One of the most challenging things I think we can experience in our lives is the process of accepting. I’ve had many conversations where people have said to me, “How could you accept that?” of some wrong doing that happened to me in my past. So I understand that grasping acceptance isn’t easy for everybody.

To accept, or not accept.

There’s a couple of important components to talk about with regards to acceptance: to accept, or not to accept.

When you don’t accept an outcome, it will end up grating on you, then it imprisons you. Therefore it takes away your freedom. So you’ve allowed some instance to basically take control of your inner self.

How? Because you end up spending so much time thinking about, “why didn’t that happen for me?” or “why did that happen to me?” that the negativity gets tighter and tighter around you. And pretty soon, you’re consumed by “what if…” as opposed to looking forward to what is still to come.

What is acceptance?

It’s simple really. Acceptance is technically your ability accept the reality around you. But, please make sure you understand that acceptance and agreement aren’t the same thing.  Acceptance doesn’t mean you agree with, or like whatever it is.

Acceptance merely means you acknowledge what is, or was.

To be clear, what acceptance isn’t is your approval or your agreement. But what acceptance is –  is the fact you are not going let whatever ‘it’ is imprison you anymore.

There are many inspirational people who’ve shown us astounding examples of acceptance, such as Nelson Mandela.  Mr. Mandela was imprisoned for so long, it would’ve driven most people mad. But he came out the other end without bitterness and without negativity because he was able to accept what was.

He didn’t like it. He didn’t agree with it. But he accepted it.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others  – Nelson Mandela

Through his example we’re able to see that, as enlightened beings, we can choose to move past what has happened and shine our light through the doorway of acceptance – which leads to who we really are. As opposed to being crushed under the weight of what happened.

Ultimately, acceptance is spiritual growth

So when you think about it, acceptance is more than just saying, “Oh yeah, that’s what happened, can’t change it” – it’s more about spiritual growth because you transgress through and rise above hurdles by doing it.

When you truly accept, you look at the situation for what it truly is – irrespective of if it was bad or good.  And when you can look at it with truth, not what you preferred, but truth – you can push through it and understand it for what it is – and move on with your life.

If you don’t accept, you end up blocking yourself from being able to advance in your spiritual growth.

Don’t get me wrong, I know personally that acceptance isn’t easy. I’ve had quite a lot of difficult things happen to me which weren’t right, and weren’t kind, by any stretch of the imagination.  And I’ll admit, I had a very hard time accepting it for a very long time. I used to get angry whenever I thought about what had happened. It would eat me up inside and even make me cry.

But I realised ‘holding on’  with the negative viewpoint wasn’t helping me.

I finally understood that by learning to look at those situations for what they were (not good) yet accepting them (which turned them to good), I was able to take the burden off my shoulders.

Then when I felt the relief, I knew that acceptance was the doorway to my spiritual growth. I could then look to those negative memories as bumps in my journey, and even acknowledge them as important parts of forming who I am today.

So whether it’s accepting something small or big, remember – it’s not about right or wrong – it’s about allowing yourself to be free of it!

I hope this was helpful for you my sweet friends. And if so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the topic by commenting below. #biglove

6 thoughts on “Practicing acceptance is more than just tolerating what is. It’s about spiritual growth.”

  1. Juan Carlos Mejia Martinez

    Hola profesora ; Si yo acepto las cosas,las cosas son como son, si no las acepto,siguen siendo como son ,solo que el resistirme me produce sufrimiento interior.
    Resa una antigua oración: Dios concedeme serenidad para aceptar las cosas que no puedo cambiar,valor para cambiar las que puedo y sabiduria para reconocer la diferencia.
    Espero que la traducción no cambie la escencia de lo escrito aquí,te abrazo.

  2. Charlie Harrison

    Hi Melissa
    Thank you so much for your blog , as usual which has taken me years to accept how these things happen , when something comes through so relevant ? I was treated so badly in a relationship over a year ago , I have really found that so hard to accept, as I loved the other person with all my heart and soul . But I am accepting it now and not letting it hold me back . Thank you ? xx?

    1. Hi Charlie, thank you so much for stopping by and you’re most welcome! Thank you for sharing your story…I understand it must have been hard! But I am SO PROUD of you for moving forward! Keep shining that light of yours! #biglove

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