Jamie Dickerhoof


Human Soundcheck

Jamie D. is a Sound Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. NH. and founder of Human Soundcheck, her own method of sound therapy using mainly tuning forks infused with the healing power of Reiki.

Coming from a musical background, Jamie earned her BA in Music, Vocal Performance from Kent State University in 2001. Throughout the years, she taught music, performed in various ensembles, and never stopped creating. Always a very spiritual person, a family tragedy in 2016 catapulted her into the next level of her spiritual journey.
At the time, she was working very hard to build her business within the entertainment industry. She found herself doing work that depleted her, obsessed with the unattainable feat of perfection. Her nerves were shot, she wasn’t sleeping, popping migraines left & right: burned out, frazzled, and not who she really was deep down.

Going within and turning to meditation and self care, Jamie discovered a whole new musical realm as a creative outlet- meditation music. It was through this creative process of composing meditation music, that she uncovered the many other methods and tools of sound healing, including tuning forks. The more research she did, the more she uncovered new ways of integrating them in a way that was transformative. Already quite familiar with the voice and the healing properties of vocalization, she used her musical knowledge, expanded on it through research and various coursework in sound healing, applied it even further, and designed a method that expanded beyond the voice and tuning forks, but deeper into the subtle energetic realm utilizing crystals, essential oils, and adding the power of Reiki.

Outside of doing what she loves (Human Soundcheck sessions with her clients), Jamie is a nature-lover, into making herbal tinctures, teas & salves, and cooking & creating gluten & dairy-free food. She loves her pets & husband and is sure find humor in every day life.

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