You are here for a reason

Make no mistake about it. You are here for a reason. Even if you don’t know what the reason is. Even if you doubt there’s a reason at all. You triumphed over unfathomable odds to come into existence, let alone make it this far in life.

There is a good reason for you being here. Despite how life might look at the moment – please  never underestimate your ability to improve upon that existence of which you’ve been gifted.

The starting point is where we choose it to be.

Unlike a foal, you did not arrive practically fully developed, ready to spring into the motions of adulthood within hours of birth. And I’m not just referencing our physicality in this comparison, but our emotional and spiritual body, too!
We’ve each been gifted the ability to develop into who you truly are.
But how do you develop? You don’t develop through always being perfect, always being right, always having the answer. Oh bless, it’s far from that! We develop from our mistakes, our oopsie-daisies!
You only know hot when you’ve experienced cold. You only know sour once you’ve tasted sweet. You only truly know love, when you’ve felt fear.
Let me take a moment to be clear though. I’m not saying, “Hey! Get yourself a good ol’ dose of anger so you can turn around and feel peace!”  I’m saying this to help navigate your attention elsewhere – to the gap.
It’s the gap between who you are now (eg. what you are feeling now) and who you desire to become (eg. what you desire to feel) that you must traverse. Closing that gap is your purpose, if nothing else.

The gap isn't lack, it's your challenge.

Some people see this gap as lack, punishment, or too big to jump – so they avoid it – or they stand at its precipice and complain how how they cannot go beyond it.
This gap — the gap between who you are right now and who you want to be — is the very thing upon which you leap to achieve your own greatness.
No one can bridge the gap for you. No amount of followers, ‘likes’, money, possessions, ‘things’ delivers you to Who You Are meant to be.
Complete comfort and complacency won’t propel you forward. But that gap will, if you choose to look at it that way. Look at that gap with reverence for what it will propel you towards.

Your purpose shines in the face of challenge.

But don’t take my word for it. Just look back through the annals of history. You will see countless others who’ve taken everything that appears to be a deprivation, and transform – then use – what was once negative energy into the very thing which overcomes it.

Whatever gap you are faced with, choose for the better the next time you can. For every attempt you make at leaping it (that is, every time you choose better), you will get closer. And one day, and perhaps that day is today, there will be no more gap.

If you take nothing else from these words, take this at least: you have purpose, meaning, and value in this world. You always did, always will, and definitely – more than ever – you do right now. #biglove

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19 thoughts on “Your life has purpose, but so does the gap in front of you.”

  1. when I was listening this , my mind was already with wings and and flying to fill the gap which now it seems a mind gap only, I need to let it go few things and leap towards to fill the gap. Thank you Mellisa. I just finished my Reiki certification and finding some connection with you in my subconscious mind. God bless you dear. Nameste!!!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Sandhya, and I’m so glad this was helpful for you! Well done sweet friend, with overcoming that gap and with the course! Thank you for shining your light! #biglove

  2. My dear mentor and friend Melissa, thank you for enlightening our lives with your words that are love, healing and light to show me and many other souls how to find our path in life. Your abundant love and energy is ever so present in my life and they give me courage! I am to start your course in meditation, that will help me even more. Thank you for being there for me, my sweet friend, shine that light and love forever! Always grateful for your love and guidance, Biljana x

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Biljana, I’m so glad you’re blossoming your light and walking the path that feels right to you! You are most welcome, as it’s my absolute honour to be a small part of your journey! Stay safe and big love to you! x

  3. I feel like I was drawn to this as I know I needs a lot of healing. I feel like I’m floating in a never ending current that just keeps picking up speed. My husband recently passed suddenly and so young, I feel I need to connect with myself to see my true and higher self and rid of the crazy whirlwind of grief.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Audrey and I’m so sorry about your loss — it sounds like you’re following your heart to reconnect with your-true-self — and in that process, the haze will begin to clear, when you’re ready, and your will shine your light sweet friend. Stay safe and big love to you x

  4. Glenna Gilbert-Lee

    As always, beautiful and healing words from a beautiful and healing spirit. The importance of what you are doing, Melissa, cannot be overstated!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Glenna, and for your kind words! It means so much to me to know you enjoyed this post – and that you will help spread more love & light in this world! Stay safe and #biglove

  5. Thank you so much Melissa this is exactly want I needed to hear,the gap seems smaller when you believe and have faith and I guess the first step towards your goals are the hardest but we need to persevere.I believe!
    Thanks for reminding us

  6. This was a much needed read. I’m currently at a gap that feels miles long and deep w/ 100’s of broken bridges that I thought would get me across haven’t. The good thing is I know I can just float across with my own mind and spirit & I will when the time is meant. Loving your class! Currently Consciously Implementing the 5 Reiki principles & re-wiring my default programming. It’s been difficult but peaceful at the same time. Practicing hand energy and visualization daily before entering letting go. I’m getting good at tapping right into and feeling the life force instantly. It’s so thick and infinite… looking fwd to my attunement! Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad this was timely for you Prodromos, and even more glad to hear you’re traversing that gap! You can do this, and you are worth it! I thank you for deciding to blossom your gifts with my course, take your time – embrace what feels right – and shine that light of yours! Stay safe and #biglove

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