Rain Meditation Healing Audio, Relaxation & Sleep Aid (MP3)

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Ideal for hypnotherapists, meditation groups, Reiki and other energy healers, massage therapists, yoga and pilates groups, or any other healing modality, including sleep aid and self healing where you can escape from everyday stress and relax. Nearly an hour of bliss + 2nd bonus version!

Perfect for experienced meditators who enjoy minimally-guided meditations

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It’s no surprise mother nature eases us….when we take a moment to stop and listen!

This glorious Rain Meditation Healing Audio, with its sounds of the ocean, rain and nature, pulls you into a peaceful place as the heavens open upon you…

Ideal for meditation, as a sleep aid, or for energy healing sessions!

Why are the sounds of nature helpful?
Because you aren’t just on this earth, you are part of it. When you listen to the beautiful sounds of rolling thunder and rain, it speaks to your inner core. Because we’re comprised primarily of water, it’s no wonder when you hear droplets of rain – it soothes you.

As you relax to these sounds, perhaps while meditating, or as you fall asleep, or during a yoga or Reiki session – you will release tension and drift off … back to your center. You can read (or listen) to a little more about my view on water by clicking here.

Here's what's included!

$ 4.95

Further Details

Yes!  And because this product is digital, it’s delivered to you instantly via emailImportant note: this product is not physical, therefore is not shipped.

  • Please note, the original audio is purely the sounds of beautiful nature – it is not guided – meaning there are no voices and no music.
  • This file is provided in MP3 format, and is 59-minutes in duration.

Important note: This product is delivered via email, digital MP3 format. No physical item is shipped.

Technical Requirements

In order to view and use this product, you will need: 

  • Access to your emails as the digital product will be delivered to your inbox!
  • Ability to download and listen to MP3 files on your device. 
  • This is a very large file, so depending on your internet server speed, it may take several minutes to download.
  • Ability to use Dropbox as the product file is supplied via a Dropbox instant-download link. Be sure to install the free Dropbox app for easy access and viewing.

If you have more questions, visit our F.A.Q. page here or feel free to contact us here.

Ensure you listen to this when you need to unwind, calm your mind and find your center again. Simply click the add to cart button above and you’ll be on your way! Still have questions? View our FAQ and refund policy here. And my friend, if you ever need assistance, be sure to contact us here, and we’ll be sure to touch as soon as possible. Namaste xo

$ 4.95



2 reviews for Rain Meditation Healing Audio, Relaxation & Sleep Aid (MP3)

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    great meditation, i like the bonus version with melissas voice is very soothing

  2. T. Gray (verified owner)

    Wonderful meditative audio to relax to

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