Spirituality is what you make of it

My spiritual journey to Uluru

It’s been long on my ‘bucket list’ to visit Uluru – Ayers Rock – in the middle of Australia.

A vast, isolated desert which the indigenous people of Australia have called home for the last 80,000 years (or more!). To become immersed in an ancient world of beauty and wisdom was a dream come true, and I’m happy to share a significant learning I gleaned from my short visit…

Spirituality is what you make of it.

It doesn’t matter what belief system you follow – or even if you believe in anything at all – when you have a moment of “awe”, that’s where spirituality exists.

In that moment, we’re amazed, suspended in time.

Experiencing life in childlike wonder. Experiencing innocence. Experiencing the connection with our surroundings.

Spirituality is those moments where you can let yourself be. Let your true self experience everything around you with nothing but wonder.

It’s in those moments our spirit awakens.

Even for a few moments, why not live your life in childlike wonder?

Let sunrise, or sunset, amaze you.

Let the cool crunch of watermelon on a hot summer day tantalise you.

Or the warmth of a hot chocolate in winter make you feel comforted.

I hope this simple, yet beautiful, learning I realised during my trip to Uluru has been helpful for you – in some way.

Keep shining and loving that light within you! #biglove

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