Really think about it: Do you believe in love?

A couple of years ago I had an interesting conversation with a young father.  We were talking about the heritage building he worked in. Just as part of the conversation I asked him how it made him feel, working in a place with so much history and emotion embedded into it.

"I'll believe it when I see it"

Whether he said it to ‘save face’ or counter-act me thinking he was weak or afraid, I’m not sure – I wasn’t thinking either – he responded, “Well, I only believe in what I can see”.

The first thing I thought of, and immediately asked him was: “Do you believe in love?”

As a father, he quickly responded, “Of course!” and then I said, “Ah, because you can see it?”  He just smiled at me, realising where I was headed, and our conversation took another turn.

Do you believe in love?

Whether you experience the exchange of the love as much as you desire is an unknown quantity. But the belief in it – that, that my friend, I’m pretty confident in saying the overwhelming answer will be “Yes”.

And that “Yes” will come from anyone, in any culture, in any belief system – whether you’re spiritual or religious, a scientific mind or skeptic  – love permeates everywhere.

So if we can’t see it, then how do we buy in to it? How do we believe in it?

Some may say it’s the concoction of chemicals produced in our bodies, which in turn make our cheeks blush, hearts pump faster, and stomachs churn.

Others may say, it’s our instinctual, primordial programming that ensures we procreate and protect – to perpetuate the existence of mankind.

And you know what, those are all valid, but it’s faulty.

If love was that simple, then we’d all be head-over-heels at every opportunity.  All the physical reactions, and the offspring of those actions, merely describes the proof that love exists.

The endorphins that rush our bodies aren’t itty-biddy loves in our bloodstream.  That physical stuff we feel are only indicators –reactions – to alert us that love is here or near.

You can pick up and bite into an apple or grab the handle to open the door to your house; but you cannot put a string on love and hand it to someone at the carnival.

How do we know love is real?

Despite all this, you know it exists because you simply believe it is there. The actions you do, or don’t do, is a way to show that you love. It is not love itself. In the case of love, seeing isn’t the confirmation of its existence.

Your belief in it is its existence.

If we didn’t carry the torch for love, where would we be? What an amazing responsibility we have, to continue its existence through showing our love. Showing our love to those around us and to ourselves.

So, whether you agree with my view point or not, I have an important question to ask you…. do you believe in love?

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