Gifting gratitude

Have you ever gone the extra mile for someone? Have you ever been exhausted, yet still went to work because they needed you? Have you ever copped negativity, yet maintained your cool? Have you ever just done your job really well, day in and day out…

…and never received a true Thank You for any of it?

Where were the thanks?

I bet that all sounded familiar! You’ve probably experienced ingratitude at least once, if not in all of those situations. And it didn’t feel good, did it?

As a matter of fact, it made you feel…

and maybe even alone.

So the next time you rush in and out of a gas station without thanking the person behind the counter; go through the check-out line without raising your eyes to the cashier;  have food prepared and placed on the table in front of you to enjoy…

Push aside the ego attitude of self-entitlement as you think:

“it’s their job”
“they’re supposed to do it”
“that’s what I pay them for”

And ask yourself — are those truly a good excuses to NOT be grateful?

Shine your light

Being grateful, and expressing it, should be honoured at every opportunity. Why?

Because you know how it hurts when gratitude isn’t paid. And lucky for us all, it costs nothing to be grateful. And it literally takes a second!

So this holiday season, give the gift of gratitude and make someone feel valued, respected, and accepted today!

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