Lehonani McEchaidh


Cahira Mana

Cahira; Gaelic for Female Warrior, and Mana; Polynesian for Spirit.

It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you ♥ If you are here, then you are meant to be here. Everything always happens for a reason, so I would like to thank you for your courageous first step into the unknown; on a brand new journey to happiness and enlightenment.

My name is Lehonani McEchaidh; I am a mother and carer, artisan, designer and the founder of E’Mana Lier Designs. Whilst E’Mana Lier Designs satisfies all of my creative needs, and motherhood is the most rewarding challenge in life, I also required an outlet for my spiritual needs.

That’s where Cahira Mana begins!

Everyone is spiritual. Everyone is psychic. However until recently, I didn’t quite know how much so. So, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery which led to my spiritual awakening, frequently having premonitions of future events and my first encounter with the healing Archangel Mary.

I completed an Usui Reiki Practitioner Course in 2018 and have since been on a rather serious learning journey, studying many Accredited Healing and Natural Therapy Courses. I have a Diploma in Shamanistic Energy Healing – connecting me to my Native American spirits and am an Accredited Therapeutic Art Life Coach, which has led to my intuitive skills and awareness improving in leaps and bounds.

I am a Full Member of the IOATH and an author, blogger and soon to be teacher with a series of courses in the mix.

I love creating ways for people to heal themselves, and hope that you do join me on this journey of awakening and discovery.

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