Hello Beautiful Souls, my old life was hard, full of toxicity and abuse. My parents never paid for their crimes, because I thought it better to just keep them far far away, now I’m ready. My mind made me think I was meant to be punished everyday, but that was just me mirroring my parents behavior towards me. I was sent to a mental health retreat. There I had time to heal, learn and remember. As I started to remember while in a reiki session, I was asked to identify what the issue was, how it felt and was asked to Let it go. I did. I grew even stronger thanks to team at The Mental Health Retreat, and my Loving Husband. My true task became clear, I am meant to help as many of you as I can. I need to help you wake up from the daily nightmare you’re manifesting yourself! Let’s get rid of the poisons on the inside and out. I understand trauma and I’m here to help with all of my heart. Ty!

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