well structured, and beautifully presented. I have the PDF version having done the Space Clearing Made Simple on Udemy but I like the printed version for easy excess to the information. Very happy with my purchase.

  2. Roxanne Jones (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful book and such a beautiful touch with a personalise signature when I opened it a love that how easy the book is so easy to follow

  3. Jana (verified owner)

    I have recently purchased a bunch of Melissa’s books. I knew exactly what I was buying since I had also purchased the courses and already had the pdf versions of the books. Melissa’s books are very well structured, very easy to understand, with easy to understand instructions, and are accompanied with nice photos/illustrations. Though I already have the pdf versions, I decided to also get the printed versions as I find them easier for when I quickly need to find some information.

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    Lovely book with easy to follow instructions and beautifully presented photos.

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