The power of your will is one of the most under-utilised and under-valued faculties you possess.

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Strange isn’t it, that throughout life, we fight for the right to express our free will; to look the way we want, act the way we want, do what we want. It’s a horror at a very deep level to allow someone else to stifle our creativity, freedom, choice, and so on. Yet for many, whilst we’ll fly the flag for free will, using the power of your will is completely foreign.

They aren’t the same.

It’s probably best that I make clear what (I feel are) the differences between free will and will power are. Generally speaking, free will is the ability to express, act out, and do things at your own discretion. Granted, because we’re communal beings, it’s important exert-your-free-willto temper your free will by taking others’ feelings and their free will into consideration, too; for example, to not harm someone as a result of your free will, or not crush another’s free will with yours.

Then what’s will power?

According to most dictionaries, your will is the internal faculty by which you make a decision which leads to some action or inaction. The power component assumes you will effectively stand by that decision. If you have will power, it means you see your decisions through. If you don’t, you just talk the talk, and never walk the walk.

If someone took away your ability to exert your free will, I’m sure you’d be quite displeased. So, if you have the gift of exerting your free will (in a manner that doesn’t harm others), don’t you think you should see it through?

How the power changes everything.

Walk the walk!
Walk the walk!

May I ask you, where is the beginning of a journey? Any journey. Have a think about this. It’s at the cusp of a decision, isn’t it. You think something, and you arrive at a point, exert your will and make a decision.

Whether that decision is the path to ultimate health, abundant wealth, attracting love, or whatever – it all starts with expressing your free will. Then the kicker is, using will power to see it through. The power of your will helps you take that first step, then the next, and the next – until you finally arrive at your destination.

What could using your will power change for you? How different would your life be if you just followed through with all your intentions? What’s stopping you now?

Walk the walk.

There is just one simple question you need to ask yourself to ensure you power up your will in order to stick by all those good intentions you have. Really, just one. Every time you make a decision for the better, plot out a whole list of things you want to achieve or do, but then feel your follow-through wavering, then ask yourself:

Will my next action get me closer, or further, from my goal?

Naturally, your decision is yours and if you don’t follow through, you’ll need to be happy with whatever the outcome is. But if you decide you want to earn more money, eat healthier, or whatever — you will need to exert some effort to make it happen. Don’t just talk the talk as they say, make sure you walk the walk, too!

acceptanceAccept it.

After all is said and done, if you find that powering up your will is just too hard for you. If you always find some excuse not to complete whatever it is you set out to do, then don’t get upset that you haven’t achieved your goals. Ultimately, you are responsible for the outcome, be it what you wanted or not. So just accept it.

I’d like to leave you with this last thought today…think back to the last time you made a decision about something exciting or for the betterment of your life.  Did you follow through? If not, when would now be a good time to start? Namaste sweet friends xo

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