What you’re falling asleep to is influencing your life, choose wisely.

What you close your eyes upon...

Today I want to discuss how important it is that you fall asleep to the right images, sounds, and thoughts because it influences your life – and maybe not in the way you want!

Let me roll things back a little bit so I can cover some basics first.

You truths are here.

It’s well documented that children between about 2 – 7 years old are predominantly in the “Theta” brainwave state.

The Theta brainwave state is resonant with the process of developing our “core” selves, or our inner selves. When in the Theta state, what we learn is deeply accepted as “truth”.  The things we store in our memory in this stage become springboards for our future. And our ability to listen to – and understand – our intuition is cultivated here in this state.

Knowing how influential this state, it’s makes total sense how children “live” in this state for their foundational years. They can absorb and learn the “truths” about life so they can navigate theirs with the best chances of success.

Even though, as adults, we don’t live primarily in the Theta state like children do, we do shift through it each day. Let me explain…

Moving through states.

When we’re concentrating while taking a test or doing an important task, we’re in the Gamma state.

When we’re catching up with friends having a coffee or doing our grocery shop, we’re usually in the Beta state.

When we’re meditating or starting to relax from our busy days, we can shift into the Alpha state.

Then as we unwind further, nestling into bed – we move through the Theta state. This is the ‘sweet spot’ – between Alpha and Delta (which is the state we hit when we go into a deep sleep). It’s the sweet spot because each day, our Theta state pulls us back into our highly suggestive 2 – 7 year old selves – even if just for a short while. 

Remember, Theta is where we learned our “truths” – and where we continue to learn our truths.

It’s this state where we plant the seeds of what our reality becomes. So whatever mentally “digest” in that moment – in that state – becomes truth and its stored into our memories as such.

You control what you see in Theta.

So I want to ask you…

  • Where are you while you’re falling asleep?
  • What are you doing as your eyes start to droop closed?
  • What are you thinking about as you waft into wonderland?
  • Are you watching violent or aggressive videos?
  • Are you reading about destitute or destruction?
  • Are you replaying bad memories or worrying about the future?

Remember, you are in the Theta state at this point of your day. You are highly susceptible (influenced) to whatever you’re doing.

You’re subconscious is learning about whatever it is you’re showing it – and it’s learning it as your life’s truth. Be wise and show it what you want, not things you don’t want or would repulse at in your life.

Making a simple change in your daily Theta moments can and will influence what you will be like (and become) tomorrow.

I think it’s worth making that easy change to cultivate the best truths for my life.

What about you? Don’t you think you’re worth it, too?

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6 thoughts on “What you’re falling asleep to is influencing your life, choose wisely.”

  1. Danielle Renee Mcglothin

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Breaking it down in regards to brain states allowed me to gain a true understanding of a concept I only partially understood before. You are so great thank you for spending positive loving energy always.

    Danielle Renee Johnson Mcglothin

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Danielle, I’m so happy to hear how much this helped you! You’re most welcome, it’s my pleasure! Keep shining your light sweet friend, big love 🙂

  2. Very informative and enlightening post!

    It’s high time people realize the importance of their “twilight moments” (altered states of consciousness occuring naturally throughout the day especially before sleep) and utilize it to manifest their goals and dreams!

    Thanks again for this wonderful post, sweet sister Melissa, you’ve made such a valuable contribution to my life!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Gautham, I’m so glad you enjoyed this poste an I agree with you! And bless, it means so much to me to know how much value you’ve received from our journey together, I hope you continue to shine that beautiful light of yours my sweet friend! Big love!

  3. Hi Melissa;
    Thanks for this reminder. I’m reading “The Physics of consciousness; In the quantum field, minerals, Plants, |Animals and human Souls by Ivan Antic and your blog falls right in line. Falling asleep with good thoughts ids something I’ve intuited ever since my mother taught me”Now i lay me down to sleep” but combine this with Antic message and it becomes even more powerful. And then top it off when my sweet friend and teacher Melissa writes it up in her Blog and it is pure golden light.
    Namaste and Gassho, Richard

    1. Namaste Richard, thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving this wonderful comment – you are most welcome! I’m so glad this was a helpful reminder for you in what you’ve already been doing your whole life (bless your mother!) You are most kind, thank you so much for placing a smile on my heart. I honour you for choosing the path of love & light Richard, keep steady 🙂 Big love x

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