When a walk turns into a rescue...

Around March 2019, during one of our usual walks, my husband Shawn and I passed a construction site and out of the corner of my eye – I saw some movement. As I looked through the metal fencing of the construction site, I saw a little black kitten. I guessed it was maybe a couple of month’s old, and my heart melted as it peered back at me. As soon as we made a move closer, the little ball of black fur took off like lightning!

Deja kitten...

Over the next few weeks, we kept seeing the same kitten. Then one day we followed it and noticed it met up with a smaller grey kitten. They knew we were following them, so they both quickly disappeared underneath a gap in the concrete slab (foundation) of a house under construction. We walked down to their hideout and then became really concerned. It was clear the area would soon be back-filled with dirt for levelling off, as the house looked close to completion.

The horrible thought ran through our minds: Their little hideaway would soon be permanently blocked off – and if they’re inside when that happens – they have no chance for survival! So we had no choice…

We had to rescue them!

The next day, we hired two humane traps, not knowing how many kittens there were or if the momma cat was still around.

Assuming their tummies would be grumbling, we knew they wouldn’t resist the strong scent from tins of tuna – and after a few days – we caught both the black kitten and the smaller grey one.

On the road to recovery...

The black one was like Speedy Gonzales, hitting its body up against the cage trying to get out – while our hearts went out to the poor thing as it was so scared – we chuckled to ourselves thinking, ‘you have nothing to worry about sweet thing – you’re going to be OK’.  As such, we called it “Chuckles.” The tiny grey one didn’t move a muscle – but size didn’t keep it from hissing and growling like a lion! It was doing everything it could vocally to scare us away. So we called it “Boo”.

We secured them in our car and re-set the traps with new food in hopes of catching any others. Whilst we were pretty sure Chuckles and Boo were feral (wild), out of concern that they may have been someone’s pet, we took them to the RSPCA so they could be posted on their website’s ‘Lost & Found’ page.

We told the RSPCA we had a keen interest in their welfare and recovery, and would help any way we could! We soon found out that Chuckles was a boy and that little Boo was a girl. When Boo was looked over, she had a bad case of the cat flu and conjunctivitis in her eye.  Chuckles was relatively healthy, just really (really!) scared.

Long story short, we would’ve given anything to have adopted these cute kittens, but it wasn’t meant to be. So instead, we took them in, and pseudo-fostered them so they could feel what human love was like.

Over four weeks we wrapped these timid, fearful and distrusting kittens up with as much love as we could – and it worked! They blossomed! Boo put on weight. Chuckles became braver. And their hearts opened…

Although we cried (beyond what I can even begin to describe to you!) to see them leave our home – our hearts filled with pure joy knowing they were getting adopted together – to a loving home, forever.

Kindness is free.

We thank those at RSPCA Victoria for their kindness in helping Chuckles and Boo recover from their poor condition, and then being critical in finding them their forever home. And we thank the family who adopted them together! We know they will give you unrivaled love for years to come!

And lastly, we thank you for watching and sharing this story. It’s important to remind everyone: Kindness is free. And you were built to be kind. So whenever you get the chance, remember to be kind. #biglove

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18 thoughts on “The Amazing Story of Chuckles & Boo ♥ A tale of cute kittens who get rescued…”

  1. Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing this! This was so beautiful. I’m so grateful to both you and your hubby for being such kind loving humans! I’m a huge animal lover so this just brought and filled my heart with joy! You’re a lovely person! Big love to you both! xo


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Aly, and I’m so happy too – that little Chuckles and Boo are in their forever home now! It was a total honour to be a part of their journey, even if it was short 🙂 Thank you Aly, keep shining and stay safe! x

  2. Mrs Carol A Gawtry

    I love to see stories like this. I too rescued a small litter of kittens, not so dramatic a story but they needed a home ASAP and their momma was dying of a heart condition, scroll forward 20 years, 2 of them lived a long and healthy life. Fluffy is still here with me, not so active as she was but she still gives great cuddles. Her brother Caspar passed last year, we eased him through the passing, he had been a wonderful alpha male who had looked after the others. We rescued another litter a few years later. Most of them have died now but it was natural death not traumatic. We still miss them. They have given my family so much love and joy. They were unexpected gifts.

    1. Oh bless, thank you so much for sharing your own rescue experience Carol – I thank you for having such a kind heart! I’m sure Caspar had an amazing life with you and that Fluffy is going to be able to go back to the light – when she’s ready – with so much love lifting her up! I thank you again for spreading love to all sentient beings sweet friend, keep shining!

  3. Hello Melissa,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. During this course, I noticed that your presence exuded gentleness, friendship and goodwill. I am sure that the relatively quick recovery of these adorable little kittens was due to the fact that they were responding to these wonderful qualities that you possess. Thank you to both you and your husband for this very kind act.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Trudy, and for taking the time to watch/read the wonderful story of Chuckles & Boo! I’m glad this touched you heart, as it did mine – and I know they’re loving their new forever home 🙂 I hope you continue to shine your light sweet friend, thank you x

  4. Kellie Anne Susice-Tuscani

    Thank you so much for showing such love! I cried then smiled and laughed. I love cats and dogs so much i can actually feel their pain, love and as a only child both cats and dogs have been my surrogate siblings. I am most lucky!
    Your devoted student

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kellie, I’m so glad you enjoyed Chuckles & Boo’s story – and that it was such a happy ending! Much love and light to you sweet friend, keep shining! x

  5. Dear Melissa, thank you so much for sharing this and for saving the lives of Boo and Chuckles and enabling to find their forever home. They are absolutely adorable and as I type this I cry tears so it is hard to write…such a sweet, kind loving gesture. Thank you and Love Lisa xx

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Lisa, and I’m so glad to hear the story of Book and Chuckles touched your heart! Let’s all be kind, whenever we have the chance to 🙂 Big love to you! x

  6. Thank you for your kindness to these little beings. I am not at all surprised that you have offered healing to these fur balls, and I’m sure they benefited from your healing energy.

  7. That is a sad but beautiful story of a very selfless act of kindness saves those sweet babies and now because of you and your husband are safe and have a forever happy after home. Xxx

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Rachel, and yes – it was sad at the start but ended beautifully! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and remember – whenever we get a chance – let’s choose kindness! Big love x

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