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Orna Gilchrist



Hi, my name is Orna Gilchrist, and I started my own personal development journey over 11 years ago.

A professional gardener for 16 years, I met my first teacher while studying Horticulture. My boss- a practicing Soto Zen Buddhist, introduced me to meditation, mindfulness and the Buddhist teachings.

For the first time I had some much-needed distance between my thoughts and emotions, and the realisation that I was not those things. This flicked a switch and I started to look inside rather than out for the answers. I spent the next ten years learning about and becoming reacquainted with myself.

Of all the subjects and methodologies, I have used and looked at during this time there are a few which have been pivotal for me and effected powerful change: Energy healing is one of those.

That EVERYTHING IS ENERGY: including the less tangible thoughts, beliefs, emotions and ideas was a powerful realisation for me. That we store not only toxic chemicals in our physical body, but also toxic emotions, ideas and beliefs resonated deeply.

There are now Scientific studies supporting the idea that the effects of trauma can be passed down through our genetic lineage. The relatively new Scientific fields of Epigenetics and Quantum physics are providing Scientific explanation for what many alternative and Ancient Healing traditions have practiced for centuries. Many people have a strong visceral sense of these energetic dynamics and choosing to heal and clear these from our current lifetime and perhaps others is liberating work.

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