You hear them, but how do you stop negative voices in your head? Simple. Read on.

Over the years I’ve had friends, family, clients and even some of my Reiki students ask, “how do you stop negative voices in your head?

I used to think my method of ridding those voices wasn’t “technical” enough to offer up as advice (because I realise that the believability of a process is nearly as influential – if not more influential – than the method itself!). 

But then one day, I told a loved one what I did to get rid of a negative visual ‘scenario’ that used to repeatedly play out in my mind’s eye.

That was nearly a decade ago, and I haven’t had it play out again, on any level. So, I gave the advice not expecting them to try. But they did – and it worked.

Before we proceed though, I’d like to remind you that while I’m a trained and seasoned healer, I am not a traditional counselor or medical doctor. So if your issue or trauma is at a dangerous level or persists, please take the right steps to safeguard your well being.

Why do the voices nag, nag, nag?

To me, the negative voices you hear in your head are like bored children looking for attention. Once you give them attention, they move on. The more you ignore them, the more they pull at your pant leg or skirt.

So the moment you resist the voices or images, be it with your fear or anger or avoidance, what you’re doing is putting up an ‘energetic barricade’ – like you’re giving the voices the virtual ‘hand‘! 

At first, you may feel better by turning away, but that action has actually done the opposite of what you were wanting to achieve. You’ve given the negative energy something to hold onto.

Because you rebuffed with negative energy, those voices and images are now within reach of you – they can now cling onto your own lower, negative energy.

Without knowing it, you’ve built a bridge for those voices and images, so while it might quieten down for a little while, they’re still there – and they will cross back over that bridge to haunt you again.

Stop them from talking, for good.

For those of you who can hear and feel – and trust – your own inner guidance, then you will “get” my steps below. For those who can’t, let me emphasize that in order for this process to work, you must embrace the internal actions of acknowledgement and allowance.

To be more precise, when you hear the negative voices, do not fear, do not ignore, and do not fend those voices off. Just allow the voices to whisper, talk, grumble, bark, yell, scream – or whatever. This will be hard at first as your ego will want to defend itself, but please do your best and stick to it – trust me – it will be worth it. Now, let’s move onto the steps where you get your power back…

Easy, natural steps to follow: Acknowledge, Allow, Respond.

  1. Acknowledge by letting them banter.
    Whenever you hear or see negative thoughts in your mind, regardless of if they’re in your voice or someone else’s, and regardless of if they’re words, sounds or images. Just let them talk or play out.
  2. Allow by accepting what it/they say.
    It’s important you understand that I’m not saying to “accept” the negativity into your heart, or to accept what they’re saying as true, or to do what they’re saying. What I’m advising here is that you allow the negative energy to flow right through you and beyond. Hear what it/they say, and then…
  3. Respond.
    This is where you’ll start to feel extremely empowered! But do not try to ‘fight for right’ here, or be aggressive or angry yourself. Once there’s a break or pause in the voices, simply speak back (either verbally or mentally) in a calm, soft way. If you can’t reply in a loving, understanding manner, then just breathe deeply and clear your mind until you can. This step is very important as this will break the cycle.

An example of how this process might go:

  • The voices says “You are worthless, nobody loves you!
  • What do you think it would say if you responded, “Okay, so what if I am and that’s true?
  • Perhaps it would say, “It means people hate you and you’re horrid!
  • And then if you responded, “Okay, so what if I am?
  • It might say, “You’ll live a sad life and die alone!
  • And you responded, “Okay, so what then?
  • You’ll go to hell!
  • You say, “Okay, what then?

So, what will it say now? Now that you’ve acknowledged and allowed everything it’s said so far? What can it say now? That’s right, not much if anything at all. Eventually, you will leave the negative voices and images speechless. You will have completely exhausted it/them of any power to return – and you will be free.

Why does this work?

This works because you did not resist the negative energy. You just acknowledged the words or images, then allowed them to pass through you. You gave no resistance, you gave it nothing to hold onto. And that is the key.

This is not an easy process at first, but if you’re sick and tired of those negative voices beating you down day in and day out, I ask that you try this – and let me know how you go ♥

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6 thoughts on “How to stop negative voices in your head. Once and for all.”

  1. Aw Dear Melissa,
    thank You so much for this! It’s been a true battle for me for few years now, and as I listened to this and read it, I felt shivers all through my body and it felt good and made me feel empowered, because You just helped me to finally win this battle and now I know how to do it always if needed!
    Love & Light

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Nataliya, and bless! I’m so glad this has helped you as it had helped me! I’m so happy to hear you feel so empowered, well done! Keep moving forward sweet friend, big love to you!

  2. Thank you… Doing your healing course part one and am feeling the healing energy as i learn. Thank you very much and i hope to be in contact soon for futher teaching.

  3. I found this message yesterday. And tried it last night at home. No anger. No upset stomach. Felt completely untouched by the ‘negative teasing’ that ‘my other half uses cause he is bored’. Love it Love it…. He started responding to a conversation instead of ‘teasing’. Now to go on and learn to ‘flow’ with the messages I give myself about how my mother’s last 2 years were and how I could have made it better. I have a ways to go, it has only been a little over a year since I lost her to Alzheimers….but I’m looking forward again….not always trying to make other’s feel good.
    Thank you thank you.

    1. Hi Marilyn, thank you so much for stopping by and I am so happy to hear this was helpful for you! I’m so proud that you were able to allow that negativity to flow past you, and bless! I’m also sorry about your loss, I’m sure it’s been very difficult… But your self awareness and desire to blossom does you much credit — keep moving forward sweet friend, and shine that light of yours! Big love x

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