For the furry, feathered, scaled, or finned family member!

Since we’ve established that everybody and everything is comprised of energy along with scientific tests which prove energy healing like Reiki does in fact work, it stands to reason that everything can benefit from this natural mode of healing, right? Correct!

Although our environment, including plants, can receive and flourish from energy healing, today I’m going to focus on the more immediate and relate-able members of our families: our pets.

Not pets, family members.

Let me rephrase that and remove the term “pets” and call them famimals (which is my made up word for a pet, adding family + animals). I firmly believe when you  adopt  another living thing into your household – they have just become your family member. I dare say many, if not most of you would agree that your furry, feathered, scaled or finned famimal is truly like family to you. I’d even take a gander that some might treat their famimal better than family! 😉

In saying that, have a think…do you treat your famimal like a “plaything” (pet) or do you treat them like a family member? Be it how you speak and handle them to the type of food and healthcare they receive – how does that compare to a beloved family member? When you train, scold, talk, hug – do you do it in the same way as you would your son, sister, father or cousin? Or not? This is something I had a great awakening  to and had to reconsider when Twinkie, my 13 year old cat, fell ill with feline hyperthyroidism last year. The healing journey we went on changed the way I looked at her, which changed everything for me.

Why do famimals get sick?

According to certified holistic health practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, renowned animal healer, and Natural Healer Society member, Penny J. Leisch, the top three reasons our fanimals become unwell are from  “diseases of age that result in physical decline; imbalances due to environmental effects of toxins and medications; and injuries due to physical events.

As the owner of Reiki4Paws her experience is vast, so I find Penny’s comment about toxins and medications of particular interest. That’s not to lessen the significance of the other top two reasons famimals become unwell, but because it hits home with me pretty hard. Let me fill you in on the 7-inch version of Twinkie’s story…

Going downhill fast.

Around October 2013, Twinkie suddenly became very ill. She vomited constantly, was abnormally high strung, drank excessively, cried for food all the time – no, not cry, let’s say screaming – as if she was starving, yet no matter how much she was fed, she dropped weight like it was going out of style.

She went from an overweight 6kg to 3kg in just a matter of weeks. Of course, being concerned, my husband and I trekked to the local vet to have her checked out. Feline hyperthyroidism was the verdict. The options? Surgery to remove the offending thyroid or ongoing radiation therapy, then a life-long diet of prescription dry and wet food.

Diet and environment do matter.

Although the food part didn’t bother us at the time, we didn’t like the other harsh options and decided would only resort to them if there was nothing else left. Our continuous search led us to the true culprit: Twinkie’s diet.

Living her entire life on commerical dry and wet food, we thought we were doing the right thing, but after becoming aware that cats are obligate carnivores, we realized the commercial hooplah parading as cat food had to go!  Because she was so hungry from the hyperthyroid, the switch to raw kangaroo, lamb and turkey (human-grade, free range, grass/naturally fed, and organic whenever possible) wasn’t hard. She ate it all like it was going out of style, too.

The results of just the diet switch shocked us! Her symptoms seemed to lessen almost immediately; feeling encouraged, we bolstered our efforts with an herbal feline thyroid support mixture. Other than her going through a detox (expelling 12 years of ‘junk’ food was tough), Twinkie truly seemed as though she was recovering.

To further aid her recovery, we paid particular attention to using positive, healing words (better, well, happy, healthy) when speaking so Twinkie could catch the higher energy they generate; not to mention, I’m 99.99% positive she understands what I say anyway. Oh yes, of course, I also conducted multiple Reiki sessions on her everyday. Needless to say, Twinkie’s condition turned around quick-smart, and I do not hesitate in saying now, she’s not only cured, but better and healthier than before.

So, providing the correct diet for the species of your famimal, as well as the right natural supplements if needed, along with a loving environment all really – truly, honestly – matter. Ever since this episode happened, it opened my eyes – it’s one thing to say that “everything is energy and is effected by it” – and quite another to actually live by that motto when it’s an animal you’re referring to.

So do all animals benefit from energy healing?

In addition to diet and herbal remedies, I believe 100% that Reiki helped Twinkie recover, therefore stand firm that energy healing can benefit all other animals, too.

When I performed Reiki on Twinkie, it was very similar to Penny’s experiences with her animal healings at Reiki4Paws, Twinkie took great pleasure in the sessions. How do I know that? Because she not only purred fully when I did it, but would groom me as I did it, and would often go to sleep as I continued the session. 🙂

Twinkie having a sniff while I perform Reiki on her.

After all that, where’s Twinkie’s now? Well, a few months ago, we took her back to our vet (not the original one, but our holistic vet) and blood tests confirmed Twinkie no longer has hyperthyroidism. That’s pretty special isn’t it!? No surgery, no chemical or toxic meditations. Just the right decisions and lots of loving energy.

He also noted how calm and relaxed she was on the examination table, so I instinctively said “Oh, that’s probably from the Reiki I do for her” then quickly wished I had kept my mouth shut, because I didn’t know if he’d approve of, or know about, Reiki. But my hesitation was totally eased when we smiled and said, “That’s perfect, it has helped and you should keep doing it for her.

So, Reiki energy healing and a proper diet isn’t just for those of us who have oppose-able thumbs and an obsession with Candy Crush – all of this world’s creatures can benefit from loving energy and the right intake of food.

What can you do to help your famimal live an amazing life?

Depending on the severity of situation, it’s likely a change to the correct diet, as well as the right level of activity and love, for your famimal’s species will set them on the right path towards healing. Add to that a boost of holistic and/or herbal medicines administered by a professional vet and your famimal will have even better chances of healing. Lastly, top all this off with loving energy healing, like Reiki, as often as possible, and they will – at the very least – feel the warmth of your heart and the strength of your efforts in helping them heal – which will give them much peace and comfort as they go through their journey.

I once again called upon our animal healing expert Penny to offer her recommendations on giving your famimal the best life possible:

  1. Nutrition: Provide the best quality and most chemical-free nutrition possible, which is appropriate for the breed or species.
  2. Prevention: Give good natural preventive care and maintenance to avoid wear and tear on the animal’s system.
  3. Energy Healing: If the caregiver is trained in Reiki or another energy healing method, perform daily care (regardless of species) when you practice your personal daily healing.
  4. Awareness: Observe and respond immediately to changes in normal daily behavior regarding eating, sleeping, toileting, grooming, and playing. It’s always easier to be proactive and avoid letting a problem become severe, which may mean dealing with long-term damage that could have been avoided.

Penny also says that “when an accident or illness strikes, the severity determines your course of action”, so it’s important you assess quickly and take the right steps as soon as you can:

For serious injuries

  • Treatment: Seek treatment immediately for broken bones, snakebites, poisoning, or other major trauma. If it’s not possible to engage a holistic veterinarian (who are often trained in traditional care, too), it’s fine to take the animal to a traditional veterinarian or animal emergency center.
  • Energy Healing: Support the animal with Reiki or the energy healing/balancing method of your choice, while you are with him/her, and even at a distance while emergency treatment proceeds. You may want to hire someone, or ask a friend to help at this time, since it’s very difficult to maintain your focus while you’re emotionally strained.
  • Continued Support: After the emergency is resolved, contact your holistic veterinarian (if they weren’t the one to administer emergency care) to help your animal detoxify and get re-balanced. In emergency situations, traditional care is often essential, but we can later balance and help the animal to recover from the effects of anesthesia and drugs on their system.

If the situation is less serious:

  • Treatment: Contact your holistic or homeopathic veterinarian to help make a diagnosis and work with them using natural healers, as well as herbal or homeopathic remedies as recommend.

Lastly, Penny says that “animals are very sensitive and have a number of unusual sensitivities (such as cinnamon being toxic to cats). I don’t recommend any type of topically applied or ingested remedies be administered by caregivers without trained veterinary guidance.”

How's the life of your famimal stack up?

Is your furry, feathered, scaled or finned family member eating the correct diet for who they are? Are you providing them with the same loving, supportive, and communicative environment that you yourself thrive in?  Or perhaps you’re of the opinion that none of this matters because they’re just animals without feelings or emotions?

I’d not only love to hear your thoughts about my post today, but would enjoy learning about any triumphs or experiences you’ve had with natural diets, natural remedies, and energy healing with your famimal! Thank you once again for connecting with me my friends, Namaste! xo

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8 thoughts on “Healing the furriest member of your family with natural pet remedies.”

  1. This is an amazing article I am aware of diet affecting the health of animals and the need for As Natural of a diet as possible as species related food needs are important. I’ve had cats dogs parrots fish and all them I’ve attempted to give the best diet possible. I’ve attempted the raw diet I have the only dog in the history of Earth that will not eat raw chicken or raw beef he will eat raw fish but the ability for me to get fresh crawfish that is safe for consumption for him is limited. I have moved to Pittsburgh and no longer have the veterinarian that did holistic practice as well as traditional. Due to covet it is been hard for me to find a vet that’s willing to take new people so I’ve been going to I would like to find a more natural vet that supports holistic and natural diet current vets at Benefield were very disapproving of me attempting to cook my dog natural food and I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars trying different commercially available dog foods that are organic natural raw Etc

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Diana and that’s so wonderful you’re looking at providing your furry family members with the most species-appropriate diet you can! Good luck with your search for a natural/holistic vet! Big love to you and your furry family!

  2. Lidia Irina Muntean

    Hi Melissa! I love how you named famimals. Yes, they are family members, I have two dogs who live with us in the house, like we does. Will give them Reiki energy every day to see the changes. Thank you for your post! Namaste!

    1. Hi Lidia, thank you so much for stopping by and yes – I absolutely adore animals – and it sounds like you have a wonderful family with fur-babies! You are most welcome, and keep shining your light sweet friend, big love! x

  3. Hi Melissa,
    You suggested that perhaps I was meant to follow the path I did in my journey to fully embrace Reiki. Having completed my master certification in your wonderful Reiki course, I thought that I had discovered the reason that I followed the path I did. Then I started your Animal and Pet Reiki course and progressed to this point, the point that I now know that I was focused toward all this time. Listening to this audio was a complete and total eye-opener for me. Our cat, Maxie, has the exact same thyroid issue and the same symptoms that your cat had. We have been treating her with daily medication that we rub in her ears, and she has improved but I see with laser clarity the steps I can take using Reiki and a change of diet to help Maxie live our her remaining days a happier and healthier queen of our family. Once again I am grateful for the teachings you have provided to me! Thank you so much!!!

    I have referred to you as Sifu, but as I am now unsure if that is gender correct, perhaps I should start using Sensei. But either way, please understand that I meant them with honor and respect!


    PS – I’m not sure Maxie would care for kangaroo meat, even if we could easily get it. 😉

    1. Hi Dave, thank you so much for stopping by and bless! You are so welcome, and I’m so glad you found this post helpful! I do hope that Maxie is getting better (LOL re: the kangaroo meat!) – and I’m sure your loving energy healing efforts are helping sweet friend! Keep up your good work sweet friend! Big love!

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