For a world so incredibly informed, why do we experience chronic pain? And how we do fix it?

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We have internet on our computers, phones, tablets. Emails zipping back and forth exchanging information. Podcasts to listen to. Social media to share with…wow! For an era where people are supposedly so ‘informed’, they hurt an awful lot of the time, don’t they? Yup! So why is it, with all this knowledge, our culture experiences so much chronic pain? And is there anything we can do to fix it?

Firstly, I believe our extended community has a love-hate affair with chronic pain because they enjoy the benefits of ignoring and numbing the true reasons behind it. Meaning, you can take medication to alleviate symptoms and have to change nothing about how you got where you are. And secondly, yes, there is a way to remedy the chronic issue naturally, but it won’t happen in a single pill, a single healing session, or a single piece of organic fruit.

Tackling the 'why'
Tackling the ‘why’ 😀

Let’s tackle the ‘why’ first.

If not yourself, I bet you know someone who has chronic pain, which is any pain lasting more than 3 months. This can be physical or emotional pain, and when you think about it, it’s probably a true epidemic!

Why does pain become chronic? Well, I believe it’s a result of ignorance. Be it purposeful or not.

You experience pain because your body is trying to communicate with you; it’s waving a red flag to get your attention to say something’s wrong. When it becomes chronic, it means you’ve either ignored or numbed the signals; yet, your glorious body hasn’t given up and with the pain, thinks, hopes, and wishes you will soon ‘right the ship’.

Sure, I know everyone’s different and that there are varying situations which result in chronic pain. For example, there can be some misfiring in your body’s wiring which may cause pain; but that’s still a signal that something’s wrong – and you need to listen, and lovingly.

Take your fingers out’cha ears!

Why don’t we listen? Because a generation or two ago, doctors became the utmost authority on health, everything they said was absolute truth – which is is definitely not true! Don’t misunderstand though, I’m not against doctors, especially those who have a heart felt intentions to truly help people heal (as opposed to just band-aiding symptoms); medical practitioners are a well educated and extremely helpful part of our society. We need them for sure…

But people have become so dependent upon doctors, they’ve ended up losing the innate trust, confidence and connection between their minds and bodies. They stopped listening to their bodies in favour of a doctor’s visit.

I’ve even heard people detest their bodies for the pain it’s “putting them through”.  They verbally abuse their body, which is a shame, as you know what I think about self talk. I don’t understand why would you despise the very house which envelopes your soul, because it’s just trying to tell you something’s wrong. Oh, what a pity. But I digress…

So, really think about this: who knows your body better than you?

No one, not even your doctor. Your doctor can’t feel what you feel; can’t assume to know all aspects of your life which are contributing to the issue/s; doesn’t always have the time to delve deep into problems when they’re already hours behind with appointments…

Get off the Chronic Pain Train!
Get off the Chronic Pain Train!

Only you, my beautiful friend can truly listen to your body, to what it’s really saying, and take the right steps to heal.

Stopping the chronic pain train!

Of course, depending on how numb you’ve become to your-own-self, you might need some help to learn how to listen to your body. I mentioned in my last blog a great book, called The Secret Language of Your Body, which can do just that. Or perhaps you’ll learn healing yourself or entrust a natural healer to help you decipher the deeper source/s of your pain.

But you’re here right now with me, so let’s not leave this meeting without taking some positive action!

Firstly, take your finger off the mute button. That doesn’t mean I want you to pretend you like your pain. Just listen, feel, and think about what the pain is and where it’s coming from – instead of heading straight for the medicine cabinet to get rid of it.

Next up, do a little stock-take of your life. That might sound silly to some, but I’m fully serious here! Unless you’ve broken your leg skiing, pain doesn’t always come from a single source. So review the following areas:

Your Diet: If your diet doesn’t include a good balance – say 80% or more of what you eat – of fresh fruits, vegetables, natural fiber, protein and vitamins, as well as clean, filtered water – then you’ll struggle to rid yourself of any type of chronic pain naturally. You need to give your ‘spiritual house‘ the right foundations before you can start to heal. I’m not saying to go extreme and throw out Friday night pizzas, I’m saying your body’s health will reflect itself as what you eat most of the time.

Your Activity:  If you don’t do some level of healthy exercise each day – something which picks up the pace of your breathing and stretches your body – then your chronic pain has just scored another goal. This isn’t about doing a triathlon, it’s as simple as a walk through the

The next moment is our true fortune...
The next moment is our true fortune…

neighbourhood. How else is your lymphatic system going to drain toxins if you aren’t moving to pump them out? (Yes, you can do dry brushing, but that only goes so far). We are creatures in motion, when we stop moving, things start to get dark.

Your Emotions: If you’re stressed at work, aren’t happy with your relationship, feel stuck in your life, or have any other variety of emotional stress – then you’re giving chronic pain fuel to burn!  Of course, everybody experiences some level of negative emotion from time to time, like disappointment, upset and frustration, but holding on and internalizing those emotions once felt can create (and even be the total cause of) dis-ease. So let them go

Balance yourself. Don’t worry, the plank is wide.

This last bit is all about awareness and balance. Things in life don’t always go perfectly, sometimes you have lazy days, sometimes you have your cake and eat it all too, sometimes you just feel blah.

But becoming aware, then striving for the right balance for you – in all those areas – is what your daily goal should be. You might not hit it everyday, or even every week, but I simply ask that you forgive yourself and try again. You have a glorious gift, it’s called: the very next moment.

So, how’s this all feel to you? Are you encouraged or unsettled? Are you loaded with excuses, or inspired to be done with chronic pain? I’d like to know how you feel about my post today, so please comment below!

10 thoughts on “Ignorance is not bliss. It’s causing you chronic pain – physically and emotionally.”

    1. Hi Vidwatta, thank you for stopping by and bless! The first thing you need to do is go to a professional medical doctor to ensure you haven’t fractured it somehow! Only once you know whether you have, or haven’t, damaged it physically can you then really look to help it heal in other ways (rest, diet, etc) 🙂 I hope that helps and that you get better soon! Big love!

  1. Mrs Carol A Gawtry

    I do have chronic pain, from an operation many years ago. Other pains have joined in along the way. I’m going to try your techniques, I’m sue the results will be interesting. It’s part of the reason I’m doing your Reiki course. Life is starting to get interesting at last. I’m 69 yrs old. Thank you Melissa, it’s never too late to learn.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Carol, and I’m so glad you’re trying new ways to relief your pain! Take your time and embrace what feels right in my course – you’ve got this sweet friend! Big love!

  2. Melissa Thank you for all the work you do to share and help the world. I am currently doing your reiki course and that is how I found your blog. You are very inspirational and I’m so excited to learn and grow with your course.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Laura, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the course and are inspired! I hope you continue to shine that beautiful light of yours sweet friend, big love to you! x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your page. 🙂 I’ve been working with organic produce in a grocery co-op the last 9 months. I’m having a blast learning more and more about nutrtion, health benefits and and healthy living each day . People that recognize me may think I’m a different person, I’m just finding myself more through every moment. I listened to a few of your recordings this morning, it’s so exciting to hear someone else talk about things important to my more recent, new found lifestyle. Thanks again. 🙂 I look forward to following more of your page activity. ♡

    1. Hi Krista, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and check out my blogs! I’m really excited to hear about your self re-discovery and a life of love and natural healing – welcome back 😉 Big love to you my new friend – enjoy this journey we’re on!

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