I know ‘proof of life after death’ is bold, but I’m confident in making that statement.

Firstly, I personally don’t need “proof” for this, but whenever I stumble upon something that bolsters my belief, of course I will grab and hug it firmly!

 My life as a Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual adventurist means I know we have a more grand purpose for our existence – and it doesn’t end just because we “move house”.

Okay, before the sceptics roll their eyes at me, and fence-sitters totter, let me explain that I’m not trying to convert non-believers into believers here.  I honour and respect other people’s viewpoints – despite their relation to mine – so what I’m aiming to do right now is show (what I believe is undeniable) proof that we exist beyond death – and that science backs me up.

To go forward, I must go backward a moment.

Last year (2013), I went for a health check-up – which included a review of my glorious ticker (a.k.a. my heart).  I was hooked up to a heart monitoring machine with little cold, circular pads placed at various spots on my body. Being an inquisitive personality, I actively chatted with the doctor about the positioning of the pads, and why they needed to be put where they were.

Lying flat on the examination bed with wires flowing all around me, my doctor’s answer began with “Well Melissa, you’re a walking battery”.  With eyebrows raised, my head quickly whipped around to see if she was playing on my “universal life force” nature she was somewhat familiar with. She was in fact smiling, but without hesitation went on to explain (in simple terms) that my nervous system comprised of two parts: a central control centre which includes the brain and spinal cord; then a peripheral system that encompasses all the other nerve elements.

She said that my 100 billion or so neurons (aka. brain cells) are little super-excited electrical bursts of energy that communicate constantly to each other – then to the rest of my body.  It’s through their energy that I think, blink, talk, walk, move – they’re the reason I exist at all.

Keep it simple, sweetheart.

I know, I know – this is an incredibly simplified version of how our biochemistry works, but I’m not going to pretend to be a doctor or scientist.   My interest here lies within the connection between medical science and spirituality, getting the two to work together. Of course, the proof I’m about to unveil backs up my own belief of existence beyond our physical bodies, but that’s only natural isn’t it 😉

Moving on…so, these little heart monitoring pads were positioned on various spots of my body to pick up whether or not the electricity (energy) racing through my bodily ‘circuit’ was complete and functioning well; the pulses indicated if my heart was beating normally.  And as the test went underway, I thought to myself, “So even the doctor admits we’re energy beings, even though she likened me to a battery; how very interesting.”

Let’s bring more science to the party.

I realize at this point, I haven’t provided much to back up my “proof” of life after death;  so let me introduce the Law of Conservation of Energy.  This law asserts that the totality of energy in any given system remains constant, even though the energy can be changed from one form to another (or transferred elsewhere).  In short, the law of conservation of energy states (claims, asserts, affirms) that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.

Isn’t this exciting? Can you see where I’m heading?

It’s so glorious I must rephrase to ensure you get it:  If energy – the single thing which makes us all exist – cannot be created or destroyed – then when we physically die, our energy must move on.  This is a factual conclusion – not merely a hopeful (beautiful!) one, but an ending based on what science has shown and proven. Does it make sense?

One more time for the road!

Yes, this is too good to miss the point of! You and me, we’re electrical, energy beings (“walking batteries” remember, as my doctor put it).  The core of every single one of us is energy. That energy must transfer into us at birth, then out at death.  The law states that our energy does not fizzle out, does not go dim and cold. It affirms that our energy either changes form or transfers elsewhere.

This proof begs the question of whether we ever die at all!

Now, to where our energy moves; what it looks like as it shifts; whether it takes our minds and memories with it – that, I’m not sure. And at this stage, I don’t believe science knows (or wants to know) either. But the answers to these additional questions do not negate the fact that energy (we!) cannot be created or destroyed.

This is absolutely glorious.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts? Do you think I’m grasping at straws? Do you feel the law of energy is wrong?  Does this sound and feel right to you? Did you have an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment as you connected the dots between science’s law of energy and our worldly existence?

I’d love to hear your viewpoint, regardless of where it’s stands, so please comment below so we can continue to explore this amazing topic!

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12 thoughts on “Scientific proof of life after death. Seriously.”

  1. I love your blog Melissa, just says everything that I believe you are making me smile. Its such a journey and an amazingly endless one we are in fact energy transmitters and transformers and isn’t it fact that visual proof is but a form hiding a greater truth….

    Namaste Melissa

  2. Hi, I find your description of The Law of Conservation of Energy very interesting. I remember Professor Brian Cox saying that energy does not just disappear, but it goes on. I find it both interesting and comforting to think that we move in to our bodily receptacle at birth and leave it for another destination at death. For me, it takes away any anxieties at death….I’m sure it will be the next great adventure.

  3. I have my whole life around the spiritual phenomena. I saw death people when I was kid hear them and talk to them as a messenger. So I really know that after life exists
    And we can get any other forms and come in different nations either
    I saw an angel and he explained to me that he passed people to the other side just if they ask to. So, remember that?? And what is it for? What is this process of reincarnation for? It is for us to learn ……we are here just to learn !!!! And get evolution
    Learn to love…. learn how to respect others…. how to live in peace because for ages we didn’t learned that….then we comes and comes again! And we have pets there dogs and cats so they are souls too! And they communicate telepathically with us….specially on dreams
    They bring messages…..they are like angels on earth….love it ?
    That’s all i know about and I still learning every day! Gratitude Melissa xx

  4. Firstly, you wrote:

    “— I personally don’t need any “proof” of this, but whenever I stumble upon something that bolsters my belief of course I will grab and hug it firmly”

    LOL, what do you do with something that contradicts your belief? Oh, yeah, you ignore it and still cling to your belief. You thus confess in your first line that you suffer from a bad case of confirmation bias.

    Now to your proof about the conservation of energy.Your energy, when you die,will just be absorbed and recycled by the environment in much the same way you take in energy from the environment. The energy of the animal and vegetables you eat get converted by your body. There’s no spiritual energy that is you. But if you think there is such a thing, you have not proved it and thus have left the question begging.

    No cigar for you this time around.

  5. I can relate.
    Had a stroke in 1998,while being completely clean of all mood altering chemicals, for over 2 years.
    Actually,4 strokes and a heart attack.
    Died in the ambulance but in the hospital 3 minutes later,they got my heart started again.
    I have no fear,I know that this power was with me,this spiritual thing that kept me in tack,even
    though I had to be shown over how to walk,talk,basically everything all over again.
    What ever this life-force was it still stays with me and helps me move on.

    1. Hi Will, thank you so much for sharing your story – what a glorious journey you have been on! We are blessed to have such a glowing example of faith in someone like yourself! Big love! Namaste, Melissa xo

  6. If life exist after death then how benefited to the people? how can helpful to the people?
    what lesson should we learn from this phenomena? what is way to experience that life exist after death? please be cool I’m just asking, here I cannot denied you but I want to know if you would like to say……. Have a good day

    1. Hi Vallabh, thank you so much for your message! And I understand and thank you for asking your question! There are many people who are afraid of what happens after physical death, so this post’s main benefit is to comfort those who are unsure or scared about what happens when we physically perish. Knowing that our energy simply changes form and carries on (it does not just disappear) after bodily death can be extremely helpful – and may give somebody peace of mind who might be struggling with the thought otherwise 😉 Namaste my friend! xo

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