Your self healing energy can relieve (even completely fix) physical issues! Really!

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In my first blog post Emotional freedom is not hard. It just takes time, I grazed the surface about how internalizing negative emotions can be detrimental to you. I then went on to provide an audio to help release issues to achieve emotional freedom. What I’d like to do today is explain, in pretty simple terms, how to perform self healing on yourself to alleviate, or even totally remedy, physical ailments. And this isn’t just for seasoned healers to use, anybody can do it!

It’s not quackery, I have real results!

I promise, no quackery here!

Firstly, let me give you some compelling evidence that using self healing energy works and is lasting. Where’s the evidence you may ask? You’re looking at (or listening to) it: me!

Okay, let’s rewind to about twenty-some years when ‘yours truly’ was a teenager. On a routine checkup, my dentist told me I was a “teeth grinder”. I asked him how he knew and he said the wear on my pearly whites and slight scarring inside my cheeks gave it away. I never realized I did it because I ground my teeth in my sleep. So what did I do? Nothing, other than try a terribly uncomfortable mouth guard once (and I drooled all over the place with it! ha!), I just let my grinding teeth be.

Now, let’s time travel again to 2012, when my grinding was still in full swing – gnashing just went on unabated and unhindered! How do I know that? Because my husband (who’s a light sleeper) used to give me slight nudges, at some point, every single night since we married, in order to get me to stop chomping away. That and the fact my dentist still said the same thing: “Did you know you grind your teeth?”  Yeah, yeah, and with that I always decline his solution to inject a remedy. And now, I’m so glad I went the natural healing way!

So get to the point Melissa! How’d you stop grinding?

It’s now 2014 and I haven’t ground my teeth for two whole years; I simply stopped. Gone! Adios! How did I remedy something I wasn’t even conscious of doing? Well, well, well, I’m sure you want to know and I’m going to tell you!

My first step to stop teeth grinding was awareness of the root cause. After so many years of being a human pepper mill, I finally decided to get down to the bottom of the underlying issue making me do it. I knew there had to be something going on deep down, so I practiced my emotional freedom meditation every night before bed. I also referenced a glorious book by another Melbourne-based healer, Inna Segal, called “The Secret Language of Your Body” to help me connect some dots between the emotions I was uncovering and the grinding.

I then realized I was holding onto emotions revolving around criticism and judgement from my childhood. Of course you know, energy healing is brilliant – but unless you’re aware of the true cause of the physical issue – the healing can sometimes only act as a band-aid, so this awareness step is crucial to fully heal yourself.

There’s no way around this step, you’ll simply need to invest some time into yourself and do it. And if any of you just said, “I don’t have time for that,” then I’ll respectively reply with, “Then you must accept your issue or pain and be happy with it.”

Loving self healing energy ❤
Loving self healing energy ❤

Awareness ☑ Check! Next up, self healing!

Once I identified the emotional judgement & criticism battery fueling my teeth grinding, I began performing self healing. With some tips from Inna Segal’s book along with my own Reiki self healing techniques, I healed every night before bed. And I simply, stopped grinding. How do I know it stopped? Because my husband now attests he hasn’t heard me do it ever since, and my has also jaw felt different – lighter, softer – than it used to.

You might be thinking, “Really?! You just did some healing and that’s it?” And I humbly (yet excitedly!) respond: yes! Granted, self healing does include performing Reiki and visualization, so it’s not a one-step thing, but it is definitely easy and totally natural.

Isn’t this amazing? Through awareness and self energy healing, I was able to remedy a physical ailment which only occurred in an unconscious state. Very cool!

Last call for chompers!

My last step, and the one – to this day – that keeps the chompers from chomping all night long, has been to stay true to taking care of myself by monitoring how I feel, both physically and emotionally. Now, if I ever feel tense, or have a stressful day, I will proactively perform self healing to prevent the grinding from happening. And it always works!

But, just like everything in life, there isn’t often a “one-size-fits-all” solution. So this means you may slip back into old habits or negativity from time to time. But don’t worry, that’s totally fine and you should accept that and move on. The wonderful thing about this life is that, in the very next moment, you can rectify any misstep.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

So, you want to put my self healing routine through the ‘virtual wringer’? Okay, challenge is on! I highly encourage you to follow these easy steps on any physical ailments you’re experiencing!

The Secret Language of your Body

Step 1 – Awareness

  • Sit quietly, or ideally meditate
  • Identify an emotion you’ve been ignoring; perhaps it’s a memory you’ve buried deep down; maybe a fear or anger you’re not letting go of.
  • Once found, let the emotion surface, feel it and then be sure to let go. Listening to the audio on this blog might help you.
  • If you can’t locate the negative emotion, get a copy of “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal, it beautifully connects physical ailments with their emotional charge.

Step 2 – Self healing

  • Fully relax.
  • Put your hands on the part of your body you want to heal, rest them lightly there.
    • If you know Reiki, or another energy healing modality, you can start using it now.
  • Visualize a radiant, divine, white light pouring into the top of your hands, then swirls through and into the area of concern. (If you can’t visualize, that’s okay, just do your best).
  • Put your focus on the light, which is relaxing, releasing and healing, and say out loud, “I release <insert negative emotion> and allow loving energy to completely heal <insert issue>. I only carry within me that which serves my greatest and highest good. Thank you.”
  • Repeat this process as many times as feels right to you.  And of course, you make it as simple or complex as you want, and modify the process or words to suit!

Step 3 – Monitor

  • Be sensitive to how you’re feeling; if you can feel the emotion still within, you may have to do Step 2 regularly to fully release and heal.
  • Remember, do not internalize negative emotions – only carry within you that which serves your greatest and highest good.
  • If you feel you have relapsed or feel the pain again, just do Step 2 to balance yourself out again.

I do want to emphasize here, that self energy healing isn’t a replacement or cure-all for everybody – as not everybody is in the right frame of mind to do it. So this shouldn’t replace proper diagnosis and medical understanding of your issue. However, energy healing can, and will bolster and remedy, if you truly intend it to 🙂

Are you willing to try this?

So, what do you think about my amazing remedy to life long teeth grinding? Are you now convinced and willing to try this simple version on yourself? Perhaps you already have some wonderful results? Maybe you think it’s quackery after all? As always, please share your thoughts, I value and honour them! Namaste. xo

10 thoughts on “Use self healing energy to get rid of physical ailments & issues”

  1. Thanks to you . It’s inspiring me . I have 7 years son grinding his teeth every night . How can help him to heal by natural healing.

  2. I’m so glad I’m doing this master course with you Melissa
    You remind me so many good things about healing and energy….and your technics to apply it
    It’s all amazing…lots of gratitude

  3. ishwar das baheti, India

    Thanks for this health oriented article. It is a fact that Every one of us has a self healing tool within our own existence but more of us has lesser trust on it. Hence we do not concentrate on its powerful and effective mode of operation. Second it works more when we are connected with it and our body and mind is in a state of more relaxation. Therefore, we should learn to connect with it, have complete faith in its healing efficiency and last but not least try to be as relaxed as possible to accelerate our self healing process.

    1. Hi Ishwar, thank you so much for taking the time to check out this blog post and comment – and I agree with what you’re saying! We must learn to reconnect and have faith in our healing abilities! Namaste to you my friend! xo

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