What's your emotional scoreboard like?

Sometimes we think we’re doing everything we can to improve how we feel, but we fall short, we just feel ‘meh’ or downright bad – and we don’t know why! Well, here’s a way to help tease out what could be causing that negativity…

To do this easily, I’m going to make references to points and scoreboards. But to be clear, those references aren’t about real life competition (I myself am not competitive by nature) – I’m just using the analogies as a way to create an “ah-ha” moment for you, so you’ll make better decisions for yourself without hesitancy.

To be clear, my examples are going to be really basic, not taking into consideration the complexities of life, but you will get my drift – and be able to work your own ‘scoreboard’ to  can make a better decision in the next moment, which will lead towards a better outcome.

Let's get to it

We each have 24 hours in a day… let’s convert those hours into points. 1 hour equals 1 point, so we have 24 points to work with. The neat thing with these points is that they can either be “positive” or “negative” – based on what happens in our daily life.

We’ll start off on the right foot by injecting our day with 8 “positive” points because we’ve been sleeping for about 8 hours. And let’s assume they were restful, peaceful hours. Awesome, 8 “positive” points on the scoreboard. Yes!

It’s now 7am. We get up, get dressed, get fed, and get to ourselves to work. For most, this sequence of events aren’t always happiest, so we’re going to chuck 2 points to the “negative” side. No biggie right, because we’ve got 14 points left, lots of chances to change….

After we push through a hectic 8 hour work day and pop out the other side of a stressful commute, we’re met with home duties like cooking, cleaning, and washing. For most, that’s about 10 more negative points, but let’s not put all of them into the negative. Let’s add 9 to the negative, and 1 to the positive.

The scoreboard so far is 9 positive points versus 11 negative points.

Hmmmm….we need to really think about what we’re going to do with the remaining 4 points we have right? If we choose to immerse ourselves into the negative, it won’t be any wonder as to why we’re feeling so ‘meh’ every day because we’ll have far outweighed our 9 positive points with 15 negative.

Okay, so back to our example, by now, it’s probably around 7pm, you’re ‘teetering’ – energetically speaking – between feeling better or feeling worse. But you’re in luck, based on the decisions you make from here on out you can tip the scoreboard back in your favour.

What will you do?

Look at your scoreboard, what will you do with your remaining 4 points (hours)?

Will the music you listen to be filled with angry, hateful or demeaning words? Or will they peaceful, loving and empowering ones?

Will you choose to engage in social media posts that you feel bigger by laughing at other people’s failures – or will you only react by applauding other people’s successes?

Will you digest news or books instilled fear and anger? Or will choose to pick up information tonight that only promotes confidence and innovation?

Will the games you play involve destroying someone or something else? Or will you engage in something that stimulates creativity or teaches you something good?

Will you watch TV shows or movies that entertain through cheating, fighting, or violence? Or will you pick motifs that inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you instead?

Now, I’m not saying to stop everything you like doing if it has an inkling of negativity in it. Please don’t get me wrong. That’s not what I’m saying.

My message today is to get you to pause and really consider what you’re going to do with those 4 precious hours you have left in your day (if you even have that many to spare)…

You can always choose kindness.

Ask yourself, will my next choice help offset the negative I’ve been immersed in today? Or will it push me deeper into it?

When and where ever you can choose to be kind to yourself, please – be kind. For in the act of nurturing your soul, you actually help everyone and everything else on this planet.

I hope you found this little points and scoreboard system helpful sweet friends. Please stay safe and bi#glove to you!

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16 thoughts on “Losing on your emotional scoreboard? Follow this process to overturn the game!”

  1. Thank you Melissa for giving so much of your time to make our course and more so enjoyable really do appreciate it.

  2. Wow this is wonderful way for us to actually get a grip on what we want to achieve with our unruly brain!! lol
    Thank you Melissa

  3. I’ve spent most of my life racking up the negative points. Attempting to negotiate the pain of this knowledge, I’ve come to the realization and acceptance that it was and is all necessary to my evolution as a human being. While the lessons of the past are valuable, I realize that I cannot buy back time. I can only try to live my best life in the present and move forward. But resolution can be a peaceful State of Mind. Thank you for yet another useful tool in this endeavor, one that is both creative and practical, AND, one that will help me visualize/internalize the true worth of time and how I choose to spend it.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Victor, and for sharing a small part of your journey – your awareness now does you much credit sweet friend! You are moving forward and using your past as fuel — not hindrance — for you to continue to evolve! Truly, well done! I’m glad to hear my ‘scoreboard’ is helpful for you, keep shining sweet friend! Big love!

  4. Loved the way of showing positive and negative aspects of every moment we live. U inspire us in so any ways n us courses always help me with dealing n be always energetic , happy in whatever surrounding I m in . Lots of love to u

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful Neha, and bless – you are most kind! It truly warms my heart to know you’ve enjoyed our journey together! Thank you for the love, it’s returned in kind! #biglove

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