Everyday gratitude is the ticket to your dreams!

Before I dive into the details today, I’d like to start off by getting us all on the same page with an analogy. If you’re one of my students, you’re used to my analogies by now!

Okay, would you agree that if you want to hear a rock and roll song, like Living on a Prayer, by Bon Jovi, you’re not going to find it by tuning into the classical channel, or the R&B channel on the radio station. Of course, that makes sense – you’d expect to find a Bon Jovi song on the rock and roll radio channel.

Being on the rock and roll channel doesn’t mean you will definitely hear the Bon Jovi song right away, but it gives you the highest probability of hearing it.  We all following along?? Great!

So let’s put that rock and roll song and radio channel analogy aside for a moment and move into our emotions.

Let’s talk emotions.

Would you agree that when you feel really good, sayings like “I’m walking on air” or “I’m flying high” or “I’m on top of the world” match up with the feeling? Yes, sure!

I’d like you to notice the words we express when we feel good are all representative of being up high, it’s like our “frontal lobe” brain is saying, “I’m on a higher vibration” – or a higher channel.

With that in mind, would you agree that when you feel really bad, sayings like “I’m feeling down” or “I’m in a rut” or “I’ve hit rock bottom” match up to the bad feeling?  Of course! Notice how the words we express are all signalling our being down low.  That’s our way of saying, “I’m on a lower vibration” – or again, a lower channel.

Stick with me, I’m about to pull this all together for you!

Getting your goals.

So, let’s now move into getting something that you want – be it a better job, your own home, the perfect partner – whatever – do you think that you’ll have a better chance of obtaining it when you’re on a up high channel or a down low channel?

If you had to choose, which channel does your goal, which remember – makes you feel really good – put you on? A high channel, or a low one? Would you then agree that your goal is something sitting on an up high channel? Yeah? Of course!

So, let’s go back to the rock and roll Bon Jovi song again. Remember, if you want to listen to that song, you have to be on the right channel, correct? Yes! So for you to get that goal you want – then you have to be on the right channel, correct?  Yes!

Of course, being on the channel doesn’t mean it’s going to TA-DAH! be there all the sudden, but if you want the best chances of getting it – you have to get on the right channel first.

So your goal is on the up high channel, but maybe you’re not there to get it.

Getting on the up high channel!

This is where everyday gratitude comes in.  There’s no point in pretending to be on a higher channel, that doesn’t work. Pretending to be all up high doesn’t actually fool us at the molecular, quantum level – where you may be feeling low.

However, when you feel gratitude, your vibration natural rises up – right up there with true love. So it seems simple right, at every opportunity, you need to feel and even better – express gratitude. So no pretending required.  You will feel at your core that higher feeling and it will raise you to that higher channel.

It’s easy to feel grateful for the big things, especially if unexpected – you know like a pay rise at work, or if someone pulls you out from under a car! But it’s the everyday things that are most challenging. But that everyday gratitude is your ticket to your goals!

Be thankful for the little things first as they induce little bits of gratitude.

If it’s only once a day, that’s a great start. Then like a game – look for every opportunity to be really grateful, not fake fleeting gratitude, real gratitude.

If someone holds the door open for you, even if they don’t look at you, and it slips through their hands as you enter, be grateful even if their action doesn’t look super warm and fuzzy, why? Because they didn’t have to do it, yet they did it for you.

When you realise this, your vibration goes up, then after a week, look for 2 things a day, then 3, then 4 — and then before you know it, you’ll be feeling gratitude so often that you’ll be on the up high vibration more often than ever before, which places you on the right channel more often to achieve your goal.

This continuous every day gratitude finally puts you on the channel for all your desires.

You may want to keep a journal and write in it every day – as a way to induce that gratitude on a regular basis. I have kept a gratitude journal for years, it can be a simple notepad or something fancy, what ever suits you and your situation.

The biggest thing here is to just start feeling every day gratitude and see what will happen to you every day! Give this a try and let me know how you go – and if you have any tips to share on how you do everyday gratitude, please feel free to comment on this blog post below!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and the most prosperous of new years! You can do it! #biglove

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19 thoughts on “Why Everyday Gratitude is key to achieving your goals.”

  1. Thanks, Melissa. Love the analogy and the idea of a Gratitude Journal. I did an exercise in 2017 of writing blessings once a week, but to do it daily I feel will be better. I took lot of notes from your video. Thanks, again. #BigLove. Namaste

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Isamari, and for sharing how you wrote blessings once a week – how lovely! I’m really pleased you found this post helpful, and you are most welcome! #biglove back to you xo

  2. Thank you for this beautiful piece Melissa! I have felt it myself.. being truly thankful and saying it from the bottom of your heart really makes you a better person..happy, healthy, calm and peaceful. It helps us in seeing good everywhere. Will surely try to maintain a journal now on wards! Love.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog Gitu, and you’re most welcome! I agree with you, and also hope you can maintain a journal to help you gather up all your daily gratitude 🙂 Big love xo


    Eu mantenho um diário da gratidão. Meu desafio é no final do dia agradecer por 10 coisas. E o que me fascina é que sempre tenho muito mais que 10 agradecimentos a fazer em todos os dias. Quanto mais agradeço mais tenho para agradecer. Grata sou!!!

    1. Hi Rita, thank you so much for your message – and if the Google translator worked correctly – that is wonderful that you keep a gratitude diary and always have more than 10 things a day to be grateful for! It’s amazing what we have to be thankful for when we put our focus in that place! You’re most welcome, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! Big love to you xo

    1. Hi Keri, thank you for stopping by my blog and I’m so glad you found this blog useful! Bless, you’re most welcome! Thank you for the well wishes, too – they’re returned in kind! Big love xo

  4. Thank you Melissa for your wishes and your positive message which contributes towards spiritual growth.

    Best wishes from me as well

  5. Great thoughts. A suggestion though…..buy a dry erase board to do your presentations. It is painful to see so much paper being used. Saving trees is something to have graitutde for! Happy holidays

    1. Hi Janene, thank you for your message and LOL — I understand your suggestion! However, you’ll be happy to know that I’m very environmentally friendly and those sheets of paper I used were actually *used* on the other side and were going to be thrown away by a local business, so I took them to use the opposite sides — and now they’re sitting in my recycling bin in preparation for another life! I thank you for your love and concern for our world – keep shining your light! #biglove

  6. Thank you Melissa! I feel such warm gratitude to hear your inspirational teachings.
    Every morning when I wake up I say a prayer of thanks and gratitude for my many blessings & another day. It seems to me that pure gratitude is the foundation to a happy life. ?

    “If the only prayer you ever said was thank you it would suffice.”
    Meister Eckhart

    1. Hi Pat, thank you so much for visiting my blog – and you are most welcome! Your routine of a morning prayer of thanks and gratitude is beautiful and, I agree, the foundations for a happy life! Thank you for sharing and big love to you! xo

  7. Beautiful! 🙂 🙂 I find I’m feeling grateful for so much every day. I keep a gratitude journal and have fun writing in it every day :). I feel great to read that it’s good to look for things to be grateful for, simple things 🙂 🙂 Thank you for this lovely post

    1. Thank you for taking the time to check out my video-blog Gypsysnail – that’s wonderful to hear you also keep a gratitude journal! Keep shining your light sweet friend! #biglove xo

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