Naturally cure anything? I know, big call. But let me use science to prove it to you!

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Have you ever heard of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? You know, that e=mc2 formula you’ve seen in school books and tv shows? If not, it’s a highly regarded theory that shows energy is equal to mass when multiplied by the speed of light.

While the theory is actually a lot more complicated than that, in its most simple form, it’s basically telling us that energy (non-mass) creates matter (mass). Agreed? Yup, okay!

Science backs-up spiritual belief.

If science, doctors, and the mainstream accept Einstein’s theory, which I believe they do, then that means we all trust and believe (on a large scale) that energy in motion gets converted into matter.

And since physical matter can be converted into energy, and vice versa, energy into physical matter, then it stands to reason that we – as physical manifestations of energy – are affected by everything in and around us, in negative and positive ways, regardless of how small or big.

For those who don’t believe this because you feel it’s not based in science, then I ask that you stop and re-examine what I’ve said so far.  I have known for a very long time that we are spiritual (energy) beings having a physical experience, and Einstein’s theory of relatively simply backs that belief up. e=mc2, remember?

So, what are the questions to naturally cure anything?

Everything is energy, energy is everything. So let’s repeat to make this super-clear: you are, in fact, affected by everything because you and everything are made and connected to the same thing! Energy! (Mind boggling, isn’t it?)

This means you can uncover the natural cure for pretty much everything in your life by simply answering 3 questions:

  1. What are you putting in your body?
    I’m not making any revelations when I say that what you eat and drink gets broken down into energy so your body can function. But what I want to point out is, if the energy contained within what you consume isn’t positive and uplifting (which is healthy), then you are effectively breaking down your energy which may, over time, create aches, pains, disease and so forth.This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fast food burger or glass of wine, but knowing that the energy you are consuming isn’t going to raise your own is a vital in understanding how quickly (or slowly) you’re going to reach your goal of remedying whatever your ailment is. For the most part, we all know what we should eat and drink, so I won’t go into detail explaining that here.  It’s a small wonder to me that people who get diagnosed with fatal and advanced illnesses can recover astonishingly when they totally change what they consume.Just ask yourself whenever you eat or drink: is this truly going to contribute to, uplift and raise me energetically? The better the sustenance is for you, the more likely you will be able to remedy your ailment.
  2. How do you feel emotionally?love
    When you’re really upset, you sometimes just want to curl up and die. When you’re really happy, you smile and want to share it with everybody! So, wouldn’t you agree that your emotions affect you? Of course! Then if you feel stressed, angry, sad, and any other negative emotion most of the time – then you’re going to break down your energy yet again – which can and will create physical ailments. Any wonder why doctors advise you to lower stress levels to reduce the risk of heart disease? I’m not, in any way shape for form, suggesting you pretend to be happy when you’re not, that will never rectify the issue. But what is important is that you allow those negative feelings to pass as quickly as possible, don’t hold onto them, so they don’t impact your physical being as much as they could. And all those good feeling emotions – love, happiness, joy – hold onto those as long as you possibly can :)So ask yourself whenever you’re in a negative emotional state: is this going to contribute to my happiness?  The quicker you let go of that negative emotion, the more chances you’ll have of curing the dis-ease you’re feeling.
  3. What are you surrounded by?
    Ever dreaded having a meeting with the boss so much that you’re practically sick to your stomach? How would you feel if you’re having dinner with friends who all the sudden get into an argument and start abusing each other? Remember the last time you went to a music concert or fun party, what did that feel like?  Who and what you surround yourself with has profound affects on your state of being. It’s no wonder there are some places and events you love going to, and others you don’t. Of course, we can’t always control the circumstances around us. Things happen in various environments like work, school, public areas, social settings, etc. that are far outside our control. But what we can control is what we think and feel, and when possible – to change what we surround ourselves with. Positive thoughts and positive friends will help carry you through until you’re able to remove yourself from that surrounding that might be watering you down with negativity.Look and feel around the areas you spend most of your time and ask yourself: are these surroundings conducive to making me a more energetically uplifted? The longer you spend in places infused with positivity and love, the higher the odds are you will overcome the physical issue you’re facing.

Your choices afterwards produce the results.

Just like everything in our lives, our states of being are constantly changing. Sometimes we’re a little healthier and happier, sometimes a bit sluggish and ‘meh’.  But when progressing down your life’s path, constantly asking those 3 questions – what am I putting in my body? how do I feel? and what am I surrounded by? – and then choosing (more often than not) the options which uplift your energy in a loving and positive way – will be your trusty guide map to being able to remedy nearly anything.

It doesn’t mean that life will be all roses. What it means is you’ve taken control over your life, your body – the energy which you can affect and control. What do you think? Any insights you can share with me? I would love to hear them, thanks so much for reading! Namaste xo

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