Kimberly Moses


Universal Touch Reiki and Massage Therapy

I have been in the medical field for over 14 years. I am a certified Reiki Master and Energy Healer as well as a Massage Therapist . I practice Yoga and Mediation on a daily basis, keeping my energy cleared and my positivity strong. Our emotional health is linked to our physical health. I am a firm believer in The Universal Energy where each one of us has the ability not only to achieve our dreams and goals but to do so with a light heart and a smile on our face. My goal is to work with you to meet your body’s needs in every aspect from helping with stress, anxiety, depression, to sore necks and back pain.

Universal Touch Reiki and Massage Therapy is a mobile business that focuses on Women’s over all health. We offer many services from energy healing through Reiki, removing negative energy and clearing charkas to massage therapy, for stress relief to deep tissue for stiff muscles. We incorporate essential oils with our services to create a relaxing experience. Hot stones and singing bowls are available to be used separately or combined with any of our massages , which will allow a deeper sense of tranquility and peacefulness. Universal Touch gives personal attention to blocked energy charkas clearing the path for emotional healing while focusing attention on each client in an individual manner with an assessment prior to the appointment. Universal Touch believes in the healing ability between The Universe and the healing hands of the Reiki Master. Our prices are lower than our competitors. We chase our dreams not the money and want to help you chase and catch yours. We need to remember to take time out for ourselves, we are busy women living very busy lives. Healing women in the natural healing ways that Universal Touch can offer will help your every day stresses.

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