The Secret seemed like a book of wishing rather than providing the real recipe for attracting abundance.

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I’m sure all of you have heard of the Rhonda Byrne book called The Secret, which was a resounding success when it came out. I personally loved it, tore through the pages and got that positivity boost it conveys so well. But by the end of the book, I actually felt that something was lacking. I wasn’t quite sure the secret was unveiled all the way.

What was missing?

I went back and mulled over the pages, and the more I did that, the more it started to feel like a book full of wishful thinking and beautiful quotes – which is glorious – but a lot less like a book that is going to divulge the secret to attracting abundance into one’s life.

Because I’ve learned quite a lot (but definitely not everything!) about the law of attraction, the state of being & allowing, gratitude, acceptance, and so on, I “got” the the book’s message about using the law of attraction to benefit oneself. Despite it’s wonderfulness, I went away thinking, “Geez, the masses, who aren’t versed in the law of attraction, will easily misconstrue this message as simply closing your eyes, day dream, and obsess over something, and -voila- it will appear!”

For me, the book didn’t unveil an important piece for attracting all that you desire, and that’s action. Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s vital to visualize, it imperative to surround yourself with images, thoughts and words which reinforce whatever you desire. But unless you have completely and utterly mastered the skill of manifestation without lifting a finger, then you’ll need to get out of bed to see results. 🙂

Action Jackson.

So what do I mean by action? It’s simple 🙂 Firstly, it’s important to set yourself up for the day. You can do the following 5 steps below, add or remove steps, or change them however you wish. The goal here is to get yourself into a positive, allowing state of being.

  1. Meditate to clear your mind, body and soul. (this can be 1 minute or 1 hour, it’s up to you!)action
  2. Affirm your worthiness for all you desire.
  3. Affirm your acceptance of what is, right now, to remove all resistance.
  4. Affirm and feel gratitude for what you already have and what is to come.
  5. Send out the intention – be it a visual mental image, a physical picture or by speaking it out loud (or all the above!).

Action #1. Show acceptance & gratitude

Once you’ve set yourself up with the previous steps, it’s time to bring in the action part – which continuously and constantly showing acceptance and gratitude. Let’s use an the very well-oiled topic of attracting financial abundance. What’s important here is to recognize that The Universe doesn’t delineate between small abundance and big abundance. So if you’re hoping for mega-millions and stumble over a 5-cent piece, then don’t scoff at it, pick it up and be grateful.The key here is to realize, whether there’s direct cash involved or not, big or small, when you’re given something of value, it’s financial abundance.

So, the 5-cent piece is direct cash, so that’s easy enough, you just pick it up. But what about other things, things which aren’t hard cash? Let’s have a real hard think about this one: If you’re given anything, be it a something or a service – it has value.

Let’s say you’re at a party, and it’s coming to and end. Your friend gathers up some left-over pizza, pops it into a box and hands it to you saying “For lunch, tomorrow!” – and your naturally respond with, “Nah, you keep it!” Although you’re being humble in denying the gift, what you’re saying to The Universe, which is giving you something of value for free by way of your friend is: “No thanks”. So The Universe will reply back, “Okay, no more.”  You may think accepting the pizza is useless because you won’t eat it anyway, but I ask you to try acceptance as an exercise to see how it works for you. So, accept the pizza gratefully, then – if you have no intention of eating it – look for opportunities where you may pass the abundance on to another (eg. give it to another friend, or share it with work colleagues the next day).

Action #2. Move in the direction you want to go.

Now for let’s move. You heard me, get out there and take some steps in the direction you want to go – even if it’s just a few baby ones at first. Let’s say you want a new car, what do you do for this then? Sit down and work out how much you need for the new car, where you can buy it, where you’re going to store it once you get it, chat with others other and do research about it, as well as calculating the probable insurance, repayments, maintenance and so on. Doing these things require you to take actions of discovery which support all the above.

Then once you’ve done some research and worked out your list, because you have those items ‘front of mind’, it’s likely you’ll be more alert if an opportunity crosses your path so you can take action towards getting it; such as seeing a “no money down special” on the car, or getting motivated to work a little extra to help towards funding the purchase, or perhaps a friend connects you with someone who has a similar car for sale for much cheaper, and so on and so on. It’s vital to top off all your desires with actions which will naturally put you where you want to be or get you what you want!

createIt’s the law, so abide by it.

There is truly no exception, the Law of Attraction works for those who resonate with it. How do you resonate with it? By filling yourself up with all the positive vibrations, thoughts, and energy of all those things you desire – then taking actions towards those desires. If you do this the law will indeed provide!

You might think, “Hey, it’s easy for you to say, you don’t know my situation” – and I respect that because I don’t know your situation. I just ask, for fun, that you reflect on how you look at things in your life my friend. If you refute the possibility of getting what you want, then, how will you get what you want?

What do you think about the Law of AttractionThe Secret? Do you have any tips & hints for others out there to achieve their goals? Or do you think this is all just a flash in the pan fad that has no bearing in reality at all? Either way, I’d love to hear your comments! Namaste my friends 🙂

2 thoughts on “Attracting abundance or wishful thinking? What The Secret seemed to miss.”

  1. Hi Melissa, first of all I just want to thank you for your wonderful, enlightening web page and blog. I find the topics so relevant and interesting. In relation to the Secret I found it to be inspiring but superficial, things, be careful what you think about and an elephant appears is so far from the truth of spiritual laws. For me , when I reflect on the movie i believe it lacked one important key and for me it is believing before you see it. I find myself daydreaming all the time but the moment you start to believe you have something is the point where you are on the verge of receiving something. Belief and positive affirmations are two different skills as we start affirming and then we slip in top gear when we start believing, two different and integral skills. Once again Melissa love your work, and thank you for imparting blessing into those who enter your web page and read its content.

    1. Hi Michael, thank you so much for such kind words, you have warmed my heart 🙂 I agree! Believing before seeing is vital! It’s all connected to having that same vibrational energy to manifest what you desire. I’m humbled that you’ve taken the time to read my blog, and I thank you again, for your kind words. Love & light my friend, Namaste Melissa xo

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