Such a simple concept that so few use! The power of focus can change your life in an instant!

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I was chattering away to my husband Shawn, about nothing in particular, during our daily walk today. I noticed he wasn’t really listening to me when I glanced over a few times. As we continued to walk, with twigs and dried leaves cracking under our feet, I saw he was captivated by two completely different bird species, sitting on a branch – side by side – in harmony, and not listening to my ramblings. I stopped, turned to him and said, “Did you hear what I said?” which snapped him out of his reverie and back to me. I must admit, in his defense, the birds were much more interesting than what I was going on about! But that instance got me thinking about the power of focus…

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So, where was Shawn? In that moment, nothing else was heard or seen – not even me! 🙂 He was in the moment…not looking at the moment, not observing the moment, not passing by the moment, he was in it. That is glorious place to be, where our awareness of everything else around us – even our own bodies – fades away into insignificance. I’m sure you’ve had something like this happen to you before?

Perhaps when you last watched a thriller movie, you were at the edge of your seat (unbeknownst to you) and sooooo into it that you physically jumped in response to a scary scene; or maybe you once concentrated so intently on getting a project done that a colleague of yours, standing right in front of you at your desk, went completely unnoticed for a full five minutes. In that moment, your mind ignored outside – and inside – chatter. Nothing else mattered at all, nothing but your focus.

Focusing on what you want.

This is pretty powerful, and something you completely own! Think of how much energy you can pump into something you truly want if you were to simply give it the same focus you gave the scary movie or your work project. But what do we humans do instead?  We have an aching back, so we focus on that. We don’t like our jobs, so we focus on that. We get irritated that something didn’t go our way, so we focus on that.

Just like the movie and work scenario, your focus is bulls-eyed on that negative. So guess what? You can’t see anything else but that negative. You’re so focused on the thing you don’t want that you can’t tune into the revitalizing energy all around you, you don’t hear the knocking of opportunity on your door, and you become utterly blind to positivity.

Try it for yourself!

Focus on the bright sideSo, how about trying something different today? Focus on what you want. Using that same theory, put your focus on having a good time, and not the millions of things that could go wrong (or are going wrong). Quiet literally, in an instant, your whole life could change. When you realize this, you will feel absolutely liberated!

Now, this isn’t about walking about with your head in the clouds. I’m not saying to ignore a bus as you cross the street, with your focus being the handbag on sale in the store on the other side – and hoping the bus doesn’t clean you up in the process. This is about taking back the power of your beautiful energy, the power of your focus, take back that the valuable attention you give to life – and point directly at the things in life you do want: happiness, love, and abundance.

Sure, things might not always work out as you planned, but that doesn’t have to change your focus. I’m not going to change the lenses I have on simply because life is happening out there, be it with my flow or not. I’m going to enjoy life, since that is my focus. So, how do you think you’ll go if you try?

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