Divine Dusk Wind & Bird Relaxation Calming Meditation Sounds

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For those who are looking to settle down into calming relaxation or dive deeper into a meditative state – or for those who are practicing one of the healing arts (like massage therapy, hypnotherapy, pilates, yoga, meditation, Reiki, or other energy healing) – the sounds of nature and the whistling wind on a desert oasis will help take you there.

59-minutes of divine calm and peace + 2nd bonus version!

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Sometimes it’s in that quiet time, when everything is still around you, that you can dive deeper into your inner self.  The soft whistling of wind echoing in your ears gives you the single focus to put your awareness on. You sit still, you go deep, you uncover parts of your inner being that you’ve never known about before. How glorious does that sound?!  For me, these calming meditation sounds help you go there, a place only you can go when everything around you – including you – is still.

Ideal for deep meditation and relaxation

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Are these natural sounds going to really benefit me?

I surely believe so! The reason why is because sometimes to really grow you need to quiet your mind and focus on a particular point. This beautiful audio of the soft whistling wind of nature gives you an ‘anchor’ to hold onto as you dive deep into relaxation or meditation. As you relax to the sounds of the divine dusk audio, perhaps while performing yoga or while meditating, you’ll become aware of your awareness. You’ll focus your attention on the audio’s sounds – as opposed to your thoughts – which can deliver you to the most enlightening and rewarding place on this planet: the real you..

For those who have recurring issues and problems continuously cropping up in their minds, you might also benefit from listening to my free guided 5-minute meditation audio here.

What does this relaxation audio include?

  1. 59-minutes of utter relaxation.
  2. Provided in MP3 format (download)
  3. BONUS! A second version of the same audio, but with some minimal voice guidance from myself at the beginning and end to further assist your relaxation 🙂

Please note, the original audio is purely the sounds of beautiful nature – it is not guided – meaning there are no voices and no music.

After you completed your order, you’ll receive a download link to the audio via the confirmation page, and that link will also be emailed to you.  This is a very large file, so depending on your internet server speed, it may take several minutes to download.
Delivery:  This product is delivered via email, digital PDF format. No physical item is shipped.

Give yourself the time you deserve to unwind and meditate – and you can access that inner place through the divine oasis by clicking the add to cart button above and you’ll be on your way!  Still have questions? Check out our F.A.Q. and refund policy here. And always remember, if you have require assistance, please contact us here, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Namaste xo



2 reviews for Divine Dusk Wind & Bird Relaxation Calming Meditation Sounds

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    T. Gray (verified owner)

    very nice, not my favourite of all Melissa’s meditations but still good

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simon (verified owner)

    i have all of melissa’s audios and love them. for some reason i like this one when it’s cold outside 🙂 thank you

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