Don’t mix your signals in order to create your perfect life!

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You are not a “one dimensional” being. As a matter of fact, there really isn’t anything about our wonderful world that’s one dimensional. With that being the said, the act of manifesting all that you desire is more than a one time thing, or “one trick pony” as they say. If you follow my blogs, then you already know that manifesting requires thought, feeling and action. But perhaps you’re doing that and still wondering, “why aren’t things lining up for me?” Well my sweet friend, have you thought about this….

[su_animate]The Universe is waiting for your directions[/su_animate]

The inconsistent message or mixed signals you give the Universe. To explain this in easier terms, let’s just say you’re relaxing on your front porch and the Universe drives by. The Universe stops and asks you for directions to the closest service station. You think and recall the closest one, you then mentally ‘travel’ to the spot, then verbalise and point the directions out to the Universe.

As the Universe nods at your instructions, it thanks you and begins to drive off. But as it does, you say, “Oh stop, wait. That one’s a bit pricey, you should go to a different one.” So the Universe backs up, and listens to your new instructions. As it drives off again, it sees you tapping your temple at the memory that the guys in that service station don’t like people using their facilities without a purchase, so you shout out, “Maybe you can try my Aunty’s business down the road, she’s always baking so will have treats and is happy for people to use her facilities.”

The Universe stops again, but doesn’t back up this time. It just waits because you’re already reconsidering what you just said, in case your Aunty doesn’t like the fact you’ve just directed someone to her business…..

So, the Universe continues to make false starts at the directions you provide because you continually give is mixed or conflicting messages.

[su_animate]Your inconsistent messages[/su_animate]

With that little image in your mind, think about this: You see or hear a news story about domestic violence or some crime, and you say how awful it is and would never allow that kind of hatred in your life. Yet that night, you sit down to watch a movie or show where people are fighting, shooting and killing. What’s the Universe going to take from that? You dislike the violence, yet like to watch it?

You then tell your children to be kind, to share, and that it’s not the winning that matters, but how you play the game. But then while either watching or partaking in a competition, you heckle, belittle, and begrudge the opponents. You think you’re just being a ‘sport’, but what does that say to both those watching you and the Universe? That you actually like harassing others in order to win?

[su_animate]The solution[/su_animate]

Now, I’m not saying you have to tip-toe carefully through life to ensure every single thing you think, say and do match up perfectly. That’s a massive feat for anybody, including the Universe! However, just keep in mind, that anything we think, say and do with feeling does matter. And if you find yourself contradicting your hopes and dreams – for example, wanting to buy your own home, yet spending all your savings on a new sound system – then back up. Stop, realign your goal and the right message the next time you possibly you can – such as, taking a piggy bank or opening a savings account, and the next pay you get, you contribute a certain amount towards your home deposit.

As you progress through your everyday life, if you ever notice the visual, vocal or physical message you’re sending out to the Universe doesn’t match with your perfect life, your ultimate goals – then change that message. Give the Universe some clear instructions, and it will drive you exactly to where you are meant to go!

[su_animate]What’s your message?[/su_animate]

So with another new year upon us, what’s your message going to be?  When you think, say and do – how it it going to contribute to your life’s journey? How can it contribute to others?

May your New Year be filled with kindness, love and all that you desire my sweet friends! Big love xo Melissa

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