You only need 2 minutes!

As my students and followers already know, I’m a huge supporter of taking advantage of the fleeting moments in our day to recharge our batteries (so much so I teach how to do it in my Learn To Meditate course). 

Understanding that we live in an ever increasingly busy world, I created this short 2:30-minute guided meditation audio to help you double-down on re-energising while letting go of tension! 

Your sacred self is waiting...

I just want to remind you that relaxation is a state of ‘being’ – and one that we can utilise even in the smallest of moments. You just need to take some deep breaths and focus. But it’s not always easy to remember that right? Right. Even with the best of intentions, the day just slips away. You don’t even realise your forehead is tight with stress, your breathing is shallow with anxiety, and that your sacred self is yearning to stretch! 

Even if you’re not highly spiritual, if you ever get restless, just want to go outside in the sunshine, or just feel like you need a release – those are signs your sacred self needs a bit ol’ inhale and exhale of pure, crisp, fresh air!

What do to?

To make the de-stressing process easier for you, all you need to do is bookmark this page for those times when you don’t have hours to spare, BUT do have 2-minutes.  That way, whether you’re on the bus or train, on a break at work, standing in line or waiting for an appointment – you can just click “play”, close your eyes and let all that tension melt away – even if it is only for 2-minutes.

Remember, this isn’t a big time commitment, so you can do it! Let me help you squeeze in that much-needed mental ‘break’ in your day! I’m sure you have 2-minutes to spare (and if you took the time to read this, you have it now!), so take a listen and enjoy! #biglove

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8 thoughts on “Have 2 minutes to spare with my Sacred Self relaxation meditation?”

  1. Thank you Melissa,
    I appreciate this precious gift– a reminder to truly cherish life’s moments.

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