Happiness is your birthright.

I have come across many people who find it difficult to “be happy” in any capacity, while others will only be happy at something they consider truly momentous.

In either scenario, you’re cutting yourself off from your birthright. Yes. I said it. I believe happiness is a birthright for everyone.

Where's your happy at?

Now, to ensure I’m not misunderstood, when I say “happiness is your birthright” I am referring to the overall, generality of your life. I’m not saying that every single moment of your life will (or should) be filled to the brim with that emotion (even though that would be pretty amazing). We are all going to have bad days, sad moments, and negative things happen.
Your birthright of happiness is deeper than a fleeting, shallow attitude. It sits at the heart of your existence, right alongside love.
Many people don’t know what actually “makes” them happy. And that’s probably because there’s nothing out there that “makes” it.
You are the only creator of your happy. No one else, just you.
Isn’t that a relief? To know that you aren’t responsible for anyone else’s happiness, while at the same time only you are responsible for yours. 🙂

How did we forget where it is?

But how in the world do you find it?  That question is really valid nowadays because most of us are so tapped into constant streams of information. Peering into everyone else’s lives through someone else’s lens. That’s a process that takes the attention away from our ‘true selves’ and to everything else.
That process of always associating with someone else’s life more than we do with our own, can make us forget where our own happiness is.
How so? Well, our ego-minds are continuously in the fray of sensationalized headlines, images, and videos for the majority of the day. We feel shock, surprise, laughter, anger, and every other emotion while we’re ‘plugged in’ to the rest of the world.
Thus the quiet we experience when we step back into our own lives can sometimes make us think we aren’t living a good enough life to be happy. Or that we aren’t good enough ourselves to be happy. Or that happiness is a commodity which can only be obtained through someone or something else.
Remember, happiness is your birthright. You were fully loaded with everything possible you needed to be happy the moment you came into existence. What you have chosen to do with this inherent gift has gotten you to your current state of happy.

Level up your happy.

Some people may think, “Well there’s nothing to be happy about” and they would be right. For as long as they think that, and for as long as they are waiting for some momentous event that will impress other people to express this genuine emotion, they will stifle their ability to be happy.
So how do you get comfortable with just ‘being happy’ so you can feel and express happiness more and more? By simply letting it be what it is.
You do not need an excuse to smile, giggle, belly-laugh, jump in the air, squeal with joy, dance, sing, or however else you express joy. Happiness doesn’t have a “minimum” requirement for expression. Happiness is happiness no matter how big or small.
I challenge you to spend your day actually being happy.  Instead of looking at or focusing on what creates feelings of unhappiness, choose to only give the majority of your focus to things which evoke a smile on your face.
Can’t see anything? Then it’s likely you’re looking “too big” – meaning that you’re waiting to see the sky open with angels singing your name; or you’re expecting someone else to flick the switch on for you; or something else to impress you; or you are forgetting to be happy with the little things in life.
We tend to overlook or make fun of those who marvel at little things in life. But it’s the little things which are the puzzle pieces that create the big, glorious picture of life.
You cannot see or appreciate a beautiful landscape without the dirt, rocks, tree bark, leave and everything else in between. Thus, you cannot see your happy, or appreciate how happy you can be, without seeing (recognizing, acknowledging, embracing) all the small parts of life which make up the wonderfully glorious You. #biglove

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