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A little while ago, a family member came to me for ‘extra’ help with a medical issue they were having at the time. In addition to seeing their medical doctor and making positive changes in their lifestyle, they wanted a very specific energy healing session done.

Because I am not always available for healing sessions (due to my schedule, students, existing clients, and mind-body-soul balance) they asked me to record it so they could listen to it in their own time again.

We become what we focus on.

My family member came back to me after some time and told me how well the audio worked for them – not just in helping bolster the intentions for the gallbladder, liver, and pancreas – but in other areas of their body and life, too!

They said it was so transforming, they wanted me to share it with my students, graduates, and followers – so here we are 🙂

Please note that I never intended to share this recording publicly. So it wasn’t recorded with that in mind. As such, you will notice ‘muted’ sections and some abrupt editing, which I have done to protect the privacy and comments made by my family member.

You will also notice sometimes different background music, that’s because the music I’m providing now is not lined up nor the same as what I used during the actual session with my family member.

I hope you will forgive these little editing quirks by accepting the overall purpose of my sharing it: to help inspire you to love yourself. All of yourself, in all ways. Always.  Stay safe and big love to you 💖

Important note! Remember that energy healing is not a replacement for medical attention or emergency help. If you need assistance, please seek it through the appropriate channels for help.  Then after that, a loving energy healer can help bolster your healing efforts!

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10 thoughts on “A love-infused energy healing session by Melissa”

  1. Melissa u truly are my lite at this time on my life in I’m forever grateful to you!!!!!!! U have helped me more than words can begin to imagine thank you thank you thank you bless you sending so much love to you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Cari and I’m so glad to hear you’re doing so much better in life! I’m so proud of you and you’re most welcome sweet friend! Keep shining your light, big love!

  2. Thank you Melissa! This session was just what I needed at the moment. It went well. An interesting thing, that my cat came over and sit in my lap half of the session. God bless your soul.
    Nadia Tretikov

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Nadia, I’m so glad this was helpful for you – and bless! Sounds like your kitty wanted some of that loving energy, too 🙂 Thank you again, and you’re most welcome sweet friend! Big love to you!

  3. Melissa!!!!! You will not believe this!!!! I was having a gallbladder attack. I haven’t had one since I started Reiki nearly a year ago. The flare up started and it was so painful. I felt it in my throat. I started to cry at the thought of having to go to the Emergency Room for the pain. It was around midnight my time and I thought, “I can’t drive”. Just then my phone chimed with your email. I just about fell off the bed when I read what it was. I had just been asking for help and giving myself Reiki. I did this meditation and at 12:22am I felt a shift! I completed the meditation with tears of joy! I am 85 percent better and can finally rest.
    Thank You,Thank You, Thank You for this gift!
    Love and Gratitude,

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Rachel, and bless! Wow! It seems this post was quite timely for you sweet friend! Whilst I’m so incredibly glad to hear you felt much better, if you are ever having an *emergency* situation (like it seemed you were) to please please please seek medical attention first! As I mention in the audio, the session was provided to my family member in conjunction with them seeing their medical doctor, it was never intended to be nor is not to be considered a replacement for medical attention sweet friend! But I’m relieved you feel better, and do please feel free to continue to use it as you improve under professional medical care. Thank you so much for sharing your story, take care of yourself, and big love to you!

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