Doing everything “right” but not achieving your goals? This will help.

When will it ever happen?

If you feel like you’re doing everything “right” (or at least, as best you can), yet your goals keep slipping out of your hands, I completely understand and hear you! For those in this situation and totally frustrated, please know that I stood exactly where you are (and not all that long ago), so please trust me when I say – you can get over this hump! And maybe my musing today might do the trick!

Watch out for the wipe-out!

One of my beautiful Real Manifesting course students asked me a brilliant question, of which I’ll re-phrase for easy understanding for those not in the course:

I have no patience for my current job and am really frustrated. But I’m focused and trying hard to manifest my dreams. I’m doing everything “right” and “by the book” to manifest. Why isn’t anything happening?

This is such a good question and a very common situation for “newbies” and confused dream-seekers who are trying to use the Law of Attraction to reach their goals.  I thought it such a good question and relevant to what so many people are trying to do nowadays, that I felt my answer needed to be posted publicly!

So why hasn’t anything manifested for them? Because each day my hard-working, yet highly-frustrated student was wiping out all their positive manifesting momentum with their intense negative energy.

My answer...

My actual response was: “What you’re saying is your dominant feeling is high-intensity frustration (result of lack of patience at work), yet you also have a high-intensity desire (goal of your own business growth), if that’s right, here’s the thing I think might be confusing you 🙂

You are effectively “nulling” out your the overall dominant feeling (the positive that’s needed to manifest), thus it’s not helping you move forward.

Let’s just say that your negative high-intensity emotion is (-10) on the scale. But your positive high-intensity is (+10) on the scale. When you put those two together, overall energetic vibration is = 0.

Your intense negative is counter-balancing your intense positive.

So, from my perspective, this means you should be focused on lowering the negative intensity (as you already have the fuel behind the positive) by working to release your impatience and allowing things to happen naturally. As we know, frustration does little to help anything move forward.

By working on improving your patience, your negative vibration will slowly move down the scale to -9, then to -8, -5, and so on. At that point, you ‘tip’ the positive energetic vibration to the dominant one. And the more dominant that positive vibration becomes, the easier it is to manifest what you’re desiring.”

Tip the scale in your favour

When I personally realised this – it made all the difference in my own manifesting goals. Now, this doesn’t mean that things are going to magically appear on your countertop (but, then again – don’t discount that possibility!) if you just pretend you’re positive.  

You must practice stacking the positive in your favour. Tease out every bit of gratitude you can for what you do have. Tip the scale in your favour. What you’re doing then is getting onto the right channel so you can finally listen to the song you’re looking for. You cannot listen to a classical piece of music if you’re tuned into the rock & roll station. It might feel awkward at first, to be grateful for things you already have, but when you start to change your perspective and shift your focus – it’s incredible how quickly your goals find you!

Now for those who follow my teachings, you know that I’m a 100% “honour all your feelings” type of mentor.  I want to take a moment to say that we all have bad days and have to deal with difficult situations. But we do not have to stay there for longer than necessary.  Especially because happiness, success, fulfilment and joy do not reside in the same place that frustration, pity, martyrdom, and despair do.

Do not disrespect negative feelings when they arise. Honour them, but then let them go, when it’s the right time to, because you know (deep down already) those emotions won’t get you to where you want to go.

So, what next?

If your vision board is full and your affirmations are a-plenty, but your dreams are still purely in your mind.  Then take a real hard look at how you really feel each day. You are most likely giving way too much energy to the wrong things – and not enough real positive energy to the right ones.

So at every opportunity, tweak that negative (be it major or minor), as best you can, into a positive. 

And remember, you’re not doing this to ‘fake’ your life or ‘fool’ anyone. If you take your dreams seriously, then it’s high time you made a real, serious effort – from your inner core, your real energic-self, then upward and outward.  You are strategically doing this to tip the scales back into your favour – because in your favour is their natural setting 🙂

I hope this has been helpful for you. And, not that you need it, but good luck with your manifesting 😉 #bigloverevolution

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10 thoughts on “Doing everything “right” but not achieving your goals? This will help.”

  1. Wow ,Melissa thank you so much just what I needed to hear today and even though I know this it’s was like the first time I really heard it because they way you explained it really connected with me like a light bulb was switched on in my inner knowing and I have suddenly realised why I am were I am today ,yrs ago I studied reiki and went to healing classes and I wasn’t ready back then for alot of reasons but now I am so ready ,can’t wait to get going but so many things in the last 3 weeks have distracted me with family as they have there own spirtual journey that was needing me to help them that I got so frustrated that I was setting little intentions every day ,ie tomorrow now is my time to get back on board with my goals but another day went by and the list of things I had to do ,my word were did that list come from , I heard your message loud and clear ,so grateful xx Andrea xx

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Andrea and bless! I’m so very happy this resonated with you and that ‘light bulb’ went off! Oftentimes we forget that just because a message is simple, doesn’t mean we understand how it fits into our lives or goals. I’m truly humbled how this has helped you – and I’m excited for your journey ahead! Keep ‘stacking’ the positive energy into your favour sweet friend, amazing things are going to continue to unfold! Big love! x

  2. Hi there! Its good to hear from you again. I enjoyed reading your post.
    I have suffered with bad angxity and negative energy for years because of the bad company of others that I allowed in my life. But I took in their energy. As I read this post I started to relax and not be anxious. And you helped me work through my negative energy. Sometimes I don’t know why I have it everyday but I have to work hard on it before I worked on my clients. I’m a Massage therapist and I also do Reiki healing at the same time. I am very sensitive to energy and the spirit relm. I feel everyone’s energy when they walk in the door. It sometimes very distracting when I feel their negative energy & stress. But this post helped me fitter the energy. I will save this post and keep reading it until I know how to do it more by cleansing my own energy. Thank you so much for taking time sharing that information with us.
    -Mindy Farrington

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Mindy, and bless! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and that it’s helped you. It does sound like you’re an empath and being a massage therapist and Reiki healer exposes you to a very wide range of emotions. Please be sure to follow the disconnect, protection, and restoration steps after a session, you may need more than what’s usually required for others. I also want to commend you for the awareness that you’re showing in your life – the fact that you can identify the negativity and realise you need to work on letting it flow (and letting it go!) does you much credit sweet friend. It’s truly an honour to be a part of this with you, and I know you’ve got this – keep focused on the positive, take care of yourself – and keep shining your light! Big love to you! #biglove

      1. Danielle Renee Johnson Mcglothin

        I think this might just change my life! I have never thought of it in that way before. Your words always resonate with me thank you.

        1. Thank you for stopping by Danielle, I’m so glad to hear this perspective may have helped you! It’s been a great perspective for me in my own life 🙂 You’re most welcome, good luck and keep shining your light!

  3. Andrew Wooldridge

    Awesome and timely advice!! I’ve been working on doubt lately. We all have access to the magic, we just have to get out of own way! Easier said than done but the challenge just makes it that much more rewarding 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!! 🙏💚

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Andrew and I’m so glad this was timely for you! And yes, you’re right – “we just have to get out of the way” for sure. As long as we have our awareness, and we can re-set that focus – it can be done. It just takes practice, as you note – and how rewarding it is once done! Thank you again, you can do this 🙂 Big love x

  4. Some great advice there Mel.
    its all too easy to fall into the negative thinking trap, hard to get out of but with effort can be achieved.
    All the Best

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