Is there a true answer to "Who am I?"

Sure, but we have to get naked first. I mean, your soul has to get naked!

If you’ve ever read or listened to my other blogs, you’ll know that I often ask you to think about, or act from, the place of “who you really are” quite a bit.

But when I say that, some of you might what think what do I truly mean? Well, I feel we are spiritual creatures having a human experience, and because of that, we’re kind of out of our spiritual comfort zone.

Encapsulated in our physical selves, our inner beings have an inherent need to know what we’re on this planet for, what our calling is, what’s the purpose of our lives, and so on. The answers to many (if not all) those questions lies in you knowing, Who am I really?

So, who are you?

When someone asks you “Who are you?”, you will naturally respond with your name. We all would because that’s how we identify ourselvse to others, but that’s not who we are now is it? 😉

Then depending on the situation, you might elaborate with what your job title is and where you live.  But again, that’s not truly who you are.  You identify yourself as John or Jane Smith, Office Manager, from Birmingham. But deep down, you know you are something much more!

If you’re anything like how I was when I first truly stumbled across that question – meaning, when I really thought about it – the answer wasn’t forthcoming. I’d think it, my mind would go blank, my eyes would glaze over, then I’d just busy myself with doing something else, because – quite frankly – it was too hard of a question.

And I didn’t know how to begin working out the answer, even though I knew it was important.

Getting the answer.

I’m quite sure you’re not a single-celled organism (and if you are, bravo for getting onto the internet and working out how to read or listen to my blog!) – so you’re a dynamic, complex, myriad of energy intertwined in a physical body, topped off with personality, tastes, moods and more.

But if we were at a party together, and someone came over to me and asked “Who is that?”, would I be explaining your being very well if I just said, “Jane Smith, Office Manager from Birmingham”.  Of course not, but why?  Because you are more than words can describe.

So how do you get to the answer of Who am I really?

You undress your soul.  Yup, I said it, peel back those layers and let’s get that glorious energy of yours naked!

Undressing your soul.

The way I undress my soul is by asking myself a series of little questions, which I mix up quite a lot to see how my response changes. Eventually I end up right where I need to be: my answer of who I am.

And you know what, no matter what mood I’m in, where I’m at in my life, the answer is always the same.  And for those wondering, no, I cannot tell you who I am because, my sweet friend, the answer isn’t communicated in words – it is communicated through a feeling.

Are you game to try?  Okay, time to get naked! Ask yourself these three simple questions:

1. How would I feel if I didn’t have my car anymore?
Sure, you might be a little disgruntled. But does not having a car, or whatever it might be, change you?  If you can’t get passed this first question without tears welling up in your eyes at the loss of a material object, then I’d recommend you check out my blogs about letting go!

2. Would I be a different person deep down if I lost my job?
Of course you need cash flow to live – it’s important, but if you can’t attach a title to your name anymore – does it truly morph the you inside you at all?

3. How would I introduce myself if I didn’t have a name?
I love this question, because it forces you to imagine yourself walking up to strangers and then saying, “Hi, I’m…..errr…uhhhh.”  I love it, because in my mind, I immediately go to hug. What do you do? Are you truly what your name is? Or something more?

Glorious, beautiful you.

Can you see how asking these questions gets you to look within? To awaken your sense of independence from all the “layers of clothing” your soul has been hidden under over the years?  Once you’ve undressed your soul, you realise that you aren’t your name. You aren’t your job or title. You aren’t a victim, a hero, a mother, a son, a winner, a loser….  All those words are simply sign-posts to help others find where you are in that moment.  They aren’t you, they can’t hold a candle to you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed undressing your soul to get to the answer of Who am I? Just remember, the you, the real you, is simply, glorious and beautiful. And no one can cover that up, ever.  Namaste my sweet friends. xo

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31 thoughts on “Who am I, really? Get the answer by undressing your soul.”

  1. Namaste Melissa, I often struggle with that question. I have lived a hard life that I created. I am an empath that never knew how to protect myself until recently with your help! I have never been able to say how I feel for fear of confrontation and just “looking dumb” in front of others. When I gazed into the mirror and saw myself for the first time ( I’m 56 lol) I busted out crying and realized I am true light and love! After the attunement you wrote that you had an indication of a throat chakra. I really feel that was me you felt! Thank you so much for clearing a much needed part of me. I feel like I was led to you for understanding myself and powers I possess and learning how to use them. I do my best work writing on the shower glass after charging in the water! I’ve always felt like a natural born white witch. No one understands these things about me. So nice to have a real teacher of light & love. Thank you with all of my heart.
    Brenda 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Brenda, and bless! I’m so incredibly proud of you for finally seeing the *real you*! It takes a brave soul to step into the light, but once there, you come to realise it’s where you belong, so I’m thrilled to say…. welcome home! Keep following your heart and keep shining your light sweet friend, big love!

  2. Loving oneself is really a difficult task to do for me. I have been trying to convince myself and most of the days it is a “No; you’re not that beautiful”. There is a constant feeling of being rejected by yourself and having low confidence. I will definitely try the undressing my soul to see how much I am able to accept the person in the mirror. I have just started this and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to achieve what I wanted from this liberating experience and of course learning Reiki for self healing.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Harshbeen, and I honour your self-awareness about this! I do hope you continue to move forward, embrace who you truly are – and love yourself, for who you truly are! #biglove

  3. Thank you for this beautiful post <3
    I have always struggled with loving and knowing myself. It has had devastating effects on my happiness and the happiness of the people who love me. I did the thought exercises you shared in the post even though I felt an aversion to doing it. Here is the result:

    I am a nurturer. A problem solver. A dreamer and an empath. I am an appreciator or beauty in all it's forms, of creativity and of other's gifts and talents.

    I am deeply awed and inspired by the braveness and courage of justice warriors who speak up for the voiceless and the oppressed.

    I care, I commiserate. I try to spread good vibes and joy wherever I go

    I use too many smilies 🙂

    1. Hi Erin, thank you so much for stopping by and bless! I’m so proud of you – for doing those steps and seeing what a beautiful soul you truly are! Smile away sweet friend, smile away 🙂 Big love and keep shining! x

  4. I use my name. But largely, I hide who I am because people do not understand. I, in my essence, requires people to look past their constrictive beliefs. I am a White Witch, a Healer, a Light Worker, Empath, and that seems to be where people look at me as if i have two heads. So I hide. In doing so, I lose me, my identity, what makes me stand out, so I’m not looking as “scary” to others.

    This step in the course has showed me that, I need to be stronger within myself, assured, and confident enough to show people that their opinions of me are not necessary in order for me to be who I am. I do not require their acceptance. However, I do need to accept ME.

    Thank you <3

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Donna, and for sharing your story! Bless, I am SO proud of you for being open, being aware, and being willing to take the steps to blossom into the REAL YOU for everyone else to see! Keep moving forward Donna, we need more beautiful light like yours in this world! #biglove

  5. Namaste Melissa – this is an eye-opener and re-affirms my beliefs – in our society we seem to be defined by our names, our jobs, our titles, and our material belongings. This is so far from what we truly are inside. If I didnt have a name – I consider myself as a wanderer, an explorer, and of eclectic tastes – just as I’ve been since I was a toddler in this world.
    Thank you .

  6. Hi Melissa,

    That’s a great inspiration in getting to know oneself. I do admire and honestly bow down to your wisdom in spreading the light.
    For the first question, It doesn’t make a difference if i own a car or not because, aside of a vehicle, I believe the universe have led me exactly where i need to be at the exact devine moments. And yeah, that moment of not having a car. Doesn’t really affect.

    For the second question, I don’t think that Job is something to be entitled with just like a name. With or without a job, it’s the person beneath who is working and who is giving significance to the job. So, for all the jobs i had quit to be myself and to know myself. Job doesn’t matter in describing who i am but how i get my livelyhood. “Buddha’s teachings – The Eight fold path ”

    And the last question. WHO AM I ?
    I hope we are all this divine moment. This moment of truth. Right now while you reading it. It’s me existing in you. SO. Thats who i am. I am Known no one.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Arjun, and I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! I love your answers – and agree – we are all a part of the single, unifying divinity known as “now” Keep shining sweet friend, big love!

  7. Dear Melissa
    I want to say Its really touching my life. I feel that You are talking to me personally. You are a wonderful person.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Amila, and bless! I’m so glad you found this helpful – I thank you for your kind words sweet friend! Keep moving forward and shining your light!

  8. Hello Melissa
    I used to have a mentor who has sadly passed away now. His very first teaching to his followers was to get rid of two things:
    1. Love for material things
    2. Love for a higher position in the world’s eyes
    You sound a lot like him.
    Thank you so much for touching my life.
    May you shine bright here and there.

    1. Hi Ayesha, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your mentor’s wise words (which shows he still lives on in us all!), they resonate with me, too! And bless, it’s my honour sweet friend – and I hope you keep shining your light – big love to you!

  9. Who am I? A powerful phrase. I’m very grateful for everything I have and what I am. Thank you so much for the positive message. Currently taking your Reiki classes. Love and light. Namaste! ❤️?

    1. Gloria E Thorpe

      Hello Melissa, I am very loving, nurturing , compassionate , and grateful soul. I love everything, I am here to nourish my soul, and to learn more everyday. I have taken , and completed 5 of your courses. I am very comfortable with yo. I feel like I have known you my whole life. You have helped me on my journey of life. Thank you my friend, love and light 💫✨💜….Gloria E Thorpe

      1. Thank you so much for stopping by Gloria and that is so wonderful you know who YOU truly are! And bless, it’s such an honour to know we’ve been on so many journeys together – I’m very proud of you! Keep shining your light sweet friend, big love!

  10. Be still and know that I am your G-d.
    Quiet the mind and feel your true self and your connection with G-d.
    Inhale, exhale smile and connect with the force.
    May the force be with you.

  11. Melissa!!!
    This is the question I’ve been stuck with for far too long. I’ve almost lost my mind thinking about this, with some kind of returning existential crisis wearing me down and I often feel like I am everything and nothing (a bit confusing and not satisfying for me). Nor is the knowing that I am just energy. For example when I try to figure out what I like, what I’m suitable for when picking a career and so on, I’ve felt as if I don’t have a personality, or a real me, and what do an energy without a strong sense of self even like to do or work with? Now the missing puzzle piece is finally in it’s place!
    I feel like I can finally grasp and accept my other traits and I feel so happy and grateful for these words!
    If I didn’t have a name I would describe myself with a laugher filled with love. Or a sunbeam.

    Hugs and love from Sweden, Namaste xoxo

    1. Hi Julia, thank you so much for stopping by and I’m so happy this has helped you! Bless! I’m so happy for you! Much love and light to you — my fellow sunbeam of love 🙂 Keep shining that light of yours! xo

  12. Hi my answer to the Who am I question is: “I AM LOVE AND ENERGY” your article was interesting enjoyed reading it..

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