Loving wholeheartedly comes with sharp edges, but it’s worth it.

Loving wholeheartedly is life in full colour

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have loved wholeheartedly. Loving without condition, without judgement, and giving your all, irrespective of the outcome because you love wholly, that is loving wholeheartedly. Finding an instance of this in your life is often times attached to one’s childhood, or perhaps when you had your own children (be they human or adopted from the animal kingdom) – when you recall it, the feeling is so pure, so wonderful. It’s blissful.

As we continue to go through life, we experience the full gamut of emotions. From the best times to the worst, around and around we go. Then at some point, we falter. We stop loving wholeheartedly. We stopped giving our all. We start loving conditionally, and perhaps hardly at all.

What happened, why did we hesitate?

Well, just like this wooden heart I’m holding in my hand, we start off open, unabashed and ready to love and be loved. Bare, open and pure.

Then we experience disappointment, judgement, and criticism. And with each sting, we wrap our heart up to shield it from the feelings we don’t like. Then someone betrays us, or lies to us, so we protect our hearts more by hiding it and putting it away for safekeeping.

Now tell me, is this heart – which is wrapped up, bagged, and boxed – going to be capable of loving wholly from where I’ve now placed it? And do you think it might be just a little hard for it to be loved in return? We can all understand why it’s been placed in this little box, but how can you love, and be loved, from within the constraints of that box?

It’s stronger than you think

Your heart is considered the strongest muscle in your physical body.  On average it beats 72 times a minute which is 100,000 times a day! That’s 3.6 million times a year – those are serious numbers. By wrapping it up and putting it away, you deny it the ability to do what it does best, and that’s being strong and loving strong.

I am not saying to let people walk all over you and your heart or to stress it unnecessarily. Far from it, this isn’t about allowing others to dupe or use you. But what I am saying is that in order to be loved fully, one must love fully too. And how will you be able to let that powerful part of you do so when it’s trapped in a box?

Sure, it will get a scrape here and there. And sometimes it will hurt pretty bad. But then, then there will be times when it’s so full of love! So wonderful and glowing! Even in my own experiences of deep grief and sadness – felt truly from my heart – I’ve come to realise that the pain I felt was purely proportionate to how deeply and strongly I loved.

That hurting feeling in your heart is not a fun experience to go through, and of course, one we all want to avoid (even myself, I’m not immune to wanting to protect it!), but when we do go through through those sad emotions, once your tears are dried up, remember that it’s a measure of your ability to love.

Don’t take that feeling as an excuse to wrap up that heart and put it in a box. Because if you do, you’ll not only deprive others of being able to love you fully, but you will deprive yourself of experiencing it, too. Thank you for joining me today, and I hope you live fully, learn eagerly and love wholly…it’s what we’re built to do! #biglove

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14 thoughts on “Loving wholeheartedly comes with sharp edges, but it’s worth it.”

  1. No not what I was looking for, hoping you had a spell or crystal to stop everyone, freeze,, shhhh, for a day. Maybe they have a switch I don’t know about.. I agree. Tell the rest of them, grammas tired. Maybe a note on my door. Do not disturb?? Is that rude?
    Thanks, appreciate your words of wisdom.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thank you for your message and sorry for any confusion – I don’t do ‘spells’ or teach people how to change others – everything I share is about how to improve yourself so you can live among ‘noise’ without being bothered by it. But if you want rest, then do what you feel is right, if that’s putting a note on your door, then do it 🙂 Good luck sweet friend and big love xo

  2. Help.. I have lots of folks living in my home.. How do I hold resolve of my calm and nature directed towards meditative ways, while the monkeys have taken over the circus.
    Kids moved back with their kids.. My heart is full, but my head is killing me. 2 + 6= no room to be calm and meditate. Unfortunately they know my name now.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and for commenting – I understand you 🙂 I know this answer will probably not be what you’re looking for, but in my opinion, there is always room to be calm inside and meditate. You don’t have to have hours to spare or big empty spaces to do it – ‘stealing’ moments here and there all add up throughout the course of your day and helps! There may be local meditation guide or group you can get some help with? Or you may be interested in my 5-min free meditation (in the ‘shop’ area of this website), or if you want to take it further, my Learn to Meditate in Minutes course, which includes 10+ MP3 audios 🙂 I hope that helps sweet friend, and keep following your heart, it knows best! Big love to you xo

  3. Laura Harden-Chaters

    I thank you for this beautiful blog. it does bring things into perspective when you hear someone explain it as you have done. I was doing my attunment with Crystal Reiki holding two beautiful rose quarts, when this came on xx kisses and a huge hug . Namaste

    1. Thank you so much Laura for taking the time to visit my blog — I’m glad you found it helpful! And how lovely it arrived while you were doing something so beautiful! Bless! Thank you for the hugs & kisses – they’re returned in kind xo

  4. Thank you for this lovely article. Fir tge past 17 years my heart has been wrapped in frozen layers. For most of my life I’ve experienced more hurt then the average person. I’m not asking for sympathy nor am I playing victim. I no longer anesthetize my heart with alcohol and codependence. I’m re-learning how to love, and it starts by loving myself. Reiki is helping to melt my frizen heart, to release the pain and anger I have held on to.

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you so much for taking the time to read/watch/listen to my blog — and I’m so glad to hear you’re remembering how to love fully, and letting that beautiful heart of yours shine! I’m really proud of you, keep blossoming sweet friend!

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