The Beautiful World of Colour Healing and Artistic Expression Book (Signed)

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In the The Beautiful World of Colour Healing and Artistic Expression book, you’ll learn simple yet effective energy healing techniques involving colours! You’ll learn more about their meanings and even how to interpret what they mean for you in your life.

This book has been specifically designed so anyone can learn how to integrate colour healing into their every day lives, as well as use them to help others!

Within these pages Melissa will teach you the “how” and “why” colour healing actually works, as well as provide easy to follow instructions – and she also encourages readers to follow their hearts, too! Why? Because Melissa believes when you follow your heart, your true colours will always shine ❤

Let your true colours shine

When you really think about it, we’re all artists! Whether you’re creating a masterpiece in the form of food, dance, storytelling, doodling, or something else – when we honestly express our true selves, we feel relief, joy and pride!

But when we can’t release that creative energy, that’s when a stagnation occurs, which can wear down our well-being and health. This easy-to-follow book will help you learn how to harness colour and artistic expression – with the right intentions – to help amplify your inner, energetic healing powers!

Please keep in mind that no experience is required and you do not need to be ‘artistic’ to benefit from these techniques! Melissa created the process specifically so anybody can learn and use colour healing and artistic creation! For existing healers, this book is a great tool to further enhance your skills!

Is this the same as the course book?

This is the physical version of the hand book provided with the Colour Healing & Artistic Expression course. Whilst it includes everything you need to know to learn colour healing techniques, this “hard copy” version omits course-specific inclusions to obtain certification as it assumes the reader is not enrolled in the course.

This means you’ll be able to effectively use all the techniques within this book, but purchasing it doesn’t ‘certify’ you as a Colour Energy Healer (that is only available for those who complete the course). 

On the other hand, you don’t have to purchase this “hard copy” in order take the course because a PDF version of it (with course-specific inclusions) is provided with your enrollment. But if you like to have a “real” book to hold and refer to, then this book serves as a great complement to the course.

Book Specifics

Want Melissa to write a message to you?

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Want to learn more about the author Melissa? Click here.

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$ 15.95

Availability: 11 in stock (can be backordered)

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