5 Minute Stress Relief Meditation (MP3) with BONUS!

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This beautiful 5-minute stress relief meditation will help you insert a bit of peace & calm into your hectic day!  Listen to it on the bus, train, during a break in the office, or at home – it’s a quick and easy way to release some of that pressure you’ve been letting build up! Plus get a special bonus – a 22-minute extend version of the meditation!

Perfect for beginners and those who enjoy quick, guided meditations

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In today’s world, it’s not easy finding the time to break away from the hustle and bustle to unwind.  

It’s no wonder how stress starts to consume us and then manifest into a whole range of emotional, mental, and physical issues.

Of course you want to take a few moments to release that pressure, but how? Through short, yet effective, meditations.

Why are meditations helpful?
Because your mind is processing an incredible amount of data every single second – and that’s the stuff you aren’t even aware of!

Add to that, the thoughts that are floating around in the background, the laundry list of items you need to get done before the end of the day, the boss, the traffic, the pet, the partner, the bills….!

So, meditations like this help you insert a break into all that ‘thinking’ – all that busi-ness – finally giving your mind the rest (a true breather!) it desperately needs, even if for only a few moments. You can read (or listen) to a little more about my view on meditations by clicking here.

Here's what's included!

$ 4.95

Further Details

Yes!  And because this product is digital, it’s delivered to you instantly via emailImportant note: this product is not physical, therefore is not shipped.

This file is provided in MP3 format, and is 5-minutes in duration.

Important note: This product is delivered via email, digital MP3 format. No physical item is shipped.

Technical Requirements

In order to view and use this product, you will need: 

  • Access to your emails as the digital product will be delivered to your inbox!
  • Ability to download and listen to MP3 files on your device. 
  • Ability to use Dropbox as the product file is supplied via a Dropbox instant-download link. Be sure to install the free Dropbox app for easy access and viewing.

If you have more questions, visit our F.A.Q. page here or feel free to contact us here.

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$ 4.95

Meditation Music Credit: Music for Manatees Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

13 reviews for 5 Minute Stress Relief Meditation (MP3) with BONUS!

  1. kerimiller (verified owner)

    Thank you Melissa for this Meditation. I loved it so much and I can’t wait to do it again and again and again. The visualizations were so well done and great for the beginner’s mind. And the fact that you aren’t currently charging for it is also beautiful. Thank you

  2. Renee Nixon (verified owner)

    The 5 min meditation is super calming and gets me centered, first thing in the am anytime in the day and very relaxing in the pm. I look forward to it .

    Thank you for the great 5 min of peace I can count on

  3. Becky (verified owner)

    This meditation is wonderful! It is very calming to listen to during a stressful day and also helps me relax at night before I go to bed. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!

  4. Victoria (verified owner)

    I listen to this while at work. This is very calming and wonderful to help with taking a moment to stop and breath.

  5. Becky Smith (verified owner)

    Beautiful, wonderful voice to help me to focus.

  6. Oelof Lombard (verified owner)

    What an awesome tool, so relaxing, so calming, done with love to promote love. After listening i realy felt more impowered and know that whatever is wrong right now will be right some day. I feel so ready to help others right now. Oh ye and cant wait, my atunement is tonight! Thank you, and iwill recomend this course and meditation to any and every person…
    Go in Love…

  7. T. Gray (verified owner)

    I love her voice!!! Thank you for providing this for free

  8. Michele (verified owner)

    Melissa is blessed with a beautiful, calming voice. This stress relief meditation is simply lovely. It absolutely helps me slow down and find my center, when life’s inevitable ups and downs present themselves. Well done, Melissa!! 🙂

  9. Mattheos (verified owner)

    Apart from being able to use this meditation as a stress relieveing exercise at any time, this is a wonderful and relaxing way to begin your day! When you get that carefree smile on your face in the morning you feel at one with the universe. Thank you for sharing Melissa!

    • naturalhealer

      Thank you so much for your kind words Mattheos – it makes me smile knowing the meditation is helpful for you! #biglove Namaste, Melissa

  10. pjleisch

    This is a wonderful meditation, especially when time and personal space are limited. I loved that I could do it at my desk and clear my mind and body of stress. What a great way to get new perspective quickly and move forward refreshed!

    • naturalhealer

      Thank you so much my friend – your words have brought a smile to my face! Big love! xo Namaste

  11. Stephen

    Brilliant work Melissa. SO so relaxing!!!!!!!!

    • naturalhealer

      Thank you so much for the kind words Stephen! Namaste xo

  12. Michelle Crothers (verified owner)

    Wow, what a beautiful meditation. Melissa has shared in her blog that it is as easy as 5 minutes a day. Well now you have no excuse, she has shared with us 5 minutes of bliss wrapped up in a big bow of love. All the hard work is done, sit back and enjoy your 5!

    • naturalhealer

      Thank you so much my sweet friend! This means a lot coming from a fantastic meditation group leader like yourself! Namaste, Melissa xo

  13. Bradley Stevens (verified owner)

    With the gentle suggestive skills of a gifted natural healer and the loving voice of a life-long friend, Melissa shares a 5 minute healing gift that each one is encouraged to unwrap and enjoy as often as one chooses. The beautiful background music sets a colorful and comforting tone as Melissa gracefully encourages the listener’s attention. Her healing intention flows through her melodic voice, thoughtful narrative and powerful visualizations bringing her message into crystal clarity. To allow oneself the time and space to experience deep peace and quiet introspection is a most healing gift to one’s body, mind and spirit. One is gently reminded that natural healing can be easily enjoyed anywhere and anytime one chooses. The true beauty of Melissa’s gift, to those who choose to accept it, is a timeless, priceless and precious healing gift to each one’s spirit.
    Dear Melissa, thank you for your loving intention and healing gifts to this world ~ and well beyond!
    Highest blessings to you, dear one!
    Bradley ~

    • naturalhealer

      You are so kind Bradley – your words truly bring a smile to my face! I am humbled and honoured! Namaste, Melissa xo

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