Lexi Catala


Healing Hands

Hi there! A little about me, Lexi your spiritual healer. First and foremost, I am a mother to four beautiful baby boys (who are not so much babies any longer!) However, I have always been drawn to helping people from a very early age, knowing that when I grew up I was going to help many along their path. Well, as with most people life threw some curve balls my way and I fell off the path for some time. I can happily attest to the fact that I am realigned with my soul purpose again and am always thirsty for more knowledge and experience. Meditation has been one of the key elements that have helped me get past the obstacles in life and opened my mind up to a world of possibilities. Now I am a Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner, and Natural Healer. I cannot wait to share the knowledge that I have obtained through reading, courses, and meditations with all of you. Namaste,  Lexi Catala

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