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With Natural Healer’s Chakra Healing On Demand Course, you’ll be able to help yourself, family, friends or clients feel better quickly!  This is the ideal course to take before evolving higher in the Advanced Chakra Healing course!

Quick Course Summary

  • Qualification: Receive an accredited Chakra Energy Healer Certificate (PDF)
  • Inclusions: 1 Handbook (PDF), 16 video lectures, 45 written articles, plus much more!
  • Schedule & Length: Self-paced (no time limit), finish within 1 week (with part time study) or take as long as you need!
  • Prerequisites: No experience required. Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Access: 24/7 online. Study from home, at any time, from anywhere!
  • Assessment: 10 quizzes and 1 final exam
  • Career: Be able to start a business offering Chakra energy healing sessions; obtain insurance to work with the public.
  • Accreditation/CPE: Massage Association of Australia (MAA), International Association of Therapists (IAOT), Natural Healer Society (NHS), American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), International Natural Healers Association (INHA), and Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA).
  • Bonuses: Students get lifetime access to course materials, priority support, exclusive discounts for other courses, crystals, and ‘hard copy’ books, plus a variety of extra bonuses! Also, graduates receive 50% OFF Natural Healer Society Membership (valued at $99)!
  • Join Melissa’s 99,000+ worldwide students in learning her loving energy techniques!

Don't have much time but would love to do Chakra Healing?

Here's a quick glance of what you get!

Melissa’s 85-page Chakra Healing on Demand  Handbook (PDF).

Seven (7) Chakra Micro-Meditations (MP3) that guide you to healing each specific Chakra quickly and easily!

A beautiful Chakra Energy Healer Certificate (PDF) to display in your home or office!

And a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG) for your website or emails!

Plus so much more! Scroll down to view all inclusions

$ 57.00

Perhaps you work long hours? Are a busy parent juggling a lot of tasks? A practicing healer looking for another way to amplify your efforts? Or just can’t focus that easily on your own? Regardless of the situation, I created this course so anybody can learn, especially for those who don’t have a lot of time to put towards meditation and self-reflection.  I created this course in a manner so it can be taken by anyone on its own, or as additional learning for other loving healers, or as an add-on to my Reiki Master Certification course!

Thank you Melissa for another great course! You simplify learning about the chakras to an easy to understand yet so informative format. Your energy is beautiful and I am so grateful to you for all courses. The meditations are beautiful and the colourful posters are just wonderful. Thank you again.
Chakra Healing Student

Full Course Inclusions - Over $100 in value for only $57!

This simple and quick (yet self-paced!) online course will help you inject that much-needed ‘space’ into your spirit – through Chakra healing using simple techniques and micro-meditation MP3s! What’s more, it can set the foundations for the inner growth, spiritual awareness, and more! The course includes:

Melissa is the best Reiki instructor I’ve had, so calming, informative and reassuring. Her materials are hands down so much better than other courses touting the same thing ... You’ll be able to easily identify blockages of your own, and help others recognize their own blockages. And then…the beautiful meditations to aid in the unblocking – just wow. Getting the certificate is fantastic, because you can share the meditations and posters with your clients – amazing! Don’t miss this course in your arsenal of fabulous healing modalities!
Chakra Healing Student

Your Special Bonuses

$ 57.00

Is this course accredited?

Yes! Natural Healer™ is a board certified, accredited school with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and an accredited institution with the International Natural Healers Association (INHA) and Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). Instructor Melissa is also an Accredited Training Provider with the International Association of Therapists (IAOT) and the Massage Association of Australia (MAA).

This means all of Natural Healer’s* graduates, who hold their unique Natural Healer issued certificate, are recoginised by:

  • The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (USA),
  • The International Natural Healers Association^ (USA, Worldwide),
  • The International Association of Therapists (UK, Worldwide),
  • The Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (Worldwide),
  • The Massage Association of Australia (AUS), and
  • The Natural Healer Society (Worldwide).

Because our courses are accredited internationally, they can/will be recognized in countries other than Australia, like the USA and UK.  By holding an accredited certification, it means the qualification meets the criteria and guidelines placed upon them by the accrediting body. Accreditation and accredited certifications are not the ‘trigger’ for the graduate being able to work with the public.

Each country (and each state/territory within each country) will have their own requirements for any graduate to be able to practice with the public, such as registering a business and having liability insurance.  Most of Natural Healer course’s provide suggestions for starting an energy healing business.

^ All graduates holding Natural Healer-issued certifications receive an exclusive discount for their first year of INHA membership.
*The only certificates which are not accredited are the Powerful Self Healing completion certificate, the Natural Healer Society (NHS) membership certificate, and the “Ultimate Natural Healer” Certificate of Recognition.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points

  • CPE stands for “Continuing Professional Education” and is granted to well-structured programs that provide further education for graduates in professional occupations.
  • Successfully completing this course and receiving the certification allows Massage Association of Australia (MAA) members the ability to earn CPE credits towards their membership all while enhancing their clinical skills, business skills and professional knowledge.

Course Curriculum & Further Details

  • Why this course is important to your wellbeing
  • Download the Chakra Healing On Demand Handbook (PDF)
  • Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa
  • Download your bonus material!
Chapter 1. Why Chakra healing really works
  • Why energy matters!
  • Okay, so what is Chakra Healing? 
  • Chapter 1 Recap
Chapter 2. What are Chakras?
  • The easy explanation
  • The 7 main Chakras
  • 7 Main Chakras quick reference chart (PDF download)
  • 8th, 9th, and minor Chakras quick reference chart
  • A special note about the Crown, Soul and Spirit Chakras
  • How Chakras work within you
  • How Chakra blockages happen
  • How blockages affect us
  • What blockages feel like and finding your “norm”
  • How it all ties together
  • Chapter 2 Recap
Chapters 3. The Root Chakra
  • The Root Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Root Chakra
  • A balanced Root Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Root Chakra
  • Root Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 4. The Sacral Chakra
  • The Sacral Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Sacral Chakra
  • A balanced Sacral Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Sacral Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 5. The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Solar Plexs Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 6. The Heart Chakra
  • The Heart Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Heart Chakra
  • A balanced Heart Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Heart Chakra
  • Heart Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 7. The Throat Chakra
  • The Throat Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Throat Chakra
  • A balanced Throat Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Throat Chakra
  • Throat Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 8. The Third Eye Chakra
  • The Third Eye Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Third Eye Chakra
  • A balanced Third Eye Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Third Eye Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 9. The Crown Chakra
  • The Crown Chakra in a ‘nutshell’
  • The Crown Chakra
  • A balanced Crown Chakra
  • An overactive and underactive Crown Chakra
  • Crown Chakra healing
  • Chapter Recap
Chapter 10: Bringing it altogether
  • The “All Chakras” Meditation (MP3)
  • “All Chakras” MP3 & Script Download
  • F.A.Q.
  • Chakras Recap Quiz!
Chapters 11 & 12. Take Care of yourself & thank you
  • Being prepared when working with the public
  • Being wise & much gratitude
  • Steps to obtain certification
  • Want to keep on improving?

Course Prerequisites

Because this course is suitable for all skill levels you will need the following: 

  • Prior education required: None
  • Prior experience required:
    • Some exposure or basic understanding of energy healing.
    • An open mind and an open heart ♥

Technical Requirements

This is a distance learning course that’s delivered completely online (via an online Student Platform where students access an array of video and written lectures, PDF, JPG, DOCX and MP3 downloads; interactive quizzes; and more), as such you’ll need a few things to ensure you can complete it.

Please make sure your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smart device has the following:

  • Javascript enabled
  • PDF plugin
  • Graphic and audio output capability
  • Access to reliable internet to watch/stream videos online. It’s recommended to use internet connections with a minimum speed of 5Mbps.
    • Tip! Check your current internet plan to ensure you have enough data to stream videos smoothly.
  • Browser requirements (make sure the most recent version is being used) of a web browser listed below:
    • Desktop:
      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Microsoft Edge
    • Mobile:
      • iOS Safari: 11 and up
      • Chrome
      • Samsung Internet
  • Ability to view and download DOCX files on your device.
  • Ability to download and listen to MP3 (audio) files on your device. 
  • Ability to use Dropbox as supplementary material is supplied via Dropbox instant-download links. Be sure to install the free Dropbox app for easy access and viewing.

Once you purchase this course:

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email for your purchase.
    – Tip! If you can’t see your confirmation email after a few minutes, be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders then add our email to your address book or ‘safe’ senders list to avoid issues in the future.
  2. You’ll receive another email confirming your enrollment into the course, which will be available in the Student Platform.
    First time enrolling? You’ll have another email asking you to set your password to create your account in the Student Platform. All future courses you enroll in (using the same email) will automatically be added to your account. 
  3. You will log in to the Student Platform and start at the first lecture and work your way through the course – watching video lectures, downloading supplementary handbooks and material, and taking quizzes as prompted.
  4. You’ll then take your time progressing through the course as it’s completely self paced.
  5. Receive priority email support or responses via the Student Platform for any questions or clarification you need along the way.
    Tip! You are never alone in this journey, we touch base via email from time to time to check-in on you!
  6. Once you’ve completed all the course lectures and requirements, you’ll then be able to submit your final exam for review. 
  7. Once you pass your final exam you’ll receive your certification (PDF) via email!
    – Tip! Don’t worry, if there are any issues with your final exam, we’ll reach out to you via email to discuss further.
  • Once you have your official certificate (PDF) you can print it for display!
  • With your certification, you will be able to obtain liability insurance to start your own practice (tips provided in the course and on graduation).
  • Your certification will allow you to confidently perform your newly acquired skills and is recognised worldwide.
    • Tip! If you plan to work with the public, this course does cover general business information (including insurance coverage suggestions), but it’s up to you to check with your local state or country’s regulatory requirements about starting/operating a business in this field.

Melissa is the proud founder of Natural Healer, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Registered Natural Healer, Certified Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist and Full Member of the MAA. She’s also an author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker.

Melissa absolutely loves creating easy, actionable ways for everyday people to heal themselves, others and even their pets!  Her goal and purpose is to always create high quality information and content – be it a blog post, book or course – that can serve your greatest and highest good in today’s busy, modern age.

If you want to learn a bit more about Melissa, watch the short video here.

If you’re ready to get started simply click the add to cart button below! And of course, if you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ and refund policy here; or to reach out and contact us here anytime!

$ 57.00



71 reviews for Chakra Healing On Demand Course with Certification

  1. Jamie

    I’ve been working with chakras a while, and got so many wonderful extra tools to take with me into my practice. Melissa’s insights are so fantastic!

  2. Theresa Yearwood

    I love all of Melissa’s courses; her teaching style, patience, and Light shine through. You won’t regret taking any of her courses

  3. T C Tan

    This is a great course to learn about Chakras and healing. Clear and easy to follow explanations together with practical applications included to start healing make this course immediately beneficial. I could feel so much positiveness from going through the course. Thank you so much Melissa for yet another wonderful course!

  4. Kim Barkley (verified owner)

    Melissa provides training that is easy to comprehend and has a lovely energy about her that keeps you intrigued in the course. I throughly enjoyed every aspect of this course that I enrolled for two more. I will be back for more definitely!

  5. SHIRLEY SPENCER (verified owner)

    Another power packed course provided by Melissa. Thanks for being a vessel to teach and encourage other like minded people!

  6. Simon Kemper

    I’m so glad I enrolled in the Chakra Healing On Demand course. It was wonderful. I took the course more as a bit of a ‘refresher’, as I’ve been involved with energy healing for quite some time. And I’m so thrilled that I did. I learnt plenty, as well as refreshing previous knowledge. Thank you Melissa!! With Love and Harmony, Simon (Australia).

  7. Rebecca Vinci (verified owner)

    The Chakra Healing On Demand Course was wonderful, Melissa is a very calming presence who is clearly passionate about natural healing. What a lovely introduction to my start in healing myself and others.
    I have also enrolled in the Advance Course, looking forward to finishing this too.

  8. Angela Correani (verified owner)

    I’m ridiculously happy that I completed this course. My confidence has sky rocketed. To be able to feel credible to practice my passion. There are no words, except intimate gratitude. The extra beautiful, posters are a generous bonus. Thank you love Angela Shellharbour Australia

  9. Mina Morris (verified owner)

    The Chakra Healing On Demand Course was excellent!! It was a great introduction on Chakra Healing. I love the course layout and Melissa is wonderful. Her energy is warm and caring which makes it easy to ask questions and get the help you need. ( Though the answers are usually there, I found out. Lol) I have taken several courses in my lifetime in all different life subjects but have never completed any of them. This was the first course I have completed and right after completed Learning Yo Meditate And Teach Others. I am very excited about this journey and couldn’t be happier to have Melissa as my teacher. I look forward to my new classes in Manifestation and Reiki.

  10. Danni (verified owner)

    Awesome course, I have learnt so much. Thank you 🙏
    You are a GEM xx💕

  11. Kiril Kostov (verified owner)

    Excellent Chakra Healing On Demand course. Melissa is a unique and wonderful teacher! Thank you for a big knowledge of Chakras. 🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻

  12. Melanie

    Excellent Course. I had read alot about the chakras and knowledge is power, however I wasn’t able to find any consistent methods for actually opening and healing them. This course was perfect, not only were the teachings and resources insightful but they were all so beneficial. I definitely recommend this course to anyone searching for a method to open and heal your Chakras or your clients it’s so very helpful on the journey to enlightenment.

  13. Alyssa (verified owner)

    A beautifully simplistic, yet profound course. I already had knowledge and experience working with the chakra system and I gained a lot from this course. I’m starting the advanced and I love Melissa’s teaching style! I recommend.

  14. Marta

    I am so happy to found Melissa. She is a wonderful teacher and beautiful soul. All classes are easy to comprehend and this is my second course with Melissa. I decided to enroll as a part of my self healing process and let me tell you something, it’s working! Thank you so much Melissa!

  15. Amy key

    I can’t get enough!!! Melissa has the best on line courses. Easy to understand and, concise. I love her energy. I am finding myself trying to take ALL of her courses at once. But have made myself slow down and take it all in deeper.

  16. Alyson Cartledge (verified owner)

    Just finished another course of Melissa’s and more to go. I learnt so much in healing the 7 Chakras and will continue to use them along my journey. Thank you Melissa 🙏❤️

  17. Crystal (verified owner)

    This was such a wonderful course! I’m not a novice when it comes to balancing and being aware of the chakra system. Yet, I learned so much; it really solidified my purpose as an energy healer!

  18. Nadia Tretikov (verified owner)

    I took Reiki 1,2,3 and Advanced Reiki courses with Melissa. Now I am taking the Chakras course. All of them are very good structured, logical, easy to comprehend, and friendly. I am very familiar with the subject, read a lot, took some courses, but it is just a pleasure to learn with Melissa. Her courses are radiating love and care. Thank you, Melissa.

  19. Susan Monteith

    I completed the Chakra Healing course and am enrolled in the Reiki course..I cant recommend Mellisa’s courses enough. They are clear, informative , easy to follow. She shares a very generous collection of supplemental material. I will be enrolling in future classes for sure.

  20. Tunde

    After completing Reiki level 1,2 and Master with Melissa, this Chakra Healing On Demand course consolidated knowledge and skills and extended them to create even more confidence. But certainly Chakra Healing on Demand is a terrific first step on your journey, and leads on well to Reiki level 1,2 and Master if you feel that is your direction.

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