How to compound your “inner-verse” to create your best life.

What's the inner-verse?

I use the term inner-verse as a fun way to play with the word Universe when referencing our true selves. As you know, each of us make up a part of the Universe – the world that we perceive as material stuff “out there”. Yet at the same time, we each have an inner-verse – a world within. At a glance, these two worlds seem separate, yet they are not. Our inner-verse is integrally connected to the Universe.

Over time we’ve stopped focusing on our inner-verse because there are so many distractions “out there”.  Even when things are technically silent, our minds remain cluttered with our thoughts and the attention-grabbing attractions of books, magazines, social media, and so on.

So today, I’d like to remind you to visit your inner-verse once again, as often as you can, and give it some good vibes – because it creates your outer world.  Okay Melissa, so how does it do that?  Through compound interest.  Hang in there with me, we’re making a necessary diversion as I explain what I just wrote!

Compounding interest.

For those who haven’t heard of the financial mechanism “compound interest”, in very simple terms it’s when you earn interest on both the initial investment you make and the interest earned on that investment.

For example, let’s say you invest $100 and earn 1% interest on it per day. The next day the balance is $101, so you will now earn 1% on the new, larger balance of $101. The next day your balance is $102.01, so you earn interest on that larger balance of $102.01, making the next day’s balance $103.03. And so on.

The compounding doesn’t seem like a whole lot at first, I mean it’s a few dollars, right?

In fact, the balance barely seems move at all for a very long time. This might be discouraging at first, but those who understand its mathematics recognize that the act of compounding takes time.  They trust the process, so they patiently wait.

They also know if they make a withdrawal at any time, the effect of that compounding is compromised. They realize the more reduced the balance becomes, the longer it will take to get to their end-goal. So they refrain from withdrawing if possible, and do their best to add to the balance whenever they can.

Okay, so what’s this have to do with the inner-verse? Glad you asked 🙂

Your inner-verse is a sacred bank.

I went through that monetary explanation to help paint the following picture for you: we each have access to that same compound interest mechanism. Except, instead of it working with cash a bank, it’s working with energy in you: your inner-verse.

Your inner-verse is like a sacred ‘bank’ account that’s ready to take deposits and give you compound interest on the daily balance.

For clarity, some refer to this inner-verse as the internal void or vacuum. Others call it their centre or source. Another will call it their inner-self, inner-awareness, or their true-self. The term we use here is irrelevant, just know that you can use this inner-space to your advantage because it’s there waiting for you. It’s yours to use.

So looping back to the start, let’s remember that we all contribute to the Energy Field, the greater ‘whole’ – the Universe – because we don’t just make up part of it, we are it. This means our inner-verse is critically connected to the outer-world we experience as “real”.

Making deposits to compound.

Okay, now that we understand that our inner-verse is integrally connected to ‘reality’, and that our inner-verse is like a sacred ‘bank’ account that yields compounding interest, how in the world do we make deposits to it?

It’s a two-step process.

First, you must clear the path to the ‘bank’. You have to lovingly hush the mental chatter so there’s space to get to the vault. When there’s clutter in the way, it’s harder to access this sacred space.

How do we do clear the pathway so we access this ‘bank’? Through the ancient – yet simple – practice of meditation. There is no equal to meditation in achieving a safe and effective way to clear one’s mental clutter.  Meditation requires no special talent or location, and can be done anywhere, at any time.  Through meditation we clear the path and maintain the essential inner stillness, so our focus easily locks onto whatever target we’re after.

The second step is to focus positive energy into the inner-verse, the sacred ‘bank’. Remember that you, and you alone, shape your inner-world. You shape through feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.

I dare say we all want good things in life. We want good actions, good outcomes, good results. So, what types of feelings, thoughts, words and actions would you want to ‘deposit’ into your sacred ‘bank’?  Positive, happy, and good ones.

Each time you get to this inner space and muster positive, good energy – you make a deposit. When you do this each day, you’re adding to your balance, and the ‘bank’ is compounding the positive energy in with your previous deposits.

But does this really work?

Just like the monetary example of compound interest, there may be times when you don’t think any progress or movement is being made. But trust this processit is working.

To the effect it’s working comes down to our understanding of where we’re at with our sacred ‘bank’ deposits – are we making them regularly? Are we withdrawing more than we’re putting in?

Focusing on negative energy is like the monetary example of withdrawing cash from an interest-bearing bank account: it compromises the speed, amplitude, and magnitude of the end result.

And no, this isn’t about pretending to be happy to feign making deposits into your inner-verse.

Not being able to focus on positivity from time to time is going to happen. Sometimes an event or situation occurs and your mind becomes overwhelmed and your focus shifts to the negative situation at hand.  You’re simply making a withdrawal in that moment. It’s not going to be forever and you can deposit once again – as soon as you’re ready to.

Your focus determines what you get.

You will get what you focus on most of the time with this process. The more negative energy you connect with, the lower your sacred ‘bank’ balance becomes, and the slower the progress of compounding occurs. The more positive energy you focus on, the higher your sacred ‘bank’ balance becomes. And trajectory of the increasing compounding stays on track.

Like a classic compound interest chart, movement is going to be very subtle for those who have only just recently started depositing or who have made more withdrawals than deposits – but keep depositing. The exponential upward trajectory is coming.

The more positive thinking you do helps retrain unwanted patterns into new desirable ones. It adds to your sacred ‘bank’ balance. The more manifesting techniques you do, the more deposits get made into your sacred ‘bank’ balance.

Then one day, when you hit that incredible upward curve, you will live from your inner-verse with grace and ease. You ‘bank’ balance will be such as will make more comfortable each up and down of life. When at this point, you will realise that you have so much within that you must start giving – as your deposits compound each day with greater and greater veracity. And because your inner-verse affects the Universe ‘out there’ – it can do nothing else but give back to you

So, visit your inner-verse at every opportunity. Make a deposit that reflects the goodness you want to see in your ‘outer’ life. Then be patient, and trust the compounding of all your efforts is working. Good luck and #biglove

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  1. Melissa,

    I really appreciate all that you have shared with me during this time. I love the video and hope to see more soon. You stay safe and keep shining your light for other to not only see but to learn from.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Stephanie, and bless! I’m so happy to hear you’re getting value from what I share and that it’s been helpful for you! I thank you for your wonderful blessings and return them in kind my sweet friend! Keep shining your light #biglove

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Beck, I appreciate your kind words! I’m so glad to know you got value from this video – you are most welcome! Keep shining your light, big love!

  2. 🙏🏼Melissa ,
    Hope this mail finds you and your supportive team in best of health. Thanks for the awesome video sharing your precious knowledge with with us .please keep sharing.God bless u all
    With lots & lots of love ❤❤I
    Rita Behl 🙏🏼😊🙋‍♀️🇮🇳

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